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Fitness Goddess Sophia Fiore is Must-See



This month's Must-See Girl is the tall amazonian goddess Sophia Fiore. Sophia is quite unique among the winners of this award since she is possibly the most fit and possibility the tallest of any Must-See Girl. Sophia started her career in front of the camera as a fashion and runway model...at age 16! Tall and lithe, Sophia lusted for a curvier body. So, she began working out in the gym and sculpted herself into the magnificent woman she now is. Rightly proud of her fantastic new curves, Sophia shed her clothes, shot her first porn scene in 2013 for Reality Kings, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As you let your mouth water over the photos of Sophia's fantastic flesh below, consider that Sophia not only works her own body, but also trains others as well. Can you imagine her being your own personal trainer? Or, can you imagine watching her work out in the nude? I sure as hell can.

Sophia's photos below were taken from, left to right: Evilangel.com's Black PanthersWicked.com's Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2Black Panthers, Brazzers.com's Second Helping of Ass, sweetheartvideo.com's Lesbian Beauties 11and Black Panthers.

As you can tell, no matter what movie Sophia appears in, she looks fantastic! From her toned shoulders and arms, to her wash-board belly, to her awesome ass, to her scrumptious silicon-free breasts, to her tremendous thighs, Sophia is a goddess. Come, worship her with me.

Sophia Pretty Girl

Since Sophia is a fitness guru, you'd expect that attribute of her persona to be front-and-center in her movies...and you'd be right. As you can see from the left-most photo below, taken from brazzers.com's GymnassticsSophia's legs are perfect and her body is well beyond flexible (imagine fucking such a limber woman!). But, that you might not expect is that Sophia is a champion wrestler!

In fact, I first became aware of Sophia's awesomeness when I watched several episodes of Ultimate Surrender on one of my favorite...and certainly edgiest...sites, Kink.com. Sophia appears in five episodes of this oh-so-exciting series (29113, 33259, 33260, 33261, and 33262). The girls, initially clad in very skimpy bikinis and kept in-line by a hotter-than-hell referee, battle it out gaining points by ripping off each others' clothes and by shoving their hands into their opponent's vagina. Wow! This certainly beats any other wrestling match I've ever seen! Newbie Sophia quickly becomes champ as she overpowers her opponents with her amazing muscles. Just look at her pin down her nemesis, Dylan Ryan, in the two right-most photos. Isn't Sophia's body beyond words? I love it!


As I became enamored with Sophia, I decided to search her out on sites other than Kink.com. I really wanted to know if this amazing creature can fuck as well as she can fight. At first, my quest for Sophia's carnal endeavors took me to Wicked.com, where I watched an incredible Sapphic scene featuring contract girl Samantha Saint and Sophia (see left-most photo below). This excellent scene, in Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2taught me that Sophia truly enjoys feminine flesh and sharing toys with girls. I loved the action and I became even more infatuated with Sophia.

Since I'm a sucker for Sapphic action, Google was soon searching valiantly for more Sophia Saint girl/girl scenes. Thank goodness it came upon a beautifully-filmed and oh-so-erotic scene from sweetheartvideo.com that features Channel Heart and Sophia. The scene, which is also available on DVD in the movie Lesbian Beauties 11: All Black Beauties, revolves around "recovery" sex. You see, poor Channel is the victim of a low-life boyfriend who broke up with her via a text message. So, Sophia channels all her powers of love and healing into a sweet sex scene that will blow you away. See the middle of the photos below.

By this time, my lust for Sophia was escalating rapidly. So, back to Google. This time, I found a scene from Anal Appetite 2 on Evilangel.com. This scene, which is sort of ebony-and-ivory coupling with darker-skinned Sophia and light-skinned Jenna Ivory (see the right photo below), was my first taste of Sophia in a threeway with a girl and a guy. And, to make things even better, the guy is one of my heroes, Mike Adriano. If you know anything at all about Mike, you know that he loves to fuck assholes. So, not only was I ably to watch my new goddess play and fuck Jenna Ivory, but I also got to enjoy seeing her working with a penis for the first time. Sweet! 


