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Blue Eyed Beauty Aubrey Kate is October’s Must-See Girl



Aubrey Kate, this month's Must-See Girl, is one of the most beautiful performers you'll ever see. Starting from her pretty feet, which look so good in high heels, up her never-ending and oh-so-well-toned legs, to her to-die-for thighs crowned with her toned firm ass cheeks that scream "squeeze me," to her firm yet so-womanly belly, past her simply perfect tits, to her dazzling smile and mesmerizing blue eyes, and ending with her pretty blond (sometimes brunette) hair, Aubrey is absolutely luscious. And, her sleeve of meaningful tattoos further accentuates her superb good looks.

Notice I never mentioned Aubrey's pussy in my tour-guide description of her fine flesh. That's because she doesn't have one. You see, Aubrey is one of the prettiest transsexuals you'll ever see. So, instead of a vagina, she has a fully-functional and rock-hard cock that looks to be about eight inches long. Think of it as a super-sized clit.

I'm really not sure what has happened to me over the past couple of years. As a life-long heterosexual with a passion for beautiful women, I feel absolutely no attraction to men. However, there's something about some transsexuals that drives me wild. Starting with sweet Bailey Jay, whom I wrote about a couple of years ago, then Venus Lux, who won the first-ever Must-See Girl award given to a transsexual in March of 2014, and now stunning Aubrey Kate, I have learned to love these women who chose to be women rather than being born that way. So, my advice to you heterosexuals is to test the waters of transsexual porn. The water is, as they say, fine.

Frankly, most transsexual women do not turn me on. For me, a TS woman must:

  • Look like a woman;
  • Act like a woman;
  • Get hard...and stay hard;
  • Be able to penetrate her partner; and
  • Ejaculate.

Aubrey meets all these "qualifications" and more. In fact, not only is she a hell of a good fuck, but she's also a good actress, playing roles from superhero (see below, from shemale.xxx) to cheerleader to country-western bar patron to a tee (she's a great dancer!). And, from her behind-the-scenes interviews I've seen, she has a wonderful personality, too. In fact, I had an enlightening phone conversation with Aubrey during the preparation of this article and found her to be witty and articulate. What more could I ask?


Apache Warrior, our transsexual expert, interviewed Aubrey for our site. He wrote: "There are those performers who can strike lightning in a bottle instantly. Aubrey Kate is one of those and she will be huge in the tranny genre. In less than a month, she has already filmed with every major production studio that make transsexual porn. Hall of Fame director Joey Silvera already wants her for a return appearance in one of his popular Evil Angel lines. This gorgeous tranny phenom has that "it" factor. It is going to be fun watching this beauty as she flourishes." 

I couldn't agree more.


OK, so I admit it. I'm an old-fashioned tits-and-ass sort of guy. That's one of the reasons I love Aubrey so much. Just look at her magnificent tits in the photos below! Seldom will you ever see such squeezable, suckable, shapely, and adorable breasts. Seldom will you ever see such perky nipples. And, seldom will you see any better scar-free implants. Wow! There are few things I wouldn't give to have some quality time with those two boobs! I'm not the only one who appreciates Aubrey's tits. Just look at March 2014 Must-See Girl Venus Lux squeeze those beauties (venus-lux.com has some really great stills and a video of Venus worshiping Aubrey's body...especially her breasts). You'll also notice that Aubrey's male partners in her white-hot Kink.com TS Seduction scenes simply cannot keep their hands or mouths away from her perfect boobs.


Of course, the other half of my T&A fixation is ass. And, what a fine ass Aubrey Kate possesses! Superb footage highlighting Aubrey's toned, firm, blemish-free, and oh-so-squeezable butt cheeks can be found, from left to right, in Evilangel.com's She-Male XTC 12 Scene 8 and Highly Recommended Rogue Adventures 39 Scene 5, and (right) venus-lux.com's Lick Aubrey's Load. These two sites have lots of fine stills that highlight Aubrey's to-die-for butt, too. Of course, the shot-from-behind rightmost shot also highlights Aubrey's substantial balls. 

I'm not the only one who worships Aubrey's ass. My good friend, critic Apache Warrior, mentions how well Aubrey can tease with her butt in his review of She-Male XTC 12 and in his review of The Next She Male Idol 7.


