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My Life in Hawaii


Happy New Year!


This is was a long but amazing year for me, and I am thankful for every moment. I had a lot of amazing opportunities and met some amazing people. My biggest change for 2011 was my move from Hawaii to Los Angeles, and it wasn't an easy change. Although I grew up in Alaska I feel I truly "grew up" in Hawaii since I was there from the age of 19-25. This is the place where I became a young adult and learned plenty of important life lessons. Because of this Hawaii will always have a very special place in my heart and I wanted to dedicate this blog to my years there.


I've created a gallery of photos taken during my time living in Hawaii. It may add to my blog if you put on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Brother Iz while you look at the photos. Go ahead and put that song on and reminisce with me.


See my Hawaii photos here.


Some of the things displayed in my photos:

A UB40 Concert!!!! (I'm actually rolling on ectasy here with a glowing rose. Typical reggae concert in Hawaii.)

Me and my bestie having one of our "chats" outside our first house.

My girl Jen, or Jenital, as I call her, getting her butterfly tattoo.

Hanging out on the beach.

Swimming with sharks.


Going to Hilo, Hawaii's version of Burning Man... and shrooming at Hilo.

Hawaii's Kokua Festival.

Getting my famous tattoo (what an idiot I am!)

Hiking trips... with our dogs!

A giraffe with a little boner. Tee hee!



-XO Chanel


Chanel on Hawaii beach

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