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Nica Noelle interview


As a lover of transsexuals and a voter for the Tranny Awards, I am pleased that famed director Nica Noelle has decided to make transsexual films. It is about time that someone with her love for truthful, authentic passion and eroticism is going to create this type of much needed cinema to the public. Her inclusion into the tranny genre is highly regarded among the community since Nica is going to use on a regular basis many well-known female performers in her TransRomantic movies as well as bring a refreshing respect and vision to this genre. They realize that their niche market will suddenly become more exposed where viewers will see it in a different light since Nica will be involved. It's a groundbreaking event. With all of these forces coming to fruition, hopefully, people will see transsexual performers as being beautiful and passionate women who can steam up a scene just like any adult performer. When given the opportunity, they will show everyone how erotic and sensual they can be. Nica's future work will be a major influence in making this perception be widely known and appreciated.

Hi Nica, you have definitely continued to be amazingly busy with your new studios Girl Candy Films and Hard Candy Films. Now, you are working on TransRomantic Films which focuses on romantic scenes with transsexuals. Could you please tell us your vision for this studio? Why did you decide to venture into this genre? 

It's long been a dream of mine to expand into the TS and other so-called "niche" areas of porn where talent is not being offered the kind of roles they deserve. The adult industry is at a crossroads; we're choosing how we want to evolve, and what our identity as a community should be and will be. The fans play a big role in this because their voices are being heard louder than ever before. TS fans, both male and female, are speaking up and saying "We're tired of being marginalized and stigmatized. We want to enjoy better storylines, we want to see real passion, and we want to be treated with dignity." My goal is to make TS movies that fill that void. 
As a fan of tranny porn, I especially love watching a She-Male make love to a regular female. To me, despite the penis and the fucking activity, I see it more as an all-girl scene rather than a boy-girl one. I see transsexuals as beautiful women. What are your thoughts about seeing a woman make love to a transsexual?
The biggest lesson for me, and the biggest surprise for me since coming to the adult industry, is that sexual desire is a lot more fluid than most people are willing to admit. I have found myself intrigued and turned on by so many new things since I began to learn about them. And I think that may be the underlying cause of the fear and hatred leveled against non-hetero or gender-queer folks and performers. People may intuitively recognize that exposure to other types of people and other ways of having sex can lead to changing ones ideologies and even one's sexual lifestyle. But, whether you prefer seeing TS performers make love to each other or to cis-gendered men and women, the point is that we should be open to all kinds of sexual expression. The adult industry should be leading the way in terms of presenting all kinds of consensual sex between adults in a truthful, beautiful manner. Instead, we've spent years making fun of people and catering to the worst in human nature. I'm glad that's changing and I'm proud to be part of that change.
How have you been received among the adult transsexual community? There must be so many tranny stars who want to work with you.
The TS community has been wonderful to me, but first they obviously wanted to know what my agenda was. They're an amazing group of performers, uncommonly thoughtful and smart, and as you might imagine, not at all quick to judge because they've spent years bearing the brunt of others' rash judgments. But, they did have some valid questions, both about me and the product I was hoping to create. Once I answered those questions, I found everyone to be pretty darn excited and supportive. There was sort of this collective cheer of "Finally!" 

I know that there is quite a bit of hesitancy among female talent to work in a scene with a transsexual. Are you having any difficulty in finding female performers for these films?

Actually, there are many female performers who simply can't wait to work with a TS performer. I find the more educated and progressive and politically-motivated the female performer, the more likely she is to not only be open to the idea of working with a TS female, but eagerly awaiting the opportunity. Many female performers that I've worked with in my lesbian films have already reached out to me to let me know they're interested in performing with a TS girl. 

When I first heard that you were going to film transsexual films, I immediately thought that Christian and Wolf Hudson, two amazing performers and good friends of yours, must have had a very good influence on you. Was my thought right?

