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Sean vs 2012 AEE: Day 3 : I Can’t feel my legs….


And as another day of AEE is about to begin, I can say that I am starting to feel the toll from the previous  days of walking around and standing a lot. But you know I am going to keep going, not only for you the readers out there, but for me too. I’ve been able to meet and chat with lots of people, and have had some great memories already, so I know these next few days will bring a few more.

And as an added bonus today, I am meeting up with a friend from back home who has decided to come out to experience AEE and all of the craziness. So I gotta make sure he has fun, but I have a feeling that shouldn’t be too hard of a thing to do. I also have a few more interviews lined up, so that should be fun. As another added bonus, they have opened the Fan Zone today, which is the Joint in the Hard Rock, also the site for the upcoming awards on Saturday night. We are expecting more fans, so let’s see how crowded it is inside the show. I make a quick stop at the store and grab myself a energy bar and some Vitamin Water, XXX of course.

And the main place I will be spending most of my time at, will be the Girlfriends Films booth, where I will be interviewing Dana DeArmond and India Summer. Plus I also got the chance to see the power of the community behind Girlfriend Films. I got to see people who have never met in real life before, quickly become best friends and treated like friends, even by the girls and the folks behind the studio. Not many studios would invite their members to a breakfast, give them a bag of goodies, plus even invite a few of them back to tour their studios. And with that, I can see another reason why they were our studio of the year. For me personally, I have yet to review any of their movies, but that is going to change pretty soon, and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. But even if I it turns out bad, I still have much respect for Dan and everyone at Girlfriends Films, for what they do, way beyond what most studios would do.

And my day would start off with interviews with Dana DeArmond and India Summer, both who were looking forward to the awards and both seemed to have a wide variety when it comes to the scenes they do. So no matter what your taste, I am sure there is something starring one of these ladies to get you excited.

And while I was at the booth, I was also able to chat with two ladies, Ela Darling and Charlie Ninja, who are fairly new to the business, but after chatting with them, I look forward to checking out some of their work. I can see good things coming from both of these ladies.

After getting my interviews done for the day, I was able to roam around for the rest of the day, checking out the familiar faces and meeting a few new ones. I headed off to the Fan Fest area, and my first impression, was that it’s going to be rather crowded, very little room to move down the aisles, with people snapping pics and getting stuff signed. But the good news, is that with my experience with San Diego Comic Con, I was more than prepared for crowds. Bring it on!!

My first stop in Fan Fest, was off to the Wicked Pictures booth, as I see that Alektra Blue is there, so you know that I am all in on that. I was also given a quick reminder that I need to invest in a new camera, as mine was not working so great in the low light in the Fan Fest area. There may not be so many pics from inside this area, but a few turned out pretty good, so those will be posted throughout the column. I was waiting in the line for Alektra, and I was able to have a Sensi Pearl sighting, she made my list of girls I want to see more of in 2012, and I was hoping I could find her later, but that sadly didn’t happen. But after waiting in yet another line I was able to chat with Alektra Blue and get a picture with her, so you can guess that I was on cloud nine after that. And this day is turning out to be a great day, let’s hope that continues.

And to make sure that smile continued, I headed off to the Burning Angel booth in hopes to see a few familiar faces, Kleio and Phoenix. But Phoenix was missing in action, but I did get to see Kleio and get picture taken with her. It had been awhile since I last saw Kleio and it’s always nice to see and chat with her. Hopefully I will run into Phoenix later.

And after awhile I was getting this really weird feeling that a little something was missing from my day, and as I headed into the main room, I was quickly reminded of what that was, as I came across the Elegant Angel booth, once again. What day would be complete without chatting with Lily Carter again, and of course getting another picture too.

But it wasn't only Lily who was bringing sexy to AEE, as you can see from the picture of Skin Diamond.

And as a little tease, I have a great video of her and Holly Michaels that will be waiting for you at the end of this column, and believe me it’s well worth the wait.

As the day continued on, there was much more walking and chatting with people, and I wanted to just point out DanI Daniels, who I am not sure if I have mentioned before. But she is also a member of my list of girls, and I had chatted a few times via Twitter and I looked forward to finally meeting her in person. And she was always nice and willing to chat with me throughout the convention. I got a copy of one of her movies, Yoga Instructor, and with the idea of seeing her and Lily Carter together, I am more than just a little excited about seeing this scene. Be on the lookout for that review soon.

Before I was ready to call it a day, it would be time once again for standing in line once again, this time it was for fellow nerd Phoenix Marie and Rachel Roxxx (who is another girl on my list). Got to chat about Star Wars and movies with Phoenix and talked to Rachel about a few of her scenes I enjoyed this past year.

I will leave you with some pics from while I was walking around the convention floor. And after that I leave you with a nice little video of Skin Diamond and Holly Michaels, giving the crowd a nice dance atop one of their signing tables. If that isn’t enough of a reason to get your butt to AEE next year, there is no hope for you.

And with one day left, I will be sad to say my final hellos to some of the great people I have met and chatted with this last few days.






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