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Mistress T interview


A big reason why Mistress T has been so successful with her fetish work is because she is not a phony. She truly adores the kinder and gentler domination play. This talented performer does not want to be demeaning to her submissive male playthings. It's all for fun and titillation. Moreover, Mistress T's beautiful appearance and screen presence captures the viewer's attention immediately. When you combine that quality with her role as a focused Domme, the viewer loses any track of time and just becomes enthralled with her performance. Of course, any well-rounded Domme can apply the more rougher aspects too and thus, those are mostly held for those much-willing cuckolds. 

Hi Mistress T, you bring sexiness and glamour to your craft. What do you want your audience to experience while watching one of your performances?

I want my audience to experience an orgasm! That's the obvious answer, but I also want them to feel engaged and involved. In many of my videos, I look directly into the lens of the camera so my viewer feels like I'm making eye contact with him.

Could you tell us what the terms "FemDomme Fetish" and "FetishDom" mean to you?

I think they're very similar and chances are someone who is into one is into the other. "FemDomme Fetish" sounds more like having a fetish for Dominant Females. "FetishDom" Sounds more like a Dominant who specializes in fetishes.

A major reason why I enjoy your work so much is that the women are always in the dominant roles. How much fun is it to make the guys be the submissive ones and to apply the punishment to them?

I know it's just a wording thing, but to clarify, I don't make the guys be the submissive ones. Men come to me who already want to submit. I'm not dragging them in off the streets blindly! Applying the punishment is also a bit of a funny way to think of it. As usual, they're pretty well behaved and don't earn much punishment. I think what you're asking me is how I feel about the whole thing so I'll answer that. It's all play. I am amused by the wacky things guys will do for the sake of feeling dominated or for the need to give up control. It is a lot of fun knowing you have a certain amount of (sexual) power over someone.


I personally am a leg man and I enjoy seeing women in stockings and heels. Why do you think that guys like me have this type of attraction? What is your shoe size?

I have very petite feet. US size 4. That means I have a hard time finding sexy shoes, but my feet are adorable. I think men have been programmed since childhood to be aroused by stockings & heels, mostly by mainstream media (movies/TV/advertising). It's not a primal thing like being attracted to red lips which signifies arousal in a female and triggers a man's urge to mate. Heels do make a woman's rear appear perkier which can trigger a somewhat primal response when looking for a mate that is likely to have good birthing hips so-to-speak, but shoes themselves? Or stockings? Men have learned that they are symbols of a sexualized woman.

I have always been impressed that your fetish worship work has always been more than just work to you. It's really a state of being. How has it been to combine it with your personal life?

I am married to my work. My work is my creative outlet. I am Mistress T and I am so much more, but Mistress T is a very real piece of me. I am a naturally confident, Dominant person but I am not a Dominatrix 24/7. With my friends and in my every day life, I am just a normal person who wears normal clothes and interacts with people in a normal way. Sometimes I lie about what I do when I  meet new people who I'm unlikely to see again. I get tired of the long explanation and the many questions and misconceptions people have.

What is it about fucking a guy that turns you on so much? Why are cuckolding scenes so much fun to film for you?

I enjoy cuckolding because I enjoy humiliation and denial. It's a very powerful feeling to both humiliate and to with hold sex from someone especially to have them see another man enjoying what they can not experience. I know it all seems so cruel, but the real trip is that my cuckolds all want it. They get turned on by the scenario. So I can be as cruel as I want and say the meanest things. The darker I go, the hotter it is for them. It's rather freeing.


I have noticed that you don't make many Girl-Girl performances. Why is that the case?

My audience doesn't seem to be that interested in seeing me do girl-girl scenes. They seem much more interested in seeing me interact with men. I'm bisexual, but business is business.

How long have you been in the industry and how did you get into the adult industry?

I've been in the adult industry for about seven years. I'm 36 now. I have a great story, but it's a bit long, especially for an interview like this. If you're really curious, the whole story is in my blog; it was actually why I started my blog: to tell the story of how I got to where I am. So you should start reading at the beginning:

What have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable ones?

A couple of the highlights of my adult career have been performing on other sites like TheEnglishMansion.com (the biggest, most well-respected FemDom site in the world) and Kink.com's FemDom site: DivineBitches.com among others. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to be featured on those sites and it was an immense pleasure working with other producers and performers, learning how they do what they do, etc.

The least pleasurable? Probably the technical parts.  For example, I enjoy editing my own content, but learning how to edit was a struggle at first.


Your sensuousness and gorgeous looks ooze through the screen as well as your creative role-playing persona. How much planning do you go through in developing a scene?

I think part of the magic of my scenes is that they are very spontaneous and unscripted. I do very little planning. Often none at all. If I'm working with a film slave, I get their lists of interests & hard limits. I create a scene on the spot that works for both of us. I try to ensure other people who I film with that they have to say or do as little as possible so that I can just fly by the seat of my pants and play out the scene as it comes into my head.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love yoga, walking, dining out with friends, travel, reading, going to fetish parties, and hanging out on a nude beach. I've done a lot of interesting travel in places like India, Thailand, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, etc. often roughing it on my own. I've been to Burning Man a bunch of times. Most of my friends are either fetish party people, Burners, nudists, life-stylers (swingers) or work in the adult industry in one way or another, but I have some vanilla friends too.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working?

I'm pretty excited about my blog these days: http://mistresst.wordpress.com. It's getting a lot of views and positive feedback. Other than that, I just keep plugging away adding content every other day to my clips store (http://www.clips4sale.com/23869) and members site (http://www.MistressT.net) which keeps me fairly busy, but I'm open to new opportunities. I'm excited about attending my first FetishCon in Tampa the first week of August.

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: ggcherry@gmail.com
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior


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