Being exposed to different types of sexuality has most definitely been inspirational for me. No question about it. In my opinion, Christian X and Wolf Hudson are two of the bravest men in porn, and true trailblazers. They've suffered quite a bit, been the objects of scorn, harassment, and have lost countless jobs because of their honesty and integrity. I have nothing but respect for them, and they have absolutely been a huge inspiration to me. I'm honored to work with them and even better, to call them friends.

Of course, your two major studios are Girl Candy Films and Hard Candy Films. Could you tell us your vision for these two studios?

I'm venturing even deeper into "real sex" and emotionally-rich storylines. When I first started directing, I didn't have a huge audience yet and I had to be careful. I had to stick to the format in certain respects. I couldn't do absolutely everything I wanted to do. These days, I try to introduce new concepts slowly, and see how audiences feel about them. I'm still gauging their reactions to certain things like, how much emotional content is too much and how far can I stray from the "sex scene" format before I lose something the audience needs. Everything is a balance. I consider everything; the comfort zone of the audience, the tension between what the viewer thinks they want and what they really want; what they're ready for. Luckily, I have dialogue with my fans almost daily, so I'm constantly weighing their responses. It's not always cut-and-dried, either. Sometimes a fan will have a negative, but strangely emotional response to something because they don't necessarily realize what they're feeling. You have to mine the meaning from what your audience is saying to you. In other words, it's never a dull moment!
But, the most important thing, the underlying foundation, is to keep myself out of the equation. You will never see me make a movie to showcase what a great filmmaker I am. My ego is not allowed anywhere near the movie. Luckily, I never aspired to be a filmmaker so it's not really a problem. I'm not trying to show you that I could "direct a mainstream feature." I don't care about mainstream cinema.  

How has your relationship with AEBN working out? It's great that your new films have a super platform with them.

It's been wonderful in every possible way. Jerry Anders supported me and admired my work for years, and always let me know that. Long before we did this deal, he'd often send me little Facebook messages to say "I saw your interview with such-and-such magazine, and I just want to tell you I agree with everything you said about what porn movies should be." He has such an appreciation for my commitment to authenticity, probably because he's an artist and a musician himself. So I couldn't ask for a better partner. AEBN as a company is obviously the future, in terms of how people will be purchasing and viewing adult films in the years ahead. The DVD market is still very much alive, and all of my films can be purchased on DVD as well as on the AEBN website, but obviously technology is urging us toward eventual Internet-based everything.

I love the very stylish cover art for your Girl Candy and especially Hard Candy films. Could you explain how you came up with their look?

We obsessed over it, of course! I wish I could show you all the emails right down to obsessing about color schemes. It was important to me to stick within a certain color palette. There were certain visual cues I wanted in there, and I tried to describe how to create them. I emailed tons of photos to the AEBN art team explaining detail by detail what was right or wrong with a certain font, or photo, or color-scheme. I'd end each email with "Please don't hate me! I promise we'll get this!" But, in the end, it was very much a team effort. I was lucky in that I had a fantastic bunch of people who could translate my jibberish and send me something to look at saying "You mean this?"
Are there any past or future projects or websites that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?
Obviously, I'm very excited about TransRomantic and our first release, which should be out within the next month or so. I can't say enough about the talent I was lucky enough to work with. Amy Daly, Sarina Valentina, Brittany St. Jordan, Christian X, Robert Axel, and Spencer Fox. Everyone was outstanding. We even have British theater actor and musician Ian Whitcomb playing a character role in the Amy/Christian scene, and he actually plays the ukulele. Live ukulele music in our first TS film. That's how damned charming we are! 

Other than that, Girl Candy and Hard Candy Films have been magnificently received, and I'd like to thank the incredible fans for that. The fact that they've trusted me to provide them with a quality erotic experience and have supported my new studios without hesitation. It brings me to tears. I feel so lucky. It's everyone's dream to decorate their times in a meaningful way, and the fans have allowed me that experience. I will spend the rest of my life trying to make good on their trust.

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