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Siri Interview


It’s been roughly two years since Siri last spoke with us at XCritic, and since then the busty starlet’s career has really taken shape. After spending only a short while in the adult industry Siri has achieved mainstream success, received numerous industry nods, and has gained a rabid and ever-growing legion of fans dubbed “Sirians” by the fiery red-haired starlet herself. There’s been plenty of excitement surrounding Siri as of late. She got to share the screen with industry legend Sean Michaels, is currently in the running for Miss FreeOnes 2014, and just recently returned from Las Vegas where she and Sara Jay took part in the #TeamBJ World Cup event. Her latest and most eagerly awaited film exploit was finally realized in HardX’s Stacked 2, which features Siri in her first on-camera anal scene! Stacked 2 was released on DVD this week, and became available on VOD yesterday. Get the skinny on this new killer film, Siri’s Sin City suck fest, and a whole lot more by reading our interview below. Stay pervy, friends. –Charles Bukkake

It's been roughly two years since our last interview. If I recall you had been recognized for your work in the industry and were awarded the title of Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer of the Year for 2012. What do you consider to be some of the highlights of your career since then?

It was so wonderful to win Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer of 2012, when I had only been performing for a few months at the time. I remember being completely overjoyed and a little bit shocked. Last year I placed third overall in the Miss FreeOnes contest, and the 2014 contest is taking place right now. This year I’m hoping to make an even bigger splash! Since 2012, I was also nominated by AVN as Best New Starlet for the 2013 AVN Awards, the year that Remy LaCroix won. My most recent awards include being named Performer of The Year 2014 by POPPORN, and then shortly after that being voted by fans as the Champion in POPPORN’s bracket-style contest Battle Of The Superstars, which pitted their roster of the biggest stars from the 80s against each other. The fact that my fans voted for me in each round and all the way through to the title is really amazing. Another highlight for me would have to be performing in mainstream films and other projects. I filmed a B horror film that was released in early 2013 called Ooga Booga, which was directed by the popular genre director, Charles Band of Full Moon Horror fame. Check out my IMDb page (imdb.me/Siri) for more details and the projects I will be acting in soon.

One of the points you raised in our previous interview was the hard truth that adult performers are often subject to the whims of producers when it comes to casting. You went on to mention that because the industry is saturated with female talent, some performers can be glossed over based on something seemingly trivial like hair color. Since achieving mainstream success, do you still find this sentiment to be true? If so, how has it affected your career over the last two years?

During the last seven months of 2013 I kept my hair a bright cherry-red color. There were a number of directors who told me they didn’t like it very much; telling me they preferred my old platinum blonde. Ironically, photographers almost always loved the bright red, because it would really “pop” in photos and provide inspiration. But I found that the non-creative types in the industry, the ones who only look at the bottom line, seemed to think that my different hair color would alienate fans, or that they’d sell less DVD copies as a result. They would ask me to go back to blonde. I even had a few people say they wouldn’t hire me until I was blonde again. But I still worked regularly with the bright red hair for companies that “got” it, and continued to see my own career go in the direction I wanted it to go. If anything, during that period I proved to a few people that my fans aren’t fans of blonde hair and big tits—they’re fans of me, Siri, the person.

HardX released 'Stacked 2' on DVD this week. The buzz behind this release is that it features you having anal sex on camera for the first time. Tell us about your experience working with HardX on this project, your thoughts on the film overall, and why you decided that it was right for you to do an anal scene.

After two-and-a-half years performing, and with this being my most awesomely successful year yet, I wanted to end 2014 with a bang. The timing just seemed perfect to do my first on-camera anal sex. I had a lot of companies and directors ask about shooting it, but I knew what I wanted. And it really needed to be shot by Mason. She’s incredibly skilled at what she does, she always makes a splash, and the fans absolutely love her movies. She does a great job of showing off my booty. I’m so proud of this scene—the chemistry between Mick Blue and I makes for some very real, intense on-camera moments, and I know my fans will absolutely love it.


One thing we failed to discuss in the past was your tattoos. I recall you having three small pieces done…two on either arm, one of a toy horse, the other a heart, and then a hummingbird on your pelvis. I was hoping you could share the significance of these tattoos and whether you might have more tattoo work done in the future?

The heart with guitar tuning knobs on my left forearm was my first tattoo; it symbolizes my love for music and playing musical instruments. I play guitar and mandolin. On my right upper arm is a Swedish Dalahäst, or Dala horse, which symbolizes my Swedish heritage. The hummingbird tattoo near my hipbone—besides the fact that I just really like hummingbirds and I think they’re beautiful—symbolizes positivity and resilience and reminds me to live in the moment. I will probably get another small tattoo or two in the future; but I couldn’t say what, where, or when.


In line with my previous question, what guidelines are put in place for tattooed performers and those performers looking to get tattooed who work in the adult film industry?

I don’t really feel qualified to answer that, because I haven’t been categorized as a “tattooed performer” by companies that hire me; even directors and photographers who work with me regularly seem to consistently forget that I have any tattoos at all. Most likely because they are easily obscured and covered by clothing. As far as I’m aware, none of my shoot options have been limited by my tattoos. So maybe that alone could provide some sort of guideline for other performers who want to get tattooed, but don’t want to worry about losing work: get your tattoo on the inside of an arm, or a place that your underwear covers. That being said, I absolutely love seeing more heavily inked girls having complete mainstream porn acceptance, like Bonnie Rotten. I think it’s a wonderful thing that the porn industry has expanded its beauty standards to include tattooed women.

