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It Was An “XCritic Pick’ For Me In 2011


It Was An “XCritic Pick’ For Me In 2011

By: Bill The Hobbyist


I just adore Alison Barber owner of Taboo in Richmond, VA. Plus it’s a great place with over 6,000 dvds and many other nifty adult items. It's my favorite porn store to shop at. Plus, Alison & All The Taboo Girls Are Hot!!

Initially, I was thinking about putting together a listing of the top 10 dvds I have reviewed in the past year. As I looked at over the 150 dvds I reviewed for XCritic, I started with my personal “XCritic Picks”. As I did I realized that only 10 dvds from those I watched and reviewed was given our top rating. This made sorting out my top 10 very easy. These dvds are ones that came out way above many others that I reviewed and getting an “XCritic Pick Rating" from me is not easy. In fact only 6% of all the dvds I reviewed, received this coveted honor. Here they are, the strongest nut busters of the year of all that I personally reviewed and listed in alphabetical order . Again there are many other great dvds released this year and this listing is based on only the dvds that I reviewed. Congratulations to the Studios, Producers, Directors, Companies, Actors & Actresses on a great job in putting out “Porn At It’s Best”.

Adventures In Babysitting


For over thirty years, I have watched countless numbers of babysitter movies and what Tom Byron Productions, Director: Ivan and a superior cast of "Newcomers" and "Starlets" has delivered in "Adventures In Babysitting", is beyond compare to any other I have ever seen. From great creativity, strong acting, excellent camera work with "Powerful Fucking & Sucking", Tom Byron and all involved, showed everyone what it takes to make a movie an "XCritic Pick".

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Bra, Panties, Scissors


These ladies perform exhilarating scenes every moment from beginning to end. There is not one moment you won’t be stroking over an over as each scene delivers power and excitement in their own way. From the great creativity by Producer: Stuart Wall with Smash Pictures in putting this dvd together, along with Jim Powers capturing it all on camera so perfectly and great performances by all the ladies, is what made this dvd so strong.

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Cock Sucking Challenge Vol 4: Spontaneous Gangbangs


Porno Dan has been bringing us a strong line up of dvds, that in my opinion is outside the norm of many other porn. From, “Fuck A Fan” to “Squirtmania”, he delivers not only consistent, exciting, fun and hot sex, but also very entertaining too. The four young ladies who were cast in this dvd delivered non stop during every moment, enjoyed every second and gives us some of the finest sex not only in a dvd of this type, but even compared to many other types. Yes, Cock Sucking Challenge Vol 4: Spontaneous Gangbangs was fucking hot!

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Dear Abby


Honestly, when I first heard of New Sensations “Romance Series”, I really thought it wasn’t for me. As I went on to watch and review many of them, not only was I jerking off to the sex, but was in awe to the entire dvd. From beginning to end, sex and non sex scenes they have been fantastic. Not only is “Dear Abby” the best of their “Romance Series’, it was fucking phenomenal . The entire cast was strong every moment and during every role. You will see from the the story that, Writer, Jacky St. James has put a powerful movie script together in her first major adult movie. Building a script like this, is not easy and to be successful you have to have a driven passion in every aspect, including the sex and Jacky St James, has all of this and more. Director: Eddie Powell consistently delivers in everyone of his dvds, suburb quality and moments caught on camera in such a way that that he stands out from many others. The scenes in every aspect are not only life like, but flawless. It is one thing for a actor/actress to perform at high levels, but it also takes getting it on camera to make it all work together. Eddie, does this and “Dear Abby”, is some of his most powerful work and results.

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Friends And Family 2


When Producer: Stuart Wall with Smash Pictures rolled out ‘Friends And Family 2‘, it not only contained great sex and a awesome story, but it was unique in itself as it was based on a real life story of two of the girls in the dvd. Every aspect of the dvd, from acting, sex, camera work and more was delivered in total perfection. All in all, “Friends and Family 2“ with its unique story and everything else that comes with it was fucking fantastic and was by far some of the strongest jerk off material delivered of all the dvds I watched in 2011.

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Fuck A Fan Vol. 13


Yes, Porno Dan, I agree with you when you say, “You bring back the fun in Porn”. There is no question in my mind as I have now between “Fuck A Fan”, Hand Job Winner”, “Blow Job Winner”, “Slumber Party”, “Cum Hunters”, “Fluffers” and many more see the fun you have brought. I have also seen from many of Porno Dan’s dvds and scenes, some great ladies cast, unique creativity, strong sex and talented camera work to catch it all. “Fuck A Fan Vol. 13“, dvd never lost its WOW factor and still has me going WOW, well after watching it.

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Halloween XXX Porn Parody


Smash Pictures, Producer: Stuart Wall and Director: Jim Powers did a great job in developing, creating and shooting “Halloween XXX Porn Parody”. They enhanced it’s strength even more by putting together a phenomenal cast in delivering each moment and driving this dvd right to the top. It is not often you get every aspect so flawless and at the level of mainstream movies. But, Smash Pictures has now set that standard for others to follow. One of the strongest cast I have ever watched in a Parody and each should be commended on there commitment, acting skills and sex. With all that is delivered in “Halloween XXX Porn Parody”, it easily archives that level of being an award winning dvd in 2011.

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Hot For Teacher


Every time I watch and review a Burning Angel DVD that is directed by Joanna Angel, I always ask, “With something this strong, how will she take it to the next level”. But, as always Joanna does and only in a way that she and the Burning Angel Girls can deliver. I always enjoy the creativity Joanna brings in her dvds and how she brings some of our favorite Burning Angel Girls to the screen. Burning Angel’s, “Hot For Teacher” brings everything to the screen and more. I don’t care if you are into alt girls or not, this dvd has something for everyone and you don’t want to miss out on great non stop, jerk off material. Across the board “Hot For Teachers”, is fucking fantastic.

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Lost And Found


The movie, is unique with added moments that will make you laugh and smile in it’s own way compared to many other movies. The cast of “Lost And Found”, was perfectly selected for each of the roles and the acting they delivered in this movie, is second to none. What they brought to the screen in every aspect of their performance was phenomenal and they should be congratulated on their strong performances from beginning to end. Since New Sensations came out with the “Romance Series”, there hasn’t been anyone else who has come even close to what they have put out in this type of Adult Entertainment. In “Lost And Found", never have I seen such a well put together overall script and erotic sex scenes that flow and keep you glued to the screen. New Sensations, works with some great directors and Eddie Powell always delivers solid work for them. To top it off, Writer: Mona Sunoy put together a script the provided and excellent story. This is a must watch for anyone.

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Slumber Party Vol. 9


What is “Slumber Party Vol. 9“, to me? It is one of the most intense, exciting and powerful all girl videos I have watched in a very long time. The levels of performance of each young lady was phenomenal and the creativity as they went with flow was unique. These ladies just went at it having a good time with no script and fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. Not only did Porno Dan do an excellent job in selecting the cast for, “Slumber Party Vol. 9“, the way he paired them up in each scene was perfect and you could not only see the perfect chemistry between the ladies, but you could feel it too. These performances are not sweet, cute, innocent ones. Instead they are made up of nine very beautiful and exciting young ladies who go at it, letting that dirty little girl inside come out.

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That wraps up my Top 10 & XCritic Picks For 2011. Many of these movies and dvds, have set the standard of what others need to achieve in 2012 and I will be right there sorting them out for you the entire year to come.

Happy Holidays & A Very Happy & Healthy New Year

Bill The Hobbyist

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