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Angelina Valentine: Dr. Jay’s Performer of the Week


Angelina Valentine in Nacho Invades America

Angelina Valentine has long been one of my favorite performers. Ever since I saw one of her very first (pre-implant) scenes, Wicked's Bad Girls, I have enjoyed Angelina's edginess, her unbridled passion, her undeniable lust, and the absolute pleasure she derives from fucking herself, girls, guys, and groups. Few porn stars can rival Angelina's overall eroticism. I love her so much, in fact, that I chose to use a topless photo of her receiving a 2010 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl plaque (see above) as my profile photo for XCritic.com. Although lots of girls have posed topless for me while holding their plaques, only Angelina whipped out her huge boobs in public for me. Damn, I love you Angelina! It seems that the 2012 AVN nominators love Angelina, too, because set received a nomination for the Unsung Starlet of the Year Award.

Angelina's appearance is absolutely unique in the adult business. She has a rock-hard body, extensive colorful and gnarly tattoos, and a gloriously pierced pussy. However, what I like most about Angelina are her mesmerizing face and her pouty lips that simply beg to wrap themselves around cocks for best-in-class fellatio (Angelina has won awards for her oral skills...I think she may very well be the best cocksucker ever born) or to seal against labia for indescribable cunnilingus. I also like the flexibility of her body, which she can often move into contortionist-like positions, and the shape of her hugely enhanced breasts.

Although Angelina's body is the stuff of wet dreams, her best attribute is her passion. To Angelina, pleasure is its own reward. Indeed, she's willing to do almost anything...and fuck anyone...to achieve the ultimate sexual thrill. Lest you think I believe she's selfish in her pursuit of pleasure, simply watch her partners during sex with her. Indeed, she makes sure her partners cum and cum hard. This is particularly true of her female partners, who always climax repeatedly during scenes with her. Don't believe me? Just watch Sophia Santi in Pretty in Pink or Jessica Bangkok in Sex Angels.

I've seen Angelina in several blow-my-mind scenes lately that I simply must share with you. Let's begin with Angelina's lesbian scene with Jessica Bangkok in Vivid's Sex Angels, directed by Sunny Leone. My friend Apache Warrior proves what I said earlier about Angelina's magnificent oral skills when he notes: "Angelina places a very passionate and exciting pussy suck on her pal's vaginal plaything." Absolutely. In fact, Jessica squeals authentically through numerous volcanic orgasms as a result of Angelina's vacuum-like lips and long and talented tongue.

Angelina, as I mentioned above, is a very edgy performer. Just check out her scene in Highly Recommended Nacho Invades America, directed by Jules Jordan for his own studio. This scene, which begins with Angelina imprisoned in a cage, quickly becomes one of the hottest and edgiest scenes I have seen for a long time. Angelina's fucking moves are beyond incendiary, her naughty vocabulary is scorching, and her obvious enjoyment of Nacho's rough actions is undeniable. Believe me, Angelina shows that she's as incredible a performer with her asshole as she is with her scrumptious bejeweled pussy! Besides taking Nacho's substantial cock up her asshole (great gapes), her tightest hole also takes a three-finger fucking! But, the best thing about the scene is the cream-pie finish. She and Nacho climax at the same time. Then, she digs globs of his semen out of her pussy and devours it. Sweet!

In Chris Streams' Pretty in Pink, released by Jules Jordan Video, Angelina teams up with Sophia Santi, another extensively tattooed girl who also happens to be one of my Must-See Girls. This BDSM scene, like Nacho Invades America, is set in and around a cage in which Sophia is initially imprisoned. The girls do a first-class job eating out and dildo fucking each other through multiple volcanic orgasms.

While performing my enormous--and enormously pleasurable--task as AVN judge for 2012, I came across Angelina in two movies in which she pushed her own sexual envelope further than ever. In SheMale Club's Transsexual Superstars: Sarina Valentina, Angelina fucks and sucks one of the prettiest transsexuals you'll ever see, the delicious Sarina Valentina. Angelina suckles Sarina's huge--and very beautiful--breasts, licks her rock-hard abdomen, sucks her small yet quite functional cock through orgasm, gives her an incredibly effective handjob, and fucks her asshole with a strap-on dildo. Of course, Angelina also rides Sarina's face through full-on orgasms for herself!

I was also very pleased to see Angelina squirt streams of ejaculate all over the place in Porno Dan's Squirtamania 17. Not only does Angelina's insatiable vagina get a solid workout by Dan's fingers and tongue, but it also gets pleasured extraordinarily well by her Magic Wand vibrator...so well, in fact, that Angelina's pretty hole gushes like a fire hydrant. Wow! I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to watch this scene since I had never seen her squirt before. Thanks, Angelina.

Before I wrap this up, I'd like to mention Angelina's contribution to several 2012 AVN-Nominated movies. Nacho Invades America received a nod for Best All-Sex Release, Mixed Format; Lex the Impaler 7 was nominated for Best Interracial Release; Pretty in Pink was up for Best All-Girl Release; and XCritic Pick Brazzers Presents: The Parodies was nominated for Best Parody-Comedy (I apologize if I missed any of Angelina's nominated movies).

Of course, Angelina has appeared in lots of other movies not mentioned above. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here.

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