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Veronica Snow interview


Having spoken to Veronica Snow over the phone, I was struck by her wicked personality and down to earth demeanor. So, it is quite a joyous event for fans of lesbian erotica that Ms. Snow has returned to adult films. This female performer who loves having sex with ladies is no phony. She is pretty much a "what you see is what you get" kind of woman. I am glad that she is back with Girlfriends Films since it is a perfect match for her and for them. In Veronica Snow's case, you really can go home.    

Hi Veronica, it is great that you are making movies with the studio Girlfriends Films (GF) again. How did you feel performing in front of GF Head Dan O' Connell once again?

Actually, it felt like coming home. If it makes any sense? We had worked very extensively in the past and I also consider him a personal friend. It did not seem like a day has passed.

One of my favorite series from this studio is Girls in White. Your appearances in those very first installments were a huge reason why they became so successful. What are your thoughts of being a part of that series? How much of a thrill was it to wear those beautiful gowns?

First of all, I am very proud not to only be a part of the first one, but I was also the writer of the script for Girls in White 1 and appeared in number two also. I did not realize until recently how this series has grown and has reached up to twelve or thirteen by now. It is very exciting to see it grow so much because I can remember just like it was yesterday lying on Dan's couch at his house writing scripts and having to shoot it the next day. It's very gratifying to see that something I have invested myself in the storyline continue to do so well.

As for the gowns, it is very exciting to wear them, but it was not the most fun to try them on. You never know what's gonna fit. At that first shoot, there were fourteen girls fighting over them.   

About dressing up, you have recently filmed an episode for Pin-Up Girls. How did you feel wearing those authentic period and sexy wardrobe?

I really do not know how the ladies back in the 1950's put on these clothes. It takes so much time and effort to put them on. It takes fifteen seconds to put on my bra and panties. As to the Pin-Up Girls items, if it takes a half an hour to put on a garment, something is wrong.
How did you get into the adult industry? How did you get into adult movies?

I answered an ad for nude modeling in the OC Weekly. It started off as nude modeling and lingerie modeling. I took a while on doing the modeling thing. I had some experiences with mainstream adult stuff when I was eighteen and nineteen years old. I took a long time off afterwards. Then, I looked at the weekly again and I saw an ad for fetish models. I felt that if he was really creepy, I can leave and if not, then I will see where it takes me. I was in my early twenties and I worked for a very small production which no longer exists. While modeling the fetish stuff, my boss asked me if I'd be interested in performing scenes with women.
What has been your most pleasurable moments on film? What has been your least pleasurable ones?

My most pleasurable moment on screen has been with Tara Wild. We filmed several scenes with Girlfriends Films. It may have been Tara Wild and Her Girlfriends or Women Seeking Women 9. She was in red.  It was a long drawn out seduction. It was one of my first experiences. As to my least pleasurable moment, it was some time ago and with a different studio not Girlfriends Friends. I felt the girl was not there voluntarily and I felt uncomfortable. It was obvious that she was not there on her own volition because of her boyfriend. So I cannot be there.

There is no doubt that you ooze sexuality which in turn creates heated passion with your on-screen female partners? What makes a woman sexy? What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman? What traits do you admire in a man?

What makes a woman sexy first and foremost to me is attitude above everything. It consists of not being too caught up on yourself or self-centered. Be grateful and intelligent. Be a real person. As to physical traits, I am a sucker for beautiful eyes. I don't like "dead eyes" which are "the lights are on, but there's nobody in the house." I feel that when someone is looking at me, they should be looking at me instead of looking through me. I also like lips and hair. I like long hair. You can either put it up or let it down. It gives an air of mystery. As to traits that I admire about a woman, I like a woman who is confident and not insecure.

As for what makes a man sexy, I like forearms. The traits that I like in a man are kindness, good attitude, and not take yourself too seriously. If we are going out to do something, don't be checking your Blackberry or IPhone every five seconds. You have to be in the present. Compassion and intelligence are also key. 

What are your hobbies and interests?

Reading is my number one hobby. If someone would pay me to read, I'd do it. Cooking, my two turtle babies, a little bit of writing, and traveling. I have been all over the world.
How were you as a kid?

I was the biggest nerd ever. I was the girl who everybody picked on. I never quite fit in. They always asked why do you always use big words.
What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

I get to have sex with women and get paid for it. It's not my life so I get to have sex with beautiful ladies, get paid for it, and hang out with Dan who is a real cool man and then, I get to go home to my normal life.
What would you like to say to your loyal and supportive fans?

Thank you for seeing me through thick and thin.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, even studios) that you would like to work with?

Elexis Monroe is my favorite ever. I have known her for so long. We had worked together ten years ago. She was also one of the original Girlfriends Films girls. Nicole Moore is another woman who I would love to work with again. She is gorgeous and more mature than me.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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