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Wendy Adams (Teddy Love Bear creator) interview


Women and teddy bears go well together. Now, when there is a sexual element added to these adorable furry playthings, we get the creation of Teddy Love. Wendy Adams, it's creator, had a personal experience that inspired her to make this sensational pleasuring toy for women. With a ten speed vibrating device located in Teddy Love's mouth and nose, women can experience that personal tingly sensation that only a woman can feel.    
Hi Wendy, your toy is a fun and innovative breathe of fresh air in the competitive sex toy industry. How did you arrive with the concept of Teddy Love?

I grew up with a huge Teddy Bear that my sister and I called Teddy, which we both loved. I always had Teddy Bears and many in my home. One cold, snowy New England night I was sitting around watching TV under the covers and was holding one of them. The Teddy Bear was very cuddly, I was holding the bear and stroking him and his nose hit my nipple. I was really turned on, and staring thinking wow his nose is hard and then put his nose down around my clitoris and was like this feels great. I started thinking if his nose vibrated this would be really erotic. Then, my husband came downstairs and saw me playing with the Teddy and we started playing around with the Teddy together, laughing and giggling. The rest is pillow talk and history. 

My husband got an engineering company out in CA to design our product's circuit board and computer chip. We had the first prototype sent back to NJ for me to try out. The motor worked really, really well…I had three orgasms the first time I tried out the product. But the product has been tested extensively, and we have quality control and quality assurance procedures during production, which means you will have a quality product in your hands that will last for a very long time.

Since this adorable toy is to pleasure the ladies, could you describe the surprising joy that comes from Teddy's nose and tongue?

You can use Teddy Love in different positionsthe nose and tongue can hit different parts of the female genitalia. Teddy can be placed sitting facing a woman or lying down, allowing the woman to straddle him on top, sitting on his face. Both ways his nose hits the clit and the tongue goes in the vagina and he’s hands free.

I had an idea that Teddy could moan and groan along with his female owner during their sex play. What do you think of that idea?

Right now, we’re very focused on getting the first production run of Teddy Love manufactured and then moving forward the sky is the limit! We will definitely take your idea into consideration.

Could you tell us the kind of reception Teddy Love has had so far?

Everyone in the industry has been very excited and supportive of Teddy Love! We’re so happy that this paradigm-shifting product has been so well embraced!  We can't wait until it is here once our production run is completed at the end of October! Within a week of our first press release, we had over 270,000 hits and responses on our YouTube page and tons of coverage from sites like Huffington Post UK and Cosmopolitan. The response was overwhelming!


What are your thoughts of Britney Amber being Teddy Love's official spokesmodel?

Britney Amber is an amazingly beautiful, talented actress. We are really pleased that she has agreed to represent our product. Her response after doing the photo shoots was, "This is such a cute and adorable product I can't believe no one had thought of this before!"  Her talent will draw people to our website, our booth at AVN, and to Adam & Eve stores in L.A. and Vegas during product signings.

How much does Teddy Love weigh?

Less than 2 pounds. It’s also hands free, which makes him even lighter.

For those women who get very wet while cumming, how waterproof is Teddy Love?

The muzzle is tightly coupled into the fur so it keeps water out. He’s not waterproof and he can’t be submerged in water. To clean him, just use soap and water on a washcloth and clean the fur and muzzle. You can also use adult toy cleaners.    

Going back to the development process of Teddy Love, I would like to know how long did it take to fully manufacture him the correct way?

Wow, you can't imagine that the process takes as long as it does. It’s a slow and arduous process, but it was worth it. It took about a year and a half to just get the prototypes correct. The 1st prototype didn't have the aesthetic appeal the finished product has, but we were impressed how strong the motor was and how the nose and tongue vibrated. The 2nd prototype had a great look and we were pleased with how well the controls worked in Teddy Love’s ears and the vibrations were amazing. The next prototype worked well, but wasn’t cute. We kept making minor tweaks and gave the feedback to our engineers, so they would make the necessary changes. The last prototype had the cuteness factor, the right fur, the circuit board and mechanics worked really well, so we went into production from there.

How did you test this toy to make sure that Teddy's nose and tongue are effective and safe pleasuring devices for women?

I personally tested and retested every prototype and made recommendations based on my personal experience using adult sex toys. Britney Amber has also used Teddy, and she loves it!

What do you want women to feel and get out by using Teddy Love for their personal sex life? 

When you look into innovation and the responses by the general public, they often don’t know what they are missing until you show them. An example of this would be when Steve Jobs asked the public what they wanted, and they said faster and smaller mainframe computers. Without thinking outside the box, the innovative products that Apple produced would never have been developed.

Teddy Love is a paradigm-shifting product. I would love to see every women realize that Teddy can be left out on their bed without fear or embarrassment. Teddy can be cuddled and caressed, unlike any other phallic vibrator. Teddy can also mimic human positions and can be used hands free. It’s a very cute and an adorable vibrator, unlike other adult toys. I would like women to bring play back into the bedroom, have fun, enjoy, and rejoice in their sexuality.


Where can our readers see and purchase Teddy Love?

Readers can see Teddy Love at Adam & Eve retail storesthey have a 30-day exclusive for Teddy Love, once our product lands in early November. We will also have Teddy Loves available to purchase on our website TeddyLove.net.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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