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Allie Haze: True Sex


My first Vivid release is finally here. This movie is one of my favorite one so far. It has my first Gang Bang and a cream pie in it. Along with a sexy g/g/g pool scene with some under water action! message me on twitter if you would like a signed copy www.twitter.com/alliehaze.

This was one of my favorite films because it was the first time i got to get invovled in the whole development of a movie from start to finish.

Allie Haze True Sex

here is a discription of one of the scenes:

I enjoyed the scene so much because it was a kidnapped role play scene that i have always wanted to act out. In the film i describe what is happened to me as it being reinacted so you know how i feeling about everything going on around me from the touch taste and feel. I start off jogging on a dark night and then some one grabs me from behind i tryt to struggle to get away but then he puts clofiform over my face and throws me into a trunk of a car. I wake up still wozy and i start kicking a creaming and trying to open the truck but it doesnt work, and then the car stops and i am dragged out of the car into a house and up some stairs and tied to a chair. As i start to come to i see a camera sitting in front of me and the i hear the voice of a man. I start to yell he tells me it will be ok and i will survive as long as i do everything he says and i agree. Then he unties my hands and hands me a vibrator and i am instructed to make myself cum or i will die, i was scared at first but the vibrator felt so good on my pussy. I continued to rub the vibrator on my clit until i start to cum and then he comes towards me. He begins to touch my thighs and rub my breasts and the he looks at me and takes off he mask to reveal that it is my lover. I smile with excitement and please that he has fulfilled a fantasy of mine and then he follows me to the bedroom. i crawl on the bed and begin to give him a blowjob nice and slow using both my mouth and hands at the same time and in between sticking his cock deep in my throt. then he begins to want more then just my mouth and he pushes me back on the bed so he can pleasure my wet pussy with his tounge and i beggin to cum again. Then he slids his cock into my cum soaken pussy. We begin to have sexy missionary then spoon and cowgirl. As i am riding on top of him i start to grind all over him and then he flips me over and begins to fuck me in spoon again, his cock is nice a deep in my pussy and he fuck me hard. He throws me on top of him so i am reverse cowgirl and he rails his cock into harder and harder and faster until he cant take it anymore and the he cums into my pussy. Mmmmmm i think i need to go please myself just think about all this again!



Allie Haze

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