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2012 AEE Interviews, Day One


As AEE/AVN has come to a close, and we have been slowly uploading, writing and trying to give you the best coverage of the convention, we have a few more surprises for you to enjoy.

This was my first year covering the convention for the site, and to make it even more interesting, I got to get more involved and do some interviews for you guys to enjoy.

Now you must remember that this was my first taste of interviewing anyone for the site, so there were some nerves at first, but as they went on, you can see that I got more comfortable, plus the fact that I had chatted with some of the girls at other events helped.

So the following are the reviews I did on day one, which was a press only day. I hope you enjoy these and a little info going into these interviews. I had a hand held video camera, which I was hanging on to while doing the interviews, so it may get a little shakey at times, and much like what I hate in movie reviews, the camera might be focusing on other things. So please bear with me, I have a learned a few things this year and I can only hope that my next batch of interviews will be better.

Like I have stated numerous times, I was so glad that Charley Chase was my first interview, she was so laid back and made it fun. If you ever get the chance to interview her, I would highly suggest it



And after Charley Chase, next up was London Keyes. As you can see I tried to ask a few questions that hopefully they hadn't answered a million times already.



And after London, we have have fellow blogger for Xcritic, Chanel Preston. And knowing that Chanel was a big movie fan, I was really looking forward to talking movies with her.

And then after a little break it was off to the Digital Playground area, where I got the chance to interview Stoya. Really interesting interview with Stoya, got to see her deal with someone taking her picture during the interview, and my chance to be valiant protecting her from a passerby, and of course someone decides to walk right in between us during the interview. Pretty wacky time.

and Riley Steele, and I am sure from the interview, I was really nervous for this one and it ended up rather short.

Stay tuned for more interviews, and be sure to be on the lookout for some blogs and pics from the 2012 AEE/AVN show.

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