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AEE Report: XCritic Speaks To Porn’s First Couple, Vicki Chase and Eric John


By Rob Perez


Recently celebrating their second wedding anniversary, where they tied the knot in of all places the AEE convention, Eric John and Vicki Chase are rightfully known as porn’s first couple. Vicki is one of porn’s elite performers, having appeared in a number of big budget films including the critically acclaimed Digital Playground production, Fighters. Plus she’s a regular fixture on box covers as she is also one of porn’s most bankable performers. Eric, the one-time communications/satellite and aerospace executive is CEO of ErotiqueEntertainment where he has a daily show on Streamate (10am Pacific Time) in which he performs with many of today’s top talent. Plus his company is on the forefront of fending off Internet piracy, one of the adult industry’s most pressing issues. While the success he earned in corporate America were rewarding, the success he is earning in adult are both rewarding and so much more sweeter!

Vicki Chase


How excited are you to be here at AVN?

Very excited. This is my second year and it’s a treat for me. I love meeting my fans.

How did your wedding at AVN in 2010 come about?

My husband Eric John had been in the industry for six years before we got married. He really loves this industry. I’ve come to love it as well. So he just wanted to make it special. I always wanted a Vegas wedding so we did in style. I loved every minute of it.

What were some of the big movies you’ve been in?

Fighters, which is a Digital Playground feature. I’m in many other features already out. Home Wrecker with Selena Rose, I have a part in that one with Nacho Vidal who’s one of my favorite male performers. I’ve been in Latin Booty for Elegant Angel,  I’m on the cover of that. That was my first anal. I’m in the upcoming, Adam& Eve feature Tango To Romance.


You were great in Fighters.

Thank you.

Were you a replacement for Selena Rose who wasn’t in Fighters.

I think she had a conflict and couldn’t make it. They’ve been good to me so theycalled me and I was able to take that spot. She doesn’t live on the West coast, she lives in Miami so I think she had a conflict.

What big movies do you have coming out in 2012?

Home Wreckers, Learning to Tango from Adam & Eve, I’m in the Zorro parody.

Will there be any more anal scenes?

Yes, I just did one for Vince Vouyer, I don’t know what it’s going to be called, but he got me on the cover. So I’m excited about Vince Vouyer’s new anal movie. I’m going to be featured on that.


What goals do you have for 2012?

My goals for 2012 are to just continue working hard for Digital Playground and all those lovely companies who always bring me back, and to launch my site, www.VickiChaseXXX.com. I want to have special content and just a lot of features in that website for my fans.

Eric John


Tell me about your company Erotique Entertainment?

We’vebeen around since 2004. The most significant development lately is that about a year and a half ago, we started the live stuff and now we’re the leading live broadcaster in the industry. every day we’re on at 10am. We have a show onStreamate, that’s a banner added show called Erotique TV Sex Daily. We got a host and we got a different porn star guest every single day. We’ve had over a 1,000 broadcasts, a 15,000 square foot studio in downtown LA devoted to this, and we’re working on even better stuff for the fan experience. The latest thing I can only compare it to ESPN360, where the fan can watch it from the main angle but they can also switch it to my POV, the ceiling . . . we have five or six cameras that gives them different angles of the action at the same time. Of course it’s all interactive and our host, Kyra Barbie, is communicating with everybody that I can’t talk to because my mouth is full of pussy or something. It’s a really enjoyable thing.

What did you do prior the adult industry?

I was an executive at Boeing. I graduated from MIT with a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Originally I worked for the world’s leading communications/satellite provider. So I worked on the satellites for DirectTV, I worked on the satellites for XM Radio and Sirius. I did that for a long time and then I started Erotique Entertainment in 2004 after meeting Misti Rain. I started the company while I was still at Boeing actually. We invested in Misti’s company first and then she brought me to this event, the AVNs, in 2004. I focused a lot on still photography earlier and then real high end production. The live thing has really helped us get ahead of the piracy and get ahead in the decline of DVD sales. It’s been the best thing we’ve done.

Do you love this career more than your previous career?

[Laughs] It’s so different. I was proud of my accomplishments in aerospace. I was in China for the first Western launch of a rocket, I contributed to things that changed communications in the Middle East, I’ve revolutionized television withDirectTV. So it’s not like I wasn’t proud of those things but I’m equally proud and I’m healthier now . . . I actually just had a doctor’s appointment and my cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, everything else is better now than it was when I was in college. I have sex with four girls a day for six hours. [Laughs]

What can you tell me about Vicki Chase?

I met Vickie when she was my bank teller. We got married at the Hustler booth two years ago, so we just celebrated our two year anniversary but Vicki has been kicking ass. She’s up for Unsung Performer Of The Year for AVN. Both of us were nominated for Performer Of The Year for XBiz. Vicki has been in about 10 big Digital Playground movies, and she’s been getting a lot of recognition for her acting and her scenes. I’m really proud of her. She’s the same down-to-earth person she was when she got in. She’s shooting for Penthouse, I mean she’s really something now.

Do you have a website or Twitter you want to promote?

Both Vicki and I are really good about our Twitters. Vicki’s Twitter is @VickiChase, mine’s @Eric_John. We have a portal website, www.erotiquentertainment.com. We’re on live every day, 10am on Streamate, and it’s easy to find because we’re the big ass banner ad right in the corner.

Wedding Photo of Eric John and Vicki Chase courtesy of AVN Media and HEWMANBEING.com.

Cover Images Courtesy of Digital Playground, Elegant Angel and Adam & Eve

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