I must say that I was extremely satisfied and somewhat overwhelmed seeing Sophia attack cocks. After all, my previous experience with Sophia had been completely Sapphic. Although exciting, girl/girl sex just doesn't have the overall appeal as boy/girl...at least to me.

To begin the litany of Sophia's sexual prowess, I'll start by saying that she is a great cocksucker. She doesn't (yet) deep throat (at least in her scenes I've enjoyed), but she does worship cock with her mouth and lascivious tongue. From left to right below, enjoy Sophia's fellatio technique in: Anal Appetite 2, Slutty Girl Fitness, Black Panthers, and GymnassticsCan you imagine Sophia sucking your throbbing rod? I sure as hell can. Be sure to watch her in action!


Sophia is damned good at cunnilingus, too. Not only does her gorgeous and always-erect clit stand at attention when someone is pleasuring her pussy (left and right photos), but her long and talented tongue does an extremely good job of licking and probing her partner's vagina, too (center photo). From left to right: Wouldn't you love to take Johnny Sins' place? You can come close by watching Sophia's excellent action in Slutty Girl FitnessIf your taste runs more toward girl-on-girl pussy eating, watch Sophia devour Samantha Saint's tasty box in Samantha Saint is Completely Wicked 2. And, see  Channel Heart eat Sophia to orgasm in Lesbian Beauties 11: All Black Beauties.


Speaking of Sophia's vagina...it's gorgeous. Not only is it always super wet, it looks damned good stuffed with cock. Let's start with the beauty of Sophia's pussy (left photo, from Gymnasstics). As Sophia spreads her labia wide, check out how huge her clit has swollen. I don't know about you, but I could spend hours licking it! In GymnassticsSophia also kneels in doggie and spreads herself wide for us (second from the left) and, after making herself horny, shows off her dripping cunt (center photo). Super stud Johnny Sins gets to fuck Sophia's gorgeous and super-wet hole in Slutty Girl Fitness (fourth from the left), while Lexington Steele's massive rod is fully accommodated by her vagina in Black Panthers


Although I worship every inch of Sophia's magnificent flesh, I particularly like her rock-hard and oh-so-shapely ass. Sophia's butt certainly has been the beneficiary of her demanding workout routine. God, wouldn't you love to squeeze it, as Sophia does in the left-most photo (taken from Slutty Girl Fitness)? 

Not only is Sophia's butt fantastic, but so is her asshole. Sophia loves to probe it herself and have others ream it for her!. In fact, most of Sophia's boy/girl scenes are anal-intensive...and her tightest hole has swallowed the biggest of cocks, including Lexington Steele's in Black Panthers and Johnny Sins' in Slutty Girl Fitness

In the center photo below, taken from GymnassticsSophia finger-fucks her asshole to prepare it for Ryan Driller's rod. In the right photo, Jenny Ivory provides the lubricant for Mike Adriano's penis in Anal Appetite 2


Of course, boy/girl scenes just have to end with a cumshot (if not, the scene isn't porn!). Sophia shows herself to be a champion when it comes to receiving and relishing her man's semen. Just take a look at the photos below. Can't you see yourself popping your load onto her ready and willing face?

The leftmost photo, taken from brazzers.com's Second Helping of Assshows just how ready Sophia is to receive Erik Everhard's copious blast. Next, sexy Jenna Ivory cumswops with Sophia in Anal Appetite 2Johnny Sins plasters Sophia's face in Slutty Girl Fitness (third from left); and finally, Lexington Steele shares his load with Sophia in Black Panthers.


No matter how you measure her, Sophia exceeds all criteria to be a Must-See Girl. Her body, strength, sexually-aggressive appetite, and anal-intensive sex scenes all scream out: Watch me! And, indeed I will.

Finally, here's my final homage to Sophia: a slide show that contains more than seven minutes of photos of this Must-See Girl. Thanks to Evilangel.comWicked.com, Brazzers.com, and sweetheartvideo.com for the use of their images. 

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