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AEE Report–XCritic Speaks To The One and Only Zoey Holloway


By Rob Perez

I admit Zoey Holloway is one of my favorite MILF performers, due in part to her gorgeous good looks and stellar performances. I’ve raved about Zoey Holloway in my reviews for XCritic, who is also a terrific actress, delivering believable, solid acting performances in such series as Please Make Me Lesbian, Mother Daughter Exchange Club, plus one of the hottest interacial anal scenes in Elegant Angel’s White Mommas 3. One of the most popular girls working today, Zoey took a few minutes off from working for HotMovies.com at AEE to speak to XCritic about her amazing year in porn and what the future holds for her.

So what are you doing here at AEE exactly? I see you working for Hot Movies.com.

Yes, I’m interviewing talent, male and female and just trying to get what’s going on in the industry and what the talent is up to.

I think you’re one of the top MILFs in porn and will win several big MILF awards.

I don’t know about that. [Laughs] That’s nice of you to say but I’m up against some pretty top contenders.

Who would you consider your top competition?

Well of course, India Summer is in there. Tanya Tate . . . it just seems that everyone who’s in that category are really top contenders. I don’t plan on taking the award home but just to be included in it I’m pretty surprised and grateful.

I’m a huge fan of the Please Make Me Lesbian series.

I’m really glad that you like that series so much because it’s been one of my joys in the industry this past year shooting for that series.

Why do you like shooting that series? It’s a pretty unique series.

It is a pretty unique series. I think my favorite part is just to have an ongoing relationship with the other characters within that series like Lily Carter. I’ve really gotten to know her and care for her. The fact that we get to go to work and fuck each other, express that with each other and have such a great connection I feel really blessed.

How would you describe the year you had professionally in 2011?

I got into the business in 2008 or 2009, so I just feel like I’m picking up momentum and making a name for myself. Really just plugging along and doing it. The recognition from XBiz as well as AVN just blows my mind. I’m sticking with it and I haven’t given up. Now I’m starting to get recognized and feel really grateful that the work I’m doing is making an impact. I’m starting to get a lot of notice from fans, a lot of fan mail and people just saying how much I’ve inspired them at my age to be doing this. It really pushes me to keep going.

Do you give out your age?

I’m 45.

One of my favorites is Magdalene St. Michaels. Have you performed with her yet?

I have not and I’ve had fans request it. She shoots a lot for Girlfriends and I think that’s probably a pairing that will be coming up. It probably will happen sometime this year. I can’t imagine it not happening with all the people that are requesting it.

We should point out that you do perform with men even though you’re best known as a girl/girl performer.

I am and that’s really surprising too. I had friends tell me when I got into this business, “Don’t do any boy/girl. Do girl/girl.” I thought, “I don’t know if that’s going to be a reality for me in getting work, doing girl/girl at this age. But that’s what I’m known for and I’m surprised by that as well. I’m grateful for it and for all the work I’ve had, especially the girl/girl. Not to say I won’t do boy/girl anytime soon but I am phasing that part out.

I didn’t know that. Is it for personal reasons?

I want to get behind the camera, and for me and my life and what I know about myself I need to have a direction and a focus towards just a few things rather than spread myself all over the place. So for me if I just focus on a few things and keep my energies pointed in a certain direction I feel I am better able to accomplish what I want to accomplish. Now I will continue to do boy/girl selectively. I don’t think I’ll ever just phase it out [completely], but it will be very selective.

Cover images courtesy of Girlfriends Films

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