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Tasha Reign Is A Must See Girl


Tasha Reign Must-See Girl

This month, Tasha Reign, "reigns" as June's Must-See Girl. She's a quintessential Barbie Doll...blond, buxom, and bodacious. In his Performer of the Week column about Tasha, Dr. Jay wrote: "the first thing I noticed about Tasha is her gorgeous body. She has an endearing smile, a very pretty face, mesmerizing eyes, scrumptious titties that look especially nice when they dangle in doggie, and a stunning hourglass shape. And, she takes awesome care of her superb body, from her well-toned belly to her perfectly manicured nails. But, what really catches my eye is her ass-length blond hair. I hope she never cuts it! It is truly like spun gold and is a major factor in her overall jaw-dropping appearance. Bottom line? Tasha is definitely first-class eye candy." Read Dr. Jay's entire article about Tasha here.

Tasha makes such an impression wherever she goes that she even caught the eye of former President Bill Clinton in Monte Carlo. Check out this AVN story.

But, Tasha's drop-dead-gorgeous curves are made all the sweeter by her insatiable performances...in some of the best sex scenes you'll see. Dr. Jay notes: "I really enjoy watching and hearing Tasha in action: she's a great kisser, is vocal and demonstrative, has awesome fucking and grinding moves (especially in reverse cowgirl), is a great cocksucker, and is very enthusiastic. Even better, she cums like a volcano!" Because of her beauty and her sexual prowess, Tasha's career is on a logarithmic upward trajectory.

Of course, porn super stars are more than pretty faces and insatiable sex machines. Tasha is dynamic and multi-dimensional in her personal life as well as on screen. She's smart enough to be a UCLA student, and is a social activist and rock and roll reviewer, too. Even better, she's a blogger for us here at XCritic.com, too. Check out her articles here.

Tasha has been in, according to adultdvdempire.com, about 50 movies. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Tasha's XCritic Pick titles can be found here.

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