As a transsexual who is preoperative (i.e., has not had plastic surgery to create an artificial vagina), Aubrey, as you would expect, has a penis. And, her penis is fucking gorgeous. Most of the photos below are related to Evilangel.com's releases. The leftmost and center shots are from The Next She Male Idol 7 while the second photo is from She-Male XTC 12The fourth image is from venus-lux.com's Lick Aubrey's Load and the right photo is a screen cap of Aubrey spreading her tip to allow precum to flow. I captured it from She-Male XTC 12.


As is the case of any human being with a penis, Aubrey loves to play with herself. In fact, some of the hottest action in any of her scenes are the clips in which she strokes herself. Believe me, she really knows how to pleasure herself using just the right motions. I'll bet that, if you watch her masturbate, you'll get off.

When writing about Aubrey's solo scene in Trans at Play 2Apache Warrior admitted: "...the solo activity by Aubrey made me want to jack off..." Apache also notes, in his review of She-Male XTC 12 that: "The cute hottie looks even more hotter when she is laying on her back and masturbating." 

The leftmost photo below is from one of my favorite of Aubrey's scenes...episode 32867 of Kink.com's TS Seduction site. In this white-hot scene, Aubrey plays a country girl visiting a quiet bar. Since there are no other customers, Aubrey seduces and fucks the shit out of lucky Rod Daily. She also teaches him how to dance! Photos two and five (rightmost) are from Aubrey's hotter than tell solo masturbation scene in She-Male XTC 12The center photo is from venus-lux.com's Lick Aubrey's Load. Finally, the second-from-right photo is from Devilsfilm.com's Transsexual Cheerleaders 14.

One of the best places you can get numerous Aubrey Kate solo scenes is shemale.xxx. Aubrey shot those scenes over an 11-month period and, if you watch these scenes from ealiest to most recent, you'll see how Aubrey has grown and matured as a performer in a little over a year. 

I completely understand--and totally appreciate--Aubrey's loving care and practiced worship of her penis. If I looked like Aubrey Kate, my room would have mirrors on every flat surface and I would only stop masturbating to fuck.


Like most of us, Aubrey likes to enhance her masturbation pleasure with the skillful use of toys. In one particularly hot scene on shemale.xxx, (see below), Aubrey lubes up a king-sized dildo, shoves it up her ass, strokes her dick until it's rock hard, and then shoots a voluminous and high-powered load all over her gorgeous tits and toned belly. 


One of the most titillating of Aubrey's moves are her passionate kisses. Her mouth is so inviting...so kissable. The left photo is from Aubrey's scene in Transsexual Cheerleaders 14, from Devilsfilm.com. The three middle photos are from Kink.com's TS Seduction site, episodes 32867, 35972, and 34214. These three scenes are among the very best in Aubrey's filmography. Finally, the rightmost photo is from venus-lux.com's Venus and Aubrey photo set. Venus-lux.com also has a super-hot scene featuring both Venus and Aubrey...Aubrey's First Time. The kissing...and sex...in this scene rock!


Aubrey's mouth is good for more than just kissing. In fact, she's a remarkable cock sucker. However, she's even hotter to watch when she's getting head. Fellow transsexual (and Must-See Girl) Venus Lux gobbles Aubrey's pretty rod in Venus-lux.com's Aubrey's First Time (left photo below). Second and third from the left below, Rod Daily swallows Aubrey balls-deep in Kink.com's TS Seduction site, episode 32867 (one of my favorite Aubrey Kate scenes). The two right-most photos are from Devilsfilm.com's Transsexual Prostitutes 75 (Chad Diamond gets the ride of his life) while the final image below is from Devilsfilm.com's Transsexual Cheerleaders 14 (an unidentified lucky guy gets to share 69 with the lovely lady).

As a committed heterosexual, my mouth has spent literally thousands of hours worshiping vagina. I've never sucked on a penis. However, I would blow Aubrey's cock in a heartbeat if given a chance. 


When transsexuals perform, they can bottom, top, or switch. When a transsexual bottoms, she gets fucked by her partner. Frankly, Aubrey Kate doesn't seem to bottom because I've come across very few scenes in which she spreads her asshole for her partner. One such scene is Devilsfilm.com's Transsexual Cheerleaders 14. Throughout this scene, Aubrey indeed performs as if she were a girl. She rides him enthusiastically in both cowgirl and reverse, masturbates while being ass fucked in missionary, and looks oh-so-fine having her anus reamed in doggie. Aubrey also bottoms in a few scenes on shemale.xxx, including her hot "supergirl" scene in which she banishes an evil strap-on-wielding cop to save a politician and his aide. The aide thanks Aubrey by fucking the shit out of her (see the filmstrip of images near the top of this page). 


