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Bree Olson: Dr. Jay’s Performer of the Week


Bree Olson in Superstar Showdown: Courtney Cummz Vs. Bree Olson

I recently read some words on facebook that really made me sad. On Bree Olson's Actor/Director page, she wrote: "I was an adult actress for 5 years and have since closed that chapter of my life." What a tremendous loss to our industry! But, she also wrote: "I am now in pursuit of a mainstream Hollywood career. I just started so I'm excited to share this journey with you all!" So, with a heavy heart, I wish Bree, who earned a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award in 2009, all the best and hope that she attains all the success she truly deserves. My colleagues at AVN agree: Bree was nominated for the 2012 Crossover Star of the Year!

Thankfully, Bree, who received lots of unwanted notoriety as one of Charlie Sheen's "goddesses," left a huge body of work behind for us to enjoy long into the future. In fact, our site has over 150 reviews of movies that feature this blond goddess. From her early work, like Highly Recommended Fresh Outta High School 3 to her more recent movies, like Highly Recommended (and 2012 AVN Best Feature nominee) Killer Bodies: The Awakening, Bree has provided us with an uncompromisingly solid vita of some of the hottest sex scenes ever recorded.

So, what's to like about Bree Olson? What do Charlie Sheen and I love about her? Well, I can't speak for Charlie, but I think Bree's angelic face, her golden blond hair, her all-natural curvy body, her large and perfect real breasts, and her scrumptious pussy (which has, in her more recent movies, sported an all-natural wild and woolly bush) are all to-die-for. But, even better is Bree's attitude. I love her sweet yet extremely naughty demeanor...how she can look like an angel while torrents of lust-inducing commentary flow from her lips. And, best of all are Bree's orgasms! She cums hard and often...and makes her partner(s) know how fucking good she feels. In fact, her climaxes set off a chain reaction that make her entire body convulse! Wow!

Recently, Kathryn Annelle of Triangle Films released Bree Olson Uncovered, an XCritic Pick compilation of Bree's early girl-girl scenes. The six scenes that Kathryn chose from her archives to appear in this compendium work together to form a history, as it were, of a young woman's introduction to lesbian sex by her sorority's pledge mistress, Penny Flame, to her to her eventual domination of another coed, a tutor played by Annette Schwarz. In essence, Padawan learner Bree becomes Jedi Bree! The very best of the six scenes is Scene Three, with Sasha Grey. My friend Apache Warrior calls this scene "wild!" When I wrote to Kathryn to congratulate her on this remarkable group of Sapphic scenes, she wrote back and mentioned: "Actually, Bree's scene with Sasha Grey was her first girl/girl scene!" In my opinion, Bree Olson Uncovered is must-see because it really highlights Bree's gorgeous young body as well as her insatiable and off-the-charts passion. In Apache Warrior's words, "This tribute to Bree Olson by Triangle Films shows the viewers that she had the incredible sex drive and conviction to fully please her sexual partner very early in her career. Of course, it is very evident that this superstar enjoys having sex on film, especially with the ladies. All six performances that Bree is involved in are memorable and totally hot. She and Sasha Gray is a match made in porn heaven. Their scene is one of their best girl on girl performances ever." Absolutely.

Once my lust for Bree was reignited by Bree Olson Uncovered, I just had to see some of her more recent work. So, I popped Superstar Showdown: Courtney Cummz Vs. Bree Olson into my computer's optical drive and was blown away. In his review of this movie, Apache Warrior describes the movie's scenario: "These two top-rated blond bombshells of the industry (Bree and Courtney) are pitted against each other in a sexual competition. There are five events. The five acts that Courtney and Bree are judged on are solo play, hand job, blow job, girl-girl, and boy-girl action." I was truly impressed with Bree's solo scene, for which she received a nomination for the 2012 AVN Best Solo Sex Scene Award. Bree's body looks absolutely amazing in this scene. In particular, I love how she defies the bald-pussy convention by growing her pubic hair into a fully-natural bush. Damn, it looks great! And, the flow of naughty commentary that flows from her lips excites not only her lucky male partner, but also judges Joanna Angel and Raylene. Apache Warrior really liked Bree's handjob scene: "As soon as she holds onto the penis, her non-stop sexy talk drives the viewer insanely horny. Moreover, her seductive actions to get his dick completely hard are hot." Apache also raved about her girl-girl scene with Monique Alexander: "It's a very hot scene." And, I agree with Apache when he said that her boy/girl hardcore scene with Mark Ashley is "exciting to watch." About the winner? You'll have to see for yourself.

