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The Bartender – XCritic Pick


The Bartender

Less than 2% of all the movies we review here at XCritic snag our top rating: XCritic Pick. To get this top rating a movie has to be so head and shoulders above the rest that we can't help but give it the highest rating possible.

This week Smash Pictures snagged an XCritic Pick for their newest release The Bartender.

XCritic Reviewer Bill The Hobbyist says of The Bartender:

"Smash Pictures, Producer: Stuart Wall with Director: Jim Powers has busted out the starting gate in 2012 with now its second dvd released already this year. First we enjoyed “American Werewolf In London XXX Porn Parody” which was an “XCritic Pick” and now we are treated to an not only enjoyable, but sexually exciting dvd in “Bartender”. From the creativity in the scenes, the great acting talents and awesome sex, mix with fantastic established performers to exciting newcomers, Smash Pictures, brings you every thing to see and enjoy in a dvd"

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