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Nacho VIdal: Dr. Jay’s Performer of the Week


Nacho Vidal with Kristina Rose

As unusual as it might seem, this week I am going to honor a male porn star with my weekly Performer of the Week Award. And, it's not just any swordsman...but the incomparable Nacho Vidal.

Frankly, I think that all of us men should look to Nacho as a role model. Think of what it would be like to be in his shoes. In fact, I can say without equivocation that if I were granted three wishes I would ask for Nacho's sexual skills and talents.

Since it's not likely that any of us will be granted three wishes, we really ought to do the next best thing...and that is to study Nacho's techniques. Hell, I wish he'd teach a class! I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

Nacho has an insatiable lust for pussy. In fact, I had an opportunity to talk at length with him when I visited a porn shoot in which he was involved. At the time, he was engaged to porn superstar Belladonna. However, he confided to me that he was having second thoughts because he knew that he'd never be satisfied with just one pussy. He didn't marry Belladonna but did tie the knot with Columbian model and porn star Franceska Jaimes. Even though Franceska has one of the hottest bodies ever, they were only married a few weeks. So, Nacho is back on the market and stuffing his cock into some of the hottest porn stars around, including Kagney Linn Karter, Asa Akira, Tory Lane, Jenna Presley, London Keyes, Kristina Rose, and Angelina Valentine. By the way, all of these girls are recipients of my Must-See-Girls awards! They're that hot!

While Nacho has an insatiable appetite for pussy (and ass, for that matter), so do I! But, what makes Nacho such a fantastic fucker is twofold. First, he really cares about getting his woman off. Believe me, no woman ever gets fucked by Nacho without cumming...over and over again! He can even make non-squirters gush (see, for example, Kagney Linn Karter ejaculate in Nacho Invades America)! Nacho will stop at nothing to make his partner cum!

Nacho's second primary attribute is related to the first...in order to make sure his woman has the time of her life, Nacho is willing to do anything in the name of pleasure...both his and hers. He often gets edgy and somewhat rough with his partner. But, since she's having so much fun, she likes it and craves ever more.

For example, Asa Akira lets him gag her with two of his socks and choke her with his belt in Asa Akira is Insatiable 2. She responds with incendiary chemistry and by bonding palpably with Nacho. She connects so well with Nacho that we can easily connect with her lust and pleasure.

Kristina Rose, in Hard Bodies, loves being manhandled by Nacho. He steps on her face, leads her around on her knees by pulling on her hair, gags her by shoving her leg warmers into her mouth to keep her quiet, slaps her face, spanks her gorgeous ass cheeks, fucks her ass-to-pussy, and chokes her throat. The result? She cums hard and often and has volcanic ass-gasms, too. In Nacho Invades America, Kristina has so much fun that she squirts like a fountain.

In Anal Delights 2, London Keyes strives on rough sex and by being manhandled by Nacho. He slaps her tits, tightly squeezes her nipples, sharply spanks her ass cheeks, roughly pulls on her hair, pushes her body around with his feet, spits on her face, and chokes her throat. She screams with delight when he enters he and is a loud and demonstrative fuck. For example, she begs him to "rape me," shouts "I want it!," and implores him to "do anything to me." In return, she promises: "I'll be a good whore!"

Edgy and oh-so-sexy Angelina Valentine, in Nacho Invades America, lets Nacho fuck her while she's imprisoned inside a cage. Later, Nacho cums inside her and, in doing so, makes her climax at the same time. She digs his sperm out of her pussy and eats it!

Busty Jenna Presley enjoys Nacho's rough techniques so much that her soaking wet pussy clamps down so tight on his cock that he nearly pops prematurely on several occasions during their scene in Nacho Invades America (consummate professional Nacho uses all of his concentration and willpower to keep himself under control!). Nacho repays her by fucking that same pussy so hard that she squirts--repeatedly--like a fire hydrant. To please him, she even laps up her own ejaculate and swallows it.

Now, if you or I did these sorts of things, we'd be in big trouble. However, Nacho makes the girls crave such edgy activities because they feel so damned good.

So, our task is to become like Nacho. From him let's learn how to give a woman so much pleasure that they will do anything for us.

I have recently watched each of the movies I've mentioned above and enthusiastically recommend all of them to you. Of course, Nacho has been in literally hundreds of other movies, too. You can read all our reviews of his scenes by clicking here.

Thanks, Nacho, for being such an inspiration and role model. You are one of my heroes!

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