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Ladies I Hope to See More of in 2012, Part Two


As promised, it's time to finish up the list of the lovely ladies I hope I get to see more of this coming year, as I review more movies for Xcritic. And as soon as I finish up this blog, it will be back to writing reviews, and getting ready for AEE and AVN.

As we continue down the list, and remember, there is no particular order, I appreciate all of these ladies the same.

Let's start off part two with the lovely Jessica Jaymes:

I was lucky enough to see her in one movie this year, and then I spent the rest of my year, waiting to see more of her. She has done many scenes for the Brazzers, Naughty Americas of the world, and I just need to say, she look amazingly sexy and hot in her work clothes. And with that body and rocking some stockings and garters, let's just say I am surprised my monitor hasn't melted from watching her scenes.

You can follow her @jessicajaymes on Twitter and be sure and check out her website too, where she has a Fuck a Fan contest, that really needs no explanation.


Next up is a lady who showed up a few times for me this year, Kortney Kane.

And not only does she possess beauty, she's had been involved with many charity events, raising money and awarness for various causes. So how can you not be a fan of that. I feel like I am little late to party when it comes to her, but I am just happy I finally showed up at the party. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings for her, and who else she decides to help this year.

You can follow her at @kortneykane and of course you can always see more of what she has to offer by checking out her website.


It's not too often that you can say that a girl tapped her way into your heart, but this year, Brandy Aniston did that when I saw her scene in Sexy from Wicked Pictures.


And not only can she tap, she is also an avid gamer, so she has many ways to break your heart. And for those of that you that enjoy a few tats on a lady, she has that going for her too. If you have followed by words and watched Sexy, I should even have to explain any more, you are most likely wishing you can see more of her next year too.

You can follow her at @brandyaniston or check out her website.


And as we get closer to finishing off this list, next up we have a lady who just recently blipped on my radar, and I know that both me and Bill have our sites on this young beauty, the lovely and cute Sensi Pearl.

And I have to admit that I was immediately a fan, just by watching some BTS footage from one of her scenes from Porn Pros. And if you can only imagine how the rest of the scene looked, just from the BTS. So I am hoping that this lovely lady will grace my TV screen a few times this year, I think both Bill and I will be waiting. So hopefully the wait won't be too long. She is the one good that came out of the Disney High School Musical movies.

You can follow her at @sensipearl or check out her website


So, this is it, the last girl on the list, and just so happens that she is a local girl, who hails from Milwaukee. I don't like many things from the state of Wisconsin, but I easily made and exception for this beauty, Victoria Rae Black.

She just proves that Midwest girls can be just as sexy as the West and East coast girls. She showed up in Elegant Angels Natural movie, where she showcased that sexy natural body and breasts for us to enjoy in the privacy of our home, with the lights down low and all that stuff. She hasn't showed up too much other than that, and I really hope that changes this coming year. Long live Wisconsin!!

You can follow her at @teamvrb and she likes to post many pics of her trying on the stuff she gets from fans, so you always look forward to when she fills up your timeline with pics. Just a little something to brighten your day.

That is going to end this list, and like I have stated over and over again in these two posts, I can only hope that 2012 brings me more movies and scenes with these lovely ladies. Just the hope of that happening is enough to make me look forward to 2012. So join in the fun, check out their Twitter pages and give them a follow, or check out what they have to offer via their website. Either way, plenty of material to get you through those moments of being alone.

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