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Haley Cummings: Dr. Jay’s Performer of the Week


Haley Cummings in Pornfidelty Goes Preggo #1

What immediately comes to mind when you think of Haley Cummings? I'll bet it's her big, beautiful, bounteous, bouncing, bodacious, and busty boobs! Right? Well, of course, those two natural wonders of the world can't help but be noticed. But, behind those titanic tits is a porn performer of great worth...one whose performances are top notch. And, one who is willing to share her most intimate moments with us.

"Well," you might say, "don't all porn stars share their intimate moments with us?" You'd be right. But, Haley has shared even more intimacy with us than most adult performers: she shared her eight-plus-month-pregnant body with us, fucking Ryan and Kelly Madison within moments of giving birth to her child! To me, Haley's gift to us is extraordinary...one that I'll appreciate forever because I love the shape and inner glow of pregnant women! I particularly enjoy the shape of a woman that I made pregnant...it proves my prowess, so to speak. But, I've got to admit that any pregnant woman's physique immediately catches my eye.

The story goes something like this...Kelly and Ryan Madison, of pornfidelity.com, invited Haley to share sex with them. The resultant scene, known as You Ripped My Asshole on pornfidelity.com and included on the Natty Knockers #1 DVD, is an extremely hot and exciting anal-intensive scene in which, Ryan fucks Haley so hard she screams, "He ripped my asshole." To end the scene, he shoots a voluminous load onto the outside of Haley's pussy and into her gaping asshole. Then, Kelly scoops his semen deep into her...ahem...unprotected vagina. Thus, both Kelly and Ryan are responsible when Haley shows up, more than eight months later, hugely pregnant.

When Haley first informs Ryan that he's her baby's daddy, he is rightly concerned about his wife's reaction. However, that doesn't stop him from taking Haley to a hotel room for one-on-one sex in a scene known on pornfidelity.com as Haley's Baby Daddy and available on the Pornfidelity Goes Preggo #1 DVD. During this scene, which given Haley's condition is rightly gentler than the scene in Natty Knockers #1, Ryan and Haley hatch a plan to make wife Kelly happy and excited about "their" pregnant girlfriend...after all, he popped outside her vagina while Kelly scooped the cum into her.

So, Haley and Ryan conspire to make Kelly so fucking horny that she cannot help but be excited about "their" new baby. On pornfidelity.com, this scenario unfolds in Haley's Baby Daddy Part 2 a scene which is also available on the Pornfidelity Goes Preggo #1 DVD. Not only does Ryan's plan work, but it really drives Kelly wild! And, it makes her love both Haley and her baby. Kelly treats Haley with profound care and attention, lavishly rubbing lotion into her hugely-swollen belly. She also gives her out-of-this-world cunnilingus. Together, Ryan and Kelly pleasure Haley as she's never been pleasured before. In fact, she feels so fucking good that she goes into labor! The scene ends with Ryan and Kelly racing Haley to the hospital.

Haley, thank you so much for sharing your pregnancy with us. I will always remember these scenes and I hope all my readers will watch and remember them, too.

Haley and her magnificent rack of all-natural breasts appears in many other well-received movies. If you like all girl sex, check out Haley's introduction to Sapphic loving in Lesbian House Hunters Part 3. When I reviewed Haley's A+ scene with Shyla Jennings in this movie, I noted: "Without a doubt, Haley Cummings is the reason I chose to review this movie. Her breasts defy explanation...check out this photo of her...she's the blond in the lower right corner. I want to fuck her so bad that it hurts!" I also wrote that "I love how Haley's and Shyla's skill levels increase dramatically during the scene from hesitation to ecstasy." Best of all, the girls give each other numerous orgasms during the scene. Haley's, toward the end of the scene during a "humping" sequence, took my breath away.

Another of Haley's girl/girl scenes that Sapphic lovers will enjoy can be found in Highly Recommended Busty Babysitters 2. Marine Hardcore, in his glowing review of this MILF/young woman movie, states that after preliminary cunnilingus: "Dildos are produced and each fucks the other, both with their hands and with strap-ons. Finally the big guns are brought--yes, the one and only Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator--the Cadillac of vibrators. Orgasms come in waves and at the end the women kiss in contentment. Great Scene!"

My colleague, Vincent Pierce, really liked Haley's boy/girl scene in XCritic Pick Cum Glazed. He writes: "Haley definitely knows how to suck cock, and she shows off her skills several times as she deep throats the pool boy's massive cock all the way to the balls!" Vincent also enjoyed watching her fuck in doggie: "It was satisfying to watch Haley's all natural tits bounce around as her pussy was being pounded by the pool boy's pole."

In Big Wet Tits 10, my friend Don Houston noted that Haley, coupled with super stud Manuel Ferrara, stole the show: "...it was her sheer enthusiasm that elevated the scene in my opinion, Haley impaling herself soundly on his cock as she learned to stretch her limits to accommodate his girth and length."

In my opinion, Haley's scene in Tales from the Gloryhole is one of the best gloryhole scenes ever recorded. Haley gets to plays with two sticking-through-the-wall penises during this scene. Wait until you see her position herself between the two fully-erect rods to stroke them simultaneously. And, wait until you see her talk to each of the dicks, making them "beings" unto themselves. Of course, her breasts take center stage in this scene. I wrote: "Haley Cummings has a remarkable body. Her tits are the definition of big all-natural beauty and her curvy body is built for sex. She's definitely one to watch!"

My friend Bill the Hobbyist really got into Haley's scene in Trained Teens 4. He heaps praise on Haley when he writes: "...Haley will have you jerking off right from the start. Orally, she is very strong with stroking, ball licking and taking a nice face fucking. From titty fucking to having her pussy pounded hard, she gives him an additional treat as she takes his hard cock up her ass. A very exciting and strong anal scene especially the way she slams and grinds as she takes it doggie."

If you like to get your porn online, I highly recommend pornfidelity.com to you. As a voting member of AVN, I got to preview lots of websites during the balloting and must admit that I really like pornfidelity.com. Here are some links so that you can preview Haley's scenes on the site: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4.

Be sure to check out Haley Cummings' other movies. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here.

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