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Kelly Pierce interview


Kelly Pierce is an interviewer's total dream in both appearance and vocal vitality. She is a gorgous woman with very insightful thoughts that porn fans will find quite fascinating especially about her life as well as providing them with solid insight to the tranny genre. Kelly is a very good ambassador for it. It is great that she has returned to wow us with her hotness and, in particular, her amazing three-ways.

Hi Kelly, congratulations on your recent XBIZ and Tranny Award nominations. What does all of the recognition that you receive from fans and peers mean to you?

Thank You! The recognition means a lot to me. My fans mean everything to me.  I am blessed to have such a loyal fan base. My fans have stuck with me through thick and thin, even through retirement. Your fans are who keep you on this pedestal of being called "pornstar."  Fans are who make you or break you in this business.  I look at Jesse Jane, who has a huge following, and over a 100,000 people following her on Twitter, and still takes the time out to respond to each one.  She
hasn't let the success go to her head like many have! It's refreshing to see that she genuinely appreciates all of her fans. I think more girls can learn from her example, and I definitely stick to the same philosophy.

How long have you been in the industry? What have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?

I have been in the adult industry since 2008. Does "pleasureable moments" refer to sex or just the good side and the ugly side of the business?  I'll answer both!  The hottest scene I did is with Karrlie Dawn for TSSEDUCTION/Kink. I love performing with females. I'm bisexual, and like sleeping with women time to time. This gave me an outlet for that, since it's hard finding women who I'm attracted to willing to sleep with a transsexual.  My least pleasurable was my first scene for TSSEDUCTION/Kink. The male talent was having problems with his rectum that day. I won't go into detail. It was not pretty, but I finished the scene!

And as far as the good and the bad, the good and the wonderful people I have encountered in the industry. Joey Silvera, Jesse Jane, Janessa Brazil, Isis Love, Foxxy, Ts - Jesse, Liberty Harkness, Grooby Steven, Holly Harlow, Buddy Wood, Frank Tgirls, Jim of Devils, and many more! But, as you know the sword slices both ways. You meet a lot of awful people too. They will take advantage of you if you allow it!  Luckily, I am older and wiser now, and have learned from my mistakes. Since my return, I have surrounded myself with positivity and people I know I can trust like my husband. I think it's important to have a support system in this business and a team who has your best interests at heart. Not for their own greedy hands to benefit from.

How did you get into the adult industry?

Wendy Williams and Vin Deacon helped me with contacts. Two things you can say about Wendy Williams is she is hardworking and will give up contacts to help a new girl out. She knows that if we support one another our niche will grow.  Too much unnecessary rivalry goes on in our niche if you ask me. Anyhow, I contacted Kink first. I loved their video style and photography. I was drawn to that. A lot of the transsexual photography/videography is sub-par. I wish we had more
talented photographers like the mainstream niche has. Kink was an awesome first company to work for to be honest. They paid for my STD test and my plane ticket which is unheard of nowadays. On top of it, they paid me very well, and treated me like royalty. They are probably one of the best companies I have worked for in the industry to date.

Could you tell us about your solo website and personal blog? What will the fans see?

My new xxx website this time around is a couple's website. It will be done with my husband and people we choose to have threesomes with. To give an example, it will be a transsexual version of Kelly Madison's site. My husband and I enjoy threesomes in our personal life here and there. We are both bisexual, and unashamed of that fact. We both agree you can't sleep with the same person your entire life, so we share a person together as our playtoy. Much like you'd bring in a sex toy or other sexual device. We don't get attached to the person, so there is no need for jealousy. It's sex to us. Our site will feature our own personal hardcore sex, solo scenes from me, threesome adventures, a reality based type show will be intertwined in the website, and two weekly webcam shows for my members. I want my fans to have as much access they possibly can to me!

I have two blogs.  My adult blog is the http://kellypierceblog.com which features my nude photos and video, information about my cam site http://kellysdreamhouse.com and my models, and all things adult related to my brand . Then I have my activist/advice blog for the transgender community and men that date us which is http://www.secretkelly.com. Which was nominated for an LGBT Blog award. I didn't even know that existed, but honored they chose my blog.