Aubrey is one of the best "tops" in the business. When a transsexual "tops," she uses her penis to fuck and dominate her partner. In fact, when I chatted with superstar Must-See Girl Venus Lux about Aubrey, Venus stated: "Aubrey Kate is an exceptional performer and one of the very few true tops." Perhaps that is why Venus let Aubrey fuck her ass in Venus-lux.com's Aubrey's First Time (right photo below). Since Venus almost always tops, giving up her asshole to Aubrey is indeed a treat.

Of all the Aubrey Kate topping scenes I've reviewed, I have enjoyed those on Kink.com's TS Seduction site the most. Aubrey appears in three episodes on the site (32867 [center photo], 35972 [fourth photo from left], and 34214) and the reviews by the members glow! 

  • "Without doubt the best looking girl on the site :-) Like to see more of her please.
  • Outstanding! Aubrey is beautiful, dances well, and fucks like the champion she is. Great cumshot, too! 
  • Can't wait to see Aubrey's next appearance....amazing!!!
  • I would marry this hot bitch.
  • Aubrey is a goddess. Her body is to be worshiped.
  • From head to toe, Aubrey you are lovely! Now, if we could just get you dressed as a leather wearing dominatrix! Thigh high boots would look so delicious on those wonderful legs."

Aubrey also does a very nice job topping John Magnum in Evilangel.com's The Next She Male Idol 7 (second photo from left) and Chad Diamond in Devilsfilm.com's Transsexual Prostitutes 75.

By the way, just for the record, a transsexual switch performs both in a bottoming and in a topping role in the same scene. Although Aubrey may have appeared in such scenes, I have not seen them. 


Aubrey has also topped "genetic" women. I've only seen one such "girl/ts" scene featuring Aubrey, and it was with adorable Megan Mohr in Evilangel.com's Highly Recommended Rogue Adventures 39In describing this hot scene, during which Aubrey admits to "losing her girl virginity to Tegan," Apache Warrior notes: "Tegan is...pretty gleeful in giving head. As a matter of fact, it's Tegan's full enjoyment of being in the moment of pleasuring Aubrey that enhances the turn-on level of their performance...Tegan rides the tranny cowgirl style and then, later on gets mished by her. However, the best moments occur whenever Tegan makes love to her partner. I also especially enjoyed watching them lay beside each other as they play with themselves."

When I watched the scene, I truly enjoyed the chemistry that develops between the girls (see the photos below). Of course, I also enjoyed seeing Aubrey pump her substantial load into Tegan's wide-open mouth (right image below).


Aubrey has also performed in a very titillating bondage/submission scene for shemale.xxx. I'm not normally a fan of bondage scenes, but I must admit that Aubrey's fantastic breasts, firm belly, and bountiful cock look absolutely amazing criss-crossed with leather straps. She looks pretty damned fine being teased with the whip, too. Even better, it is so exciting to watch Aubrey, who is generally more dominant in her scenes, submit body and soul to her master...even foregoing her orgasm for his sake.


In my limited experience with transsexual performers, it appears that their ability to ejaculate diminishes rapidly once they begin to transition from man to woman. This is not true with Aubrey. As you can see from the photos below, Aubrey is ready and able to pump out high-powered and voluminous loads of semen...whether it be from masturbating or during sex. Of the photos below, the rightmost is among the most interesting of Aubrey's cumshots that I've seen. In Venus-lux.com's Aubrey's First Time, Aubrey wears a condom while fucking Venus' scrumptious asshole. She explodes while deep inside Venus' tight hole, slips her protected rod out, and shows off the full condom. Then, she squeezes its contents all over Venus' body so that the girls can play with it. Hot stuff! 


My Must-See Girl blogs are never complete without a slideshow of sexy photos featuring the girl-of-the-month. Here's my tribute to Aubrey Kate. Thanks to Evilangel.comKink.com, shemale.xxx, devilsfilm.com, and Venus-lux.com for the use of their images.


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