One thing I’ve always admired about you is your tenacity and ability to adapt to the market. Two years ago we discussed Clips4Sale.com and the premium video content you sold through that site. But now it appears that you’ve created an online storefront that’s expanded to include a virtual auction house, signed memorabilia, and even your used panties. Tell us about the growth of your store, and how you’ve come up with these inventive ways of marketing yourself?

I’m all about the hustle. No performer in this industry, not even the ones with the best agents, can survive for long just waiting for the phone to ring. You have to be an entrepreneur and create your own income opportunities. It started way back with my tumblr blog, where I used to promote all of my affiliate links to web scenes I have filmed for companies such as Naughty America, BangBros, etc. Then I started buying DVD copies of my films from distributors and I created a section on my tumblr site where I listed which DVDs I made available with autographs, so fans could email me to buy whatever they wanted. Then my tumblr account was obliterated with no warning, after the site was bought by Yahoo in 2013. I immediately started investigating other options and settled on Wordpress for my new blog home. The more I built up my new blog, I realized how endless the possibilities were for ways to connect with my fans. I did lots of research about Wordpress e-commerce and storefronts, and built my super awesome store (www.officialSIRI.com) over a short period of time. It’s super streamlined, with PayPal checkout, and it does really well. My fans love that they can buy a DVD, or a pair of my worn panties, directly from me, with my autograph. Right now I already have two of my upcoming DVD releases, Stacked 2 from HardX and Rack City Titty from Airerose, available for pre-order in my store. 

You’ve said that fan interaction has always been important to you and your success. What steps have you taken to welcome in new fans and continue communicating effectively with your established base?

Absolutely. Having a strong fan base is really important in this industry. I’ve always been very open and accessible to my fans, which can be tough at times with 130k Twitter followers. I’m kind to everyone, but I give more personalized attention and preferential treatment to fans that are members of my official site, www.SIRIpornstar.com. I also connect with fans via Snapgirlz, for which I am also a spokesmodel (http://snapgirlz.com/siri).

Starlets Sara Jay and Angelina Castro launched an event two years ago called TeamBJ, and I can only assume that your recent trip to Las Vegas involved taking part in this year’s TeamBJ event. For the uninitiated, what is TeamBJ and can you tell us about what happened in Vegas?

This year my sister VNA Girl, Sara Jay, and I pledged to offer BJs to our Twitter followers if any of our picks, USA, England, Brazil, or Germany won the World Cup. Well, surprise…Germany won! On September 4, Sara and I fulfilled our promise in Las Vegas for the fans that qualified through the Twitter promotion, submitted the proper releases, and got tested. We broadcast the whole thing live on webcam through our websites, and soon I will have the videos available on my official site. I’m pretty sure Sara and I secured some die-hard, lifelong fans that day.


What can you tell us about VNA Girls, and how did you become involved with that network of female talent?

The VNA Network is the single best network of porn star sites. And I’m not just saying that because VNA is my Webmaster—the network is run by Vicky Vette, who is a performer, so she understands what benefits performers most. She’s walked in my shoes. I first met Vicky at LA Adultcon in 2012 and we became instant friends. I was thrilled when she invited me to join the VNA Girls in 2013. I trust and respect Vicky completely, and that’s an incredible kind of relationship to have with your Webmaster. Plus, the VNA network is like a big family and our fans feel that. We’re very welcoming and we treat our site members better than any other network. Members-only cam shows are like big parties, everyone gets along; everyone respects each other and the girls. We’ll have VNA member meet-ups when several of the VNA Girls are in the same place for a convention or event. There’s a real sense of community among the site members, and I’ve never seen nor heard of that existing with any other network of porn sites. In addition, their collection of talented performers offering one-hour free cam shows to the members on a daily basis is unparalleled.

You recently got to work with Sean Michaels in a scene you did together for Bang Bros. Sean has had a very prolific career in the adult industry. What had you heard of him going into this project, and what was it like shooting with him?

I was very excited to work with Sean Michaels. I’ve always thought he’s handsome and sexy. I’d wanted to work with him ever since I’d watched a few minutes of a scene he did with my friend and starlet Tessa Lane. Our scene together was just as amazing as I’d thought it would be! He’s a real gentleman, a pleasure to be around, and obviously a wonderful sex partner.

Tell us about some of your upcoming projects, and what fans can expect to see from you in the near future.

In addition to my upcoming first anal scene for HardX, I’m super excited to promote my upcoming showcase DVD, Sirious, which will be exclusively available from POPPORN.com on their studio label. It features me in four scenes, including a super hot girl/girl with Remy LaCroix, who was on my “wish list” for a very long time. She’s so incredibly sexy and we had tons of fun together! The DVD releases in November, but it’s already available to pre-order through my site. This is definitely a release that my devoted fans will want to get their hands on, and it will result in hands on other things as well, I’m sure. I am also shooting some mainstream Hollywood/independent films over the next few months, including another one for Full Moon Horror. I’m always excited to have the opportunity to act in any type of feature film.

We’ve come to the end of our interview. Is there anything that you want to discuss that we haven’t already touched upon?

We’ve pretty much covered it all. I just want to thank my loyal Legion of Sirians, especially all of my very supportive website members. You guys rock and you’re the reason I love what I do!


Find Siri Online

Twitter: @SIRIpornstar

Web: www.SIRIpornstar.com


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