I can tell my fans one thing!  I was gone for a long time, so I have a lot of spoiling in store for every last one. I love my fans and want to give them the best! I have so much in store for 2012!

Just recently, parts of your body were molded so they could be made out of toys. How did it feel? It must have been kind of weird yet exciting.

It was actually pretty awkward to be honest. I was worried about the liquid, and if it would get stuck on me! Luckily, it was nice and warm, and came off easily! But, I can tell you it was sure heavy when it dried! Surprisingly, it was a pretty quick process. I thought it would take a lot longer for it to dry, than ten minutes.

I will say this I'm used to being naked in front of people, but this was way different!  Almost comical in a sense, but the whole team at Topco Sales made me feel comfortable and we had so much fun! The only really nerve-wracking and hard part of the process was the face. I didn't last the full time for it to thoroughly dry. I must have lasted long enough though. It came out fine!

I'm just thrilled to be able to give my fans what they have been asking for from me the last couple of years, Toyline - Toyline! I used to mold my cock with those DIY kits you get from sex shops for my fans that bought me expensive things off my wishlist. Now I won't have to do that!

It seems that transsexuals are entering the mainstream industry slowly, but surely and with better acceptance. What are your thoughts on the state of transsexuals in the adult and mainstream industries? Do you think that it is becoming more accepting or does it still have a bit of a stigma attached to it?

I think it's slowly coming around because we are becoming more fearless and outspoken at events and mainstream industry forums. As well as we have access to better surgeries and hormones that make us more attractive to capture a more mainstream fan base. I personally think the mainstream industry in general is realizing most men who watch tranny porn watch straight porn too!

A large majority of the men who watch transsexual porn see themselves as straight men still, because they are attracted to the female looks and form. Let's be honest, gay men are not attracted in the least to a transsexual due to the female apparel and looks. They like muscles and well MEN!

I have found men and women are into transsexuals for many reasons.

Some of these reasons are:

1) They came across our porn and it strangely turns them on so they just keep watching.

2) Some have been tricked by a trans-woman or trans-man and liked it so they need their fix.

3) My personal opinion in general when it comes to men I think is it's "penis envy!" Men love their penis and there have been studies where men play with it or aware of it from the time they are babies. Men are just always concerned with it or how big it is.

4) Maybe, it's cause they got tired of watching straight porn and needed something more kinky.

5) Last possible reason, could be maybe the wife is into ass play. I have plenty of stripper girlfriends that love to fuck their men in the ass with a strap on or finger it. Maybe this got them into the trans. Would most men consider those guys gay? I don't think so, since it's a woman doing it.

Whatever the reason they like tranny porn, we have a following. Our niche is growing, and we have lots of beautiful stars that are entering our niche every day who are growing our fan base and opening eyes! It only takes the right girl to give him a hard on. I have never been turned down from a man at a straight bar, when I told him I was trans.

Now let's get to the stigma!  I think it lies with the older crowd that are still in porn and closed minded agents who think it will ruin a girls career if she performs with a transsexual. They just don't realize that more and more men and women are becoming sexually curious and even pan-sexual/bi-sexual.  I think the only reason they are coming around is cause of money and the fan base who are willing to pay. They have always realized beauty sells!  Look at Vaniity, she did pretty well for herself in the mainstream when transsexuals weren't popular at all due to her beauty!  Our industry is built on beauty and what sells, and I think right now the mainstream industry is perking up it's ears and eyes that we sell and have looks that are equal to the female pornstar.

Any good businessman or woman is going to promote what sells. Right now, the straight market is saturated in many respects, and they are just adding some spice and exploring with other ventures to keep their pockets full. Transsexuals are just one alternative that they are starting to look at. We will see in a couple of years. It's too soon to tell now on how far they want to venture towards what many on the back-end perceive to be the freak side of the industry. I can promise you though that Mia Isabella, Kimber James, Jesse Flores, Domino Presley, Foxxy, Wendy Williams, Joanna Jett, Vaniity, myself, and many others who are outspoken and fearless will keep pushing boundaries. We aren't going anywhere!  We are willing to put in the time and hard-work to fight against the stigma!

