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Meet XCritic’s February “Newcomers & Fresh Faces” – Juliette Black, Sovereign Syre, Carrie Carnality & Molly Bennett


Meet XCritic’s February “Newcomers & Fresh Faces”

Juliette Black, Sovereign Syre, Carrie Carnality & Molly Bennett

Column By: Bill The Hobbyist


Newcomer - Carrie Carnality

This is been a very exciting and active month in coming across, “Newcomers & Fresh Faces”. Every month I always get tweet’s, email’s and dm’s from fans, industry peers and people within the industry mentioning to me new girls to look at. OK, I also get some girls actually asking me to pick them as one. I really enjoy all of this as it brings girls I may have over looked or missed to my attention. This month has been over welling in the input I have received and built a list of over twenty two girls that I looked at. Thank you, to those who were part of it and I encourage you and others to keep letting me know.


 Newcomer - Sovereign Syre

Many ask, what I look for in a newcomer and how I make my final selections. It’s not one thing, it is many different things and I do plan to blog on XCritic soon, “What It Takes To Be An Exciting Newcomer & Fresh Face, For Bill The Hobbyist”. In the meantime, you can get a good idea by first looking at My XCritic Picks of the "Top 5 Fresh Faces Of 2011" - Riley Reid, Mary Jane Marley, Cassandra Nix, Emma Ash & Tracey Sweet and then, come join me in meeting Juliette Black, Sovereign Syre, Carrie Carnality and Molly Bennett my February 2012 Picks for XCritic’s Newcomers & Fresh Faces”. All of these young ladies, is what it is all about.

 Juliette Black


Juliette Black, first caught my attention recently in her performance in “Twisted Youth”. Her scene alone had me jumping up for more. I went on to find out everything I could about her, including having a fantastic phone visit. She is exciting, hot and what I look at as an all around, awesome newcomer in every aspect.


In addition to “Twisted Youth”, Juliette has four dvds out and received a great review in “It's My First Time” by fellow XCritic Reviewer, Rob Perez . Her scenes have high energy, with a great natural and believability flow. You can’t go wrong with this exciting, 22 year old, 32A-24-33 hot babe. She is also a Burning Angel Girl.


I enjoy following her on Twitter @BAjulietteblack and you can easily book this young lady direct by e-mailing her at [email protected], as she handles her own bookings. A young lady with a great personality, hot body and exciting scenes all rolled into one. I can’t wait to see what is next and I know you will feel the same when you check her out and watch her work

Sovereign Syre


When my editor returned from this years AVN Awards, he shot me an instant message about an exciting young lady he had met and encouraged me to check her out. Well, I am glad he did and when I followed up it was 100% excitement and beauty in every way imaginable.


In addition to having two dvds out “Lesbian Slumber Party” and “My Sister Celine”, she can also be found on “Candy Girl Films". Her, diversification in what she does has her blogging on and part of “The Darling House” along with her exciting work. A very diversified adult performer and a great welcome to the industry.


She hails from New York City, has a great 39C-27-40 body and can be found on Twitter @Sovereign_Syre. As more comes out, we are in for a continual treat from this young lady.

Carrie Carnality


Have you ever come across someone and then know you met them before, but just couldn’t put where it was? Well, that is kinda with me and Carrie Carnality. When she first started following me on Twitter, I am like damn I know this hottie. After some back and forth, it all hit home. There was a strip club in Philly I used to go very often that she danced at and then there was another time I met her at a BombShellBrats Party. Even stuffed a few dollars down her top, LOL.


Carrie, is a great girl and I call her the girl who went from ballerina to porn as she used to take ballerina lessons when she was younger. As many times, I have said a strong newcomer is one with a super personality, is fun loving professional, enjoys life and OK, hot as hell too. Carrie, is all of this and more. She is as new as a newcomer in the adult video segment of the industry as one can get. I have seen her dance and OK, got a boobie feel (I try to be a slick as I can). Well let me tell you, if this girl performs as hot as she dances, you better order up plenty of lube.


She, has some great photo shoots out on BombShellBrats and other sites, alomg with some scenes in the works to be shot very soon. Lock her tight in your radar right now, so you don’t miss an exciting thing this young lady will be delivering. She is 23 years old, 5‘2“, 115lbs, 36C-24-34 and fucking hot! Carrie, is starting her porn career doing just solo and girl/girl and is handling her own bookings via email [email protected]. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @CarrieCarnality to stay on of what she has coming out and also enjoy her many entertaining tweets. The industry is gonna love Carrie and hell I already do.

Molly Bennett


When Porno Dan, not only tweets the hell about a girl, but then contacts me to be sure and check her out. I jump right on it, cause he does have some talent in finding and shooting exciting newcomers. Well, Dan hit a home run on recommending I look at Molly Bennett, cause my woody hasn’t gone down yet!


Lots of exciting energy comes with this sweet package of dynamite from some of the web-based scenes I have watched her in. She, will tease you and please you every way imaginable and more. A little birdie has told me that she is on the cover of Immoral Productions, Fuck A Fan 16, that releases on March 16, 2012 and will also be appearing in their Teenage Rampage 4 & Fluffers 12, that will be on their way soon.


Molly is, 18 years old, 5'8“, 120lbs, 34C-25-34 with nipples I could suck on and not come up for air for a week. You, can follow her on Twitter @MollyBennettxxx and book her through her agency ATM - Adult Talent Managers. From what I have seen and heard about this young lady, she will be quickly climbing to the top of newcomers in my radar in every aspect. So jump on board and follow her to adult stardom.

My Final Comments


Newcomer - Juliette Black

My Final Comments

As I said in the beginning of the column, this month has been one of the most exciting months in putting together my picks for March’s 2012 XCritic’s “Newcomers & Fresh Faces”. There is not only a lot of excitement in these young ladies, but lots of diversification too. I love this industry and have an unbelievable passion for it and it is great how so many girls with their on individually can come on board and each one has the opportunity to make it to the top. To all the young ladies and newcomers in this business I share with you a quote I have often use and live by everyday, “If it is to be, it is up to me” , by William Johnsen. This months newcomers are doing exactly that, making it happen themselves. Congratulations, to Juliette Black, Sovereign Syre, Carrie Carnality and Molly Bennett as my picks for this months XCritic’s, “Newcomers & Fresh Faces”. You have gotten there and earned it in many ways.


Newcomer - Molly Bennett

To the many fans, performers, producers, fellow industry peers and many others. Thanks, for all the exciting input this month and please everyone keep it coming. You should all see who is already in my radar for next month and love to hear from each of you on your suggestions too.

Column By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist

Email: [email protected]