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Danielle Delaunay interview


Danielle reminds me of one of my ex girlfriends. They both are naturally pretty, blonde, have cute doggies, and enjoy getting things stuffed in their assholes. This performer also has a very high quality website where she focuses on top-notch cinematography and sexual performances. It also has a feel of a Harlequin atmosphere and look. Danielle also likes to have fun with her fetish play. For those who enjoy intense anal play, they need to see this princess' work for Evil Angel, Kink, and Bang Bros.  
Hi Danielle, I like your work a whole lot especially the Kink.com performances. Even though you have not worked with them in a while, it must have taken a lot of mental thought to prepare you for those intense scenes?
I suppose that it does in a manner though I feel like it takes more physical preparation than mental preparation. That may be due to the fact that I've had experience in the BDSM "world" before shooting BDSM scenes so I had an idea on what to expect.
How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started in it?
I've been in the industry since spring 2008. I initially started off doing nude modeling. During a break up with my then boyfriend, I shot with a local amateur porn company (AmateurAllure.com). Shooting with AA was absolutely incredible and I realized at that point that the adult entertainment industry was something I wanted to continue being a part of.
What has been your most pleasurable moment so far in this industry?
This is a bit of a hard question to answer as I've done numerous scenes. I suppose the most recent pleasurable moment would be my first boy/girl/boy scene for my website www.danielleftv.com.
What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry since you have started?
How hard it is to have a healthy, loving romantic relationship with "civilians" (people not in the porn industry) and realizing how many people don't pay for their porn.
How were you as a kid?
As a child, I was nerdy (which I still am to be honest) and fairly shy.
What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy?
Confidence and being able to laugh at oneself.
What is your shoe size?
8 1/2
You are so beautiful. What part of your body is your favorite and why?
Awww thank you. My favorite part of my body would be my eyes, lips, and breasts (though my butt is in close third).
Many adult performers are animal lovers. Are you a dog or cat lover?
How can you make me choose?! I suppose I would consider myself more of a dog lover though I have a cat and a dog and love them both equally.
I like the videos that you have on your personal website. They are creative. What can the fans expect if they bought a membership to your site?
Members of my website have access to over 500 members only videos and photo sets (everything from candid photos of my daily life to hardcore videos with two guys). They also have access to my members only webcam shows. Members of my site and the general public (those who aren't a member) can sign up for my free forum, view my contributed photo sets, watch my journal videos, view my cell phone pic sets, watch my video logs (there are almost 500 free video logs on my site) and view my fan sign pic sets.
What are your hobbies and interests?
My primary hobby is reading. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family, sleeping, eating (of course who doesn't love eating), going to EDM events (recently I attended Groove Cruise LA) and cuddling with my fur babies.
Has any of your fans recognized you in public?
I've had a few instances of fans recognizing me in public but have never had one come up to me to introduce themselves (they contact me afterwards and tell me that they saw me out and about). There was one time that a bagger at a grocery store recognized me. It took him a few minutes to realize where he had seen me but the minute he realized where he recognized me his face lit up (though he didn't come out directly and say "hey, you're that porn star".
When did you first find out that you had "the power of the pussy" over men? It must be pretty cool right? 
I would say at the age of 13. I suppose it is pretty amazing to be a woman, but then again I've never been a man so I can't really make a comparison.
Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?   
Currently I am tentatively planning on attending several adult conventions in 2015 (I'm looking into AEE, the eXXXoticas and AdultCon). If I do work with other companies (besides FTVGirls) it wouldn't be until after my contract with my former adult talent agency ends in the end of May 2015. Right now though, I'm really focusing on my own site www.danielleftv.com and camming with the four sites I'm signed with (Chaturbate.com, Streamate.com, MyFreeCams.com and KinkLive.com).
Interview by Apache Warrior

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