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Dani Daniels interview


We are awards season and Dani Daniels is a big contender for Female Performer of the Year. Not only is she also nominated for several individual sex performance awards, but several of her films that she is the female lead are also nominated too. Dani has earned her way to "go to" status on many directors short lists. One of those directors is the magnificent Mason. Whenever they team up, it's special. Eternal Passions 2 and Love Stories are their newest gems under the Erotica X label which focuses on erotic porn with passionate couples.  
Hi Dani, you must have been so excited when you received the news that top-notch director Mason wanted you in her film Eternal Passion Vol. 2? What were your first thoughts?

Masons a good friend of mine so whenever she calls and asks to borrow my vagina I know she has something epic in mind!

Could you tell us what it is about Mason that makes her so good in directing a scene?

She gets it. She has a mind of a mainstream film maker and at the same time knows how to connect chemistry and just let people be real and fuck how they want. She captures real sex, and does it beautifully and effortlessly. It's a quality and a talent few people have.

Even though you were primarily a girl/girl performer at the beginning of your career, you are beginning to make a big impression with your boy/girl work. What is it about having sex on film that is a huge turn-on for you?

Sex on film doesn't turn me on. I just like to bone and enjoy myself on sexe-libre.org. I love girls and guys and have always been open about my bisexuality, and actually to be honest I like to tune the camera out and enjoy myself. If people like to watch and enjoy me boning, well then, awesome! I'm bringing happiness into the world I guess. Lol!


What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman?

I like hourglass women. I like women that classic painters used to paint. I like women that look like they could eat a cheeseburger shamelessly. I like strong, confident women. I like women that have hips to hold on to and tits and ass to enjoy. I like women who love other women. That's a huge thing for me. I wouldn't say I have a "type," but an Eastern European woman who speaks little English and looks like they could be an assassin definitely grabs my attention.

What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?

I like my women women and my men men. I like a real man. I don't want a guy that takes longer to get ready or dyes his hair. Give me a man that smells like a man, curses like a sailor, and can man handle me like the woman I am. Someone that treats me like a lady and opens doors and such for me. Give me a man with confidence, not an ego. And a big yummy cock helps as well. What can I say, I'm a size queen.


How did you get into the adult industry?

I was a stripper paying off my art school debt. I overheard a couple guys while I was dancing on stage talking about a "girl- girl only" performer. I was like "whaaaaat?! Girl girl only? Like you could get paid to fuck hot girls every day? Oh I'm soooo in!" I flew out to Los Angeles, signed with my agent Sandra McCarthy of OCmodeling, and the rest is history.

What has been your most pleasurable moments? What has been your least pleasurable or most embarrassing ones?

I don't have least pleasurable moments. The reason I love my job so much is that I don't do anything I don't want too. Embarrassing moments? I embarrass myself every day haha! And most pleasurable? Without a doubt making "Dani" and "Dani Daniels Dare" with Mason. Those movies are works of art in my eyes.


It is evident that you enjoy having sex in adult films. It's not a surprise that you are nominated several times for the XBIZ awards for your sexual performances. Why do you enjoy being an adult entertainer?

Woohoo I'm nominated! lol! I enjoy being an adult performer because I get to bang hot people and have amazing sex. So when I'm 80 years old in my retirement home, I can be a crazy old lady and yell out things like "I won an award for banging girls so good!" Or "I stuck my fists up girls assholes!" Or "I've had sex with more people than you!" Haha... I dunno...

Your fans love it when you feature dance. How does it feel when you get on stage and perform for them?

Lmfao if you know me at all you would know I don't feature dance. My stripper days are pre-porn and behind me.


You were nominated for Best Girl/Girl Performer for the XBIZ Awards. What are your thoughts on it?

I'm super excited! That's one award that really is close to my heart and means a lot to me. I hope I win! I'm super competitive, it's the tomboy in me!

I enjoyed your acting performances in both OMG...It's the Dirty Dancing XXX Parody and The Vampire Mistress. You were nominated for Best Actress in their respective categories for those films. Could you tell us about some of the most memorable moments while filming those movies?

Thank you! The Vampire Mistress was shot entirely on a green screen. Harry Sparks taught me a lot about acting and cinema and really knew what he was doing. It was a fun challenge to take. As for Dirty Dancing, I was one of those girls as a kid that was all, "I want to be baby!" So getting to play the xxx version was awesome! Ryan Driller was my Swayze which was awesome because I love Driller so much. We always are friendly to one another on set and it makes for a great day. There was this one scene where Ryan and I were out in a field and he had to squat and pretend to catch me as I "fell" into his arms, and I'll never forget the first take when he squatted as he was saying, "Come-on baby!" And his pants ripped and his balls dropped out. Everyone on set including myself were crying they were laughing so hard.


What are your hobbies and interests?

I'm an artist. Check out my twitter- @pen15artist

How were you as a kid?

Shy as shit! Oh man.... only child, athlete, matured early, and shy.


Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog! Anyone that follows my social media knows all about my French Bulldog Darwin, and he even has his own twitter: @darwindanisdog. I hate cats, but I LOVE pussy.

What is your shoe size?



Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, even studios) that you would like to  work with?

I pretty much work with every studio, and I constantly have a wishlist of women I want to work with.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?


 Vine: Dani Daniels (link through my twitter)

Twitter: @MissDaniDaniels

Blog: missdanidaniels.tumblr.com



Interview by Apache Warrior

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