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Lee Roy Myers interview


It is only right that one of the best directors in adult entertainment would make an adult parody of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece The Godfather. Combined with the incredible directing skills and vision of Lee Roy Myers along with his talented cast, it is not a surprise that his "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody" production is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. Since 2009, this talented director and writer has been creating amazing and very enjoyable parodies that will eventually lead him to Hall of Fame status. So, to paraphrase a famous quote from The Godfather, "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse." Enjoy this exclusive interview and find out which actors got which roles.           

Hi Sir, your upcoming parody "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody" is receiving a huge amount of buzz especially since it's fun guessing which performers will be in certain roles. When are you going to announce who gets to play in the particular roles?

No time like the present! Well, I had to find a Michael. Like the movie this was based on, this is Michael's journey to the head of the family business (only in this case, the business is the porno business). No person could have played this part like Tommy Pistol played this part. I think that when people see this movie they will believe that Tommy was born to play Michael Whoreleone. For Kay, I found my muse in Kagney Lynn Karter. She is soooooo sexy that she made young Diane Keaton look like old Michael Keaton. Then, I had to find a guy that could fill Brando's porn parodied shoes: Vito aka Vito Whorleone aka "The Dong" will be played by Peter O'Tool, who people will know from a couple of my other flicks (The Honeymoaners & Big Lebowski XXX). Those three are just the tip of the porno spoof iceberg! I've also got Jessie Andrews as Jenny Fontaine (a play on the original's Johnny Fontaine), April O'Neil as Slutzo (a play on Sollozo), Michael Vegas as Sonny, Anthony Rosano as Luca, and if those aren't enough for you, the movie also stars the beautiful Bridgette B, and up & coming new starlet, Veruca James.

What are your thoughts on Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather films?

Godfather 1 & 2 are two of my favorite movies. There isn't a pair of movies that I would rather watch. I, like most people, didn't enjoy Part 3 quite as much.

Did any of them influence you in wanting to become a director?

Of course. Any film student that wants to make narrative film can't help but to find inspiration in Coppola's masterpieces.  

How long ago was it that you wanted to make a parody of The Godfather and why this film? Is there a particular tone, mood, or feel that you want to set forth in this film that the viewers will take away as they see it?

One of the first outlines I wrote (after getting into the business) was for the Godfather XXX. But, many more came along, and it got put to the side. But recently, Adam at DreamZone approached me with finally making it happen. I was really stoked to make this both a spoof and homage. I mean, my approach was to make my version slapstick, so it would be a true parody of the first Godfather. But, for look and feel, my cinematographer, Paul Woodcrest, and I tried to capture that mood that the original is known for. I think that viewers will be happy with the results.

Are you a fan of mobster films and shows like Goodfellas and The Sopranos?

Definitely. One of my favorite movies growing up was Howard Hawk's "Scarface", a classic mobster flick. My love of the genre exploded from there.

Could you tell us why it is so much fun directing parodies? You are definitely one of the best directors in this genre.

Thanks so much. I think that part of it is that I really like taking people's low expectations of porn parodies and surprising them with what I hope comes off as quality adult entertainment. I think that people who don't watch a lot of porn, for a long time, thought of porn parodies as the most ridiculously bad form of flick that the porn industry had to offer. And I think that most porn fans thought the same thing. My crew (they deserve as much credit as I do; Seth's Beard, Freddy Fingers, Glenn Alfonso, Chad Lee, and Paul Woodcrest) and I have a lot of fun doing our best work when we think that people aren't expecting something good. And I think that with "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody", they are getting one of our best movies.

Since I love to write romance and adventure stories as well as adult reviews, I am curious from one writer to another, how much of a thrill is it being able to create story lines?

There is nothing I do that I enjoy more than writing. When a storyline comes together, there is a feeling of pride & excitement that I experience, that I just can't get anywhere else.

Are parodies losing it's strength and popularity in adult films and with the public or are they still as popular as ever?

I think that because of the popularity of memes and how easy it is for an interesting video to go viral now, porn parodies are more popular than ever.

Going back to "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody", it would had been highway robbery if Anthony Rosano would had been left out of this film. Could you tell the readers why he is a great actor?

Anthony is one of my favorite people to work with. He a great actor, great impressionist, and always pulls off a solid sex scene. In "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody" I gave him the role of Luca Batsi (a parody of Luca Brasi), Vito's go-to male porn performer. As my go-to male performer, he fit that part perfectly.

Tommy Pistol is another super fine actor. He is so much a method actor that he really captures the soul of his characters. Why do you think he is so good?

Tommy is awesome. His timing is impeccable. He can find 10 ways to deliver a punchline, and typically, they will all work well. And if you give him something more dramatic, it can feel against type with him (mainly because he's such a funny guy). But it isn't. He can kill it with a dramatic role. In "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody", he has to go back and forth between comedy and drama, or play the comedy very straight. He does it so well. I think he will blow some minds with how amazing his acting skills are. Oh, and his sex scenes are always top notch too. He's definitely a porn parody triple threat.

Current AVN Best Actress winner Jessie Andrews is a breath of fresh air. Being so young, it is amazing how talented of an actress and performer she is. What qualities does she have that makes her so good?

Jessie is incredibly skilled at making dialogue her own. She can take the most basic porno dialogue and give it a sweet sincerity or venomous bite depending on what the scene calls for. She always impresses me. Not to mention that she is damn sexy!  

What makes Peter O'Tool the perfect Vito "The Dong" Whorleone?

I will cast Paul any time that I can. Usually people who play non-sex roles are enthusiastic about playing them because they get to hang out with naked people. Although I am sure Paul is happy with that perk, he is a pro. He comes to set with an incredible skill for capturing a character, whether it is a parody or an original. Although I am a natural born worrier, I never worry about whether Peter will nail it. He always does.

As to the gorgeous Kagney Linn Karter, I can see her easily whacking off guys both sexually and then, murderously as the sultry and yet mean-spirited woman looking for revenge. Why has she become one of the best all-around performers and actresses in this industry?

Well, In "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody" she is more innocent as Kay. What can I say? It's no magic formula with her. She is sexy and she can act. And she is pleasant to have on set. Kagney is one of the best. No argument here.

What do you want viewers to come away with as they see your films The Honeymoaners and Romeo & Juliet?

A boner and a feeling of fulfillment that they just saw some really great adult movies.

Could you give us your thoughts on why Andy San Dimas is the best actress in porn today? Her acting skills and taking on a role come second nature to her.

I think she is amazing. She is one of the stars of DreamZone's Romeo & Juliet. I think that anyone who sees it will feel the same way!

Are there any upcoming projects or websites that you would like to promote?

I think that people will really enjoy watching "Godfather - A DreamZone Parody" as much as I enjoyed making it. If anyone is interested in this or any other movies I make, or photos from sets and daily thoughts, they can follow me on Twitter @leeroymyers and Facebook (Lee Roy Myers).

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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