What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

With women, it's gotta be for me. the whole package of what I find sexy. I have made it no secret I love the blonde Barbie look with big boobs. That's what I'm attracted to personally. I love big tits, implanted or natural, it doesn't matter. Women are my second choice to men, so I really love the Playboy Model look to get me going. Personally, I only date men, and will only have sexual relations with women. I also prefer women that are positive and bubbly with confidence.

With men, I'm less picky; height (above 6 feet, I'm 5'4 but love tall men) - dark features - brown hair - brown eyes - they don't need to be built - but fit. By fit, I don't mean a 6 pack. I just don't like beer bellies. One thing I am very picky on is cocks! They have to be bigger than MINE!  I am 6 inches, so if you aren't above that - you gotta go!  It makes me feel weird otherwise! Lastly, the voice of a man will turn me on, his confidence, and of course intelligence and humor. In my opinion, I found the perfect man for me. I fall in love with him all over again everyday.

A huge turn-on for me is watching a transsexual making love with a woman. Unfortunately, the studios do not make as many of those types of scenes. What are your thoughts on being paired up with a man and a woman?

This is my ultimate fun time! I love women, eating them, and fucking them. I love fucking women with my hubby, and watching their pussy go up and down on his dick. I'm a bit of a voyeur in that sense. Plus, I watch straight porn, when I masturbate.  I've learned a lot of tips on how to ride a cock and take a cock from straight porn or doing threesomes with my hubby. I learn what he likes. I like learning new ways to pleasure. It's like school for me!  I want to be the best I can be at sex!

What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?

How down to earth it was, and the stop and go. It looks so different once it's edited. It's not as glamorous behind the scenes.

Are there any particular industry talent (actors, actresses, directors, studios) who you want to work very badly with and why? What would be your dream scene?

Dream Scene - Mason Pierce (my husband), me, and Nicole Aniston (fat chance).

I would love to work for Kink again, Joey Silvera, Jay Sin, White Ghetto Films, and Devil's Films. I would love to work for a mainstream company like Naughty America or Brazzers in a threesome scene.

More actors and actresses I would love to do threesomes with hubby and me (I don't work with out my husband - that's our rule) - Cody Cummings, Janessa Brazil, Ember Reigns, Love Gisele, Angelina Valentine, Hannah Hilton, Diamond Foxx, Billy Glide, TJ Cummings, Amy Reid, and so many more beautiful folks I lust after!

How were you as a kid growing up?

I didn't know I wasn't like my girl cousin, until we took a bath together. I had an outie, and it freaked me out.  My mother had to explain to me that I was a boy and she was a girl. I was so upset. That's probably why I transitioned at age twelve. I felt so weird being a boy. It didn't seem correct. I envy people who wake up every morning realizing that they are in the body they were meant. I woe up in the morning without thinking female, but in the wrong body. Thank goodness for hormones and surgery.

What are your hobbies and interests?

My interests are activism and helping others with their problems!

Dancing of course - I took twelve years of it from ballet to hip hop.

I also love cooking and being a wife.  I'm a Southern girl, so I'm really good at being a supportive loving wife. I love pleasing my man, and seeing him smile!  That's a gift to me.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

The fans!  Oh my God, can I stress this anymore. I can wake up having a horrible day and I sign on Twitter, and bam all these lovely comments so I have to automatically change my mood and feel blessed! Life could be worse! I mean how can anyone be in a bad mood when you have so many people supporting you?

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

I just returned to the popular Devil's Films series Transsexual Cheerleaders (8)!  This time I'm bottoming for my husband, which was so much fun. I take a big load on my face too which I always wanted to do on film!  I hope all my fans go out and pick it up!  I also did a few scenes for Grooby's websites Shemale.xxx and Shemalepornstar that should be out soon enough. But other than that wait for my website to come out! It's gonna be 100 % for my fans' pleasure and of course mine!  It's gonna be real sex, hardcore, cum swapping, face cumming, raunchiest sex they have ever seen from me!  Lastly, again I want to thank you all for having my back, and also thanks XCritic for the lovely interview. I really enjoyed the questions. They were more personal. I think if you are going to do an interview, you should make it personal!

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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