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AEE Report–XCritic Speaks To One Of The Top Adult Glamour Models Of All Time, Jelena Jensen


By Rob Perez

During my adult magazine editing days, Jelena Jensen was and is worshipped as a goddess. One of the top adult magazine covergirls and centerfolds, Jelena Jensen is a natural, large breast wonder who has graced the pages of every top adult magazine. From Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, to earning the very top award in adult magazines—the 2004 Tart of the Year for CHERI Magazine (full disclosure; I was formerly the managing editor for CHERI Magazine so I am biased). Jelena Jensen runs one of the most lucrative sites on the web, www.jelenajensen.com, and continues to model when she’s not performing in hardcore girl/girl scenes for Girlfriends Films. Jelena is a supermodel and a legend in the often overlooked but competitive world of adult glamour modeling.

I believe you are a magazine covergirl/centerfold legend. What does it take to be a top model?

I think just being very professional, take it as a career. A lot of girls come in just wanting to do it for a quick buck. I think in the beginning I never planned on this being a career but I saw the potential. I’m always really responsible, reliable, I always show up on set on time. Keeping a good reputation and people will want to keep hiring you. I’ve taken it very seriously.

Did you ever think your career would last almost a decade?

No. I just celebrated nine years as a model. I never, ever thought that. I actually planned on retiring at 30 and that has past. [Laughs] I thought I would look older and I actually look younger than my age so why not keep going. Why walk away from a career I already put so much time into.

Who were some of your favorite photographers you’ve worked for? You’ve been shot by everyone—Suze and Holly Randall, Mark Lit, Preston.

My favorites . . . Holly Randall is a good friend of mine and she shoots amazing images just like her mother. Suze, I haven’t shot with Suze in years. She doesn’t really shoot anymore. But Suze is always a favorite. She was the second person I ever shot with. I always love shooting for Stephen Hicks and Mark Lit, those guys are great. I’ve known them for so many years. Tammy Sands, we have a really good working relationship. I’ve been shooting with her since the beginning as well. Pretty much all those glamour photographers because they really know what they’re doing and they’re always going to make you look beautiful. You’re going to get amazing photos.

You’ve done mainstream modeling but you’re best known for being an erotic/nude model. Was that by accident or by choice to go the more erotic route?

A lot of girls in the business wanted or still want to be mainstream models, actresses, things like that. It was never my goal. I did acting in high school and I actually went to film school for behind the camera because I didn’t want to be in front of the camera [Laughs] But it fell onto my lap and I only planned on doing it for a year and it just took off, so I went with it. I never had any life-long goals of being a mainstream actress or a model. I’m good at what I do, my body fits nude modeling very well [Laughs] and that’s what I went with and I’ve stuck with. It’s my life now.

Do you personally like the attention you’re getting from the guys here at AEE especially since you know what’s on their minds?

[Laughs] Conventions yes, its fine. I’m not one of these girls that absolutely feeds off attention. When I’m at shows and appearances I’m in that mindset so I’m fine with it. In my personal life I don’t like attention. I don’t dress to show myself off. I’m not one of those attention seeking girls. It’s flattering but it’s really a persona.

You’ve recently crossed over to the more pornographic side shooting girl/girl for Girlfriends Films. Do you shoot boy/girl?

I actually do shoot boy/girl but only for my website.

Right, with your boyfriend.

My significant other. I shoot with him. The glamour model is pretty much a dying breed. There’s a little bit of work like that but you can’t really full-time it. The only reason why I didn’t do hardcore in the beginning was because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do down the road. I do have a college degree. I didn’t want to screw something else up down the road. Even though it’s more acceptable now in mainstream it still causes problems down the road. So when I realized I run my own site, I have my own business, I probably am always going to work for myself. I don’t see myself leaving adult anytime soon. So I thought, “Why not?”Might as well do it. [Laughs]

Did you go into it wanting to shoot mainly for Girlfriends Films?

Not really. I didn’t even know who they were until I started shooting hardcore girl/girl. It wasn’t until my fans started saying, “You need to work with Girlfriends Films.” We’re a great fit. The way that I like to shoot is the style that Girlfriends shoots. I like very realistic scenes. I like girls who are really into girls. So it’s just been a really good fit. The Girlfriends fans really like me, I’m always one of the top girls, I’m almost always on the cover of their movies. I don’t live in LA anymore so anytime I come to town, I tell Dan (O’Connell) that I’m coming to town and he always books me. I love that because I love working for them, they are my favorite company to work for and it’s worked out really well.

The scene with you and Magdalene St. Michaels in Women Seeking Women 77 is still one of the hottest lesbian scenes of 2011. Will there be any more pairing between the two of you?

Actually, the reason why we shot together and I made sure we were going to shoot together was because the fans were asking. Maggie loves big natural boobs, everybody knows that. And Maggie and I knew each other from being on sets together, and also we signed here at AVN together last year. So we knew each other. Finally I told Dan, “Hey, you need get Maggie and me together.” There’s been such great response. So many Girlfriends Films fans have been saying that it’s the best scene they’ve ever seen. Ever! [Laughs] So I don’t see why Dan wouldn’t pair us together again since there’s such high demand for it.

Jelena Jensen & Magdalene St. Michaels in Women Seeking Women 77

Do you generally like older or younger girls, or girls more your age?

I tend to like girls my own age more-so because we have more in common. I’velearned that over the years. When I first started I was 21 so most of the girls I knew in the business were my age or older. It’s not until recently I started shooting with girls a lot younger than me. And we really don’t have very much in common. I still can shoot good scenes with them but I do like shooting with women my own age or older. I also think too, as cliché as it sounds, as women get older they become more comfortable in their sexuality. I do find that that’s true. There are exceptions but I’ve come to learn that the scenes can be hotter.

Jelena Jensen & Magdalene St. Michaels in Women Seeking Women 77

Your at a point in your career where you are probably being booked for MILF/Cougar roles so when you are paired with a really young girl do you have to prepare mentally to do the scene?

Not so much. The only thing that trips me out is that I have two sisters who are 18. Even girls younger than my brother who’s 24, it still trips me out because they’re so young to me. But I’m not really mentally preparing, not any more so than I do for any scene that I’m shooting.

Jelena Jensen & Magdalene St. Michaels in Women Seeking Women 77

I very much consider you and girls that came onto the scene at the same time you did like Aria Giovanni, Cassia Riley, Sophia Santi the supermodels of erotic/nude modeling. Do you keep in touch with those girls today?

I do. Aria Giovanni is my best friend. I live in Northern California in the Sacramento area, and she actually moved up there last year. So it’s nice. I get to see her all the time. We’re like sisters. And I also run her website. Cassia Riley, I actually got her into the business. We had a mutual friend and she wanted to get into the business, so I actually do keep in touch with her. I don’t really see her. I haven’t seen her in a long time but I do talk to her now and then. A lot of the glamour models of my era from when I first got into the business I do keep in touch with a lot of them.

So there’s camaraderie between all of you?

Yeah, we all get along. We’re all friends.

Who are the hottest girls in porn right now in your opinion?

My most favorite person to work with is Andy San Dimas. She’s hot and she is the best kisser in the world. I can kiss her for days and days. [Laughs] She’s my favorite. There’s so many that are just hot and sexy, it’s really hard to choose but I will have to say she is my favorite.

Follow Jelena Jensen at www.jelenajensen.com and on Twitter @JelenaJensen.

Images courtesy of Girlfriends Films

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