Over the years, I've had the extreme pleasure of reviewing Bree in several titles that you ought to check out. As you investigate the wonder of Bree Olson, I suggest you start with Roller Dollz. This XCritic Pick movie, directed by James Avalon for Zero Tolerance, features Bree in three scenes: an incendiary girl/girl with Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl of 2012, Kayden Kross, a boy/girl/girl threeway with Ava Rose and Mr. Pete, and a five-star four girl/two guy orgy. About Bree's and Kayden's scorching encounter, I wrote: "Bree aggressively shoves Kayden onto the bed, mounts her in missionary, kisses her mouth, rubs her body against Kayden's tits and belly, and strokes her still-panty-clad pussy. Little-by-little, the girls get totally naked while fondling and suckling each other's bodies. Bree is the first to get her pussy pleased as she lies back on her bed in missionary, spreads her legs wide, and enjoys Kayden's clit-pleasing cunnilingus/clit jacking technique. Horny Bree cums within seconds (I fuckin' LOVE her orgasms!). Then, Kayden works multiple fingers into Bree's cunt, fucks her frantically, and makes her climax again!" During the threeway, "Bree, as always, shows her enthusiasm by squealing and screaming with delight...and by cumming like a volcano." Finally, the orgy is a: "half hour of absolutely carnal bliss (that) develops on the (skating) rink before your eyes."

Bree shows off her truly kinky side in The Surrender of O, an XCritic pick directed by Ernest Greene for Adam & Eve. Bree appears first in an all-girl threeway with Nina Hartley and Nicole Sheridan. I liked this scene so much that I wrote that it is: "without a doubt, one of the edgiest girl-girl scenes I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Not only is the submission of Bree by dominants Nina and Nicole supremely erotic, but the positions and accouterments of sexual pleasure employed by the three girls (including several unique toys and sex machines) are absolutely breathtaking. And the girls...even porn legend Nina Hartley...are too beautiful for words. This is definitely a must-see scene. In fact, I didn't want this scene to end. So, I watched it over and over again in order to repeatedly enjoy Bree's unbounded sexuality exemplified by her oh-so-horny pussy from which rivers of girl-juice flow. You'll love this scene, too. Enough said." At the end of the movie, Bree couples with Evan Stone in a scene that: "defies explanation. Just watch it and savor Bree Olson's outstanding performance, OK? In the same way that Bree repeatedly begs, 'Thank you, sir. May I have another?' I ask for another...and another...and another...scene like this!"

I also suggest you watch Bree's all-girl trio with Poppy Morgan and Must-See Girl Tori Black in Ren Savant's, The 8th Day. The girls, playing Pumas who are half human and half feline, "behave and scratch like cats. They engage in a very authentic-looking one-upmanship standoff (giving a whole new meaning to "catfight") and then enjoy some of the most fantastic all-girl sex I have ever seen. Believe me, you simply must experience this scene for yourself." The 8th Day is one of my favorite movies of all time and simply must be on your to-watch list!

You'll also want to see XCritic Pick Bree & Teagan, directed by Andre Madness for Adam & Eve. Bree appears in two girl/girl scenes in this movie: first with Isis Taylor and then with Must-See Girl Teagan Presley. During the former, Isis "selects a purple vibrator, turns it on to 'high,' and uses it to tease Bree's clit and then fuck her creaming vagina to multiple volcanic orgasms in missionary (outstanding close ups) and then continues to pound her dripping pussy through another orgasm with the toy in kneeling doggie (Bree double-penetrates [DPs] herself by finger fucking her asshole while Isis pounds her vagina with the toy." Even though Bree's scene with Isis earned a 5-star rating, it pales in comparison to her coupling with Teagan. During this incendiary scene, which earned 5.15 stars on a 5-star scale, "these two blond tigresses to take each other on in a no-holes-barred scene that simply takes my breath away. The scene is incredibly hot as each of the two hellcats tries to out do the other in giving and receiving pleasure. It's like a battle for control of the universe in which both sides win...and win big. I fucking loved every second of this 28-minute scene."

Bottom line? Bree Olson is--and always will be--a superstar. Check her out in any of these excellent scenes.

Bree has also appeared in lots of movies not mentioned above. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here.


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