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If you follow me on Twitter you may know I spent the last week and a half in Alaska visiting my family and attending a dear friends wedding. She is the first of my close friends to get married, so I was excited to be there. Being that it was an Alaskan wedding, I naturally had a week of drunken stuperness (I just made up a word).

First up was the Bachelorette party. I was instructed a week earlier I had to wear hot pink and black... and we'd be wearing sashes... hot pink ones. This normally isn't my style, but she is my friend, so I threw on some black skinny jeans and a hot pink top and went on my way. All ten of us girls piled into a stretch limo and drove around the little town of Fairbanks, while bar hopping our way to drunkeness (I made up another word). Such drunkeness, actually, that I can't remember anything. Here are a few blurry pics that helped me remember.


pouring booze in limo

ordering drinks at the bar

blurry dancing at bar

blurry dancing at the bar 2

blurry dancing at the bar 3


These actually didn't help me remember much, and I ended up waking up with a tall lamp sprawled across me in my girlfriend's bedroom. I accrued many years of drinking as a youngster, and I woke up next to strange things sometimes, but never a lamp. But now I can check it off my bucket list. I went on with my day wondering what had happened the night before.

A week later the wedding finally came. I grabbed my hot pink bridesmaid dress and went off to the hotel room to get ready with the other girls. Here I am with my bestie in the whole world. We look like aliens with our reds eyes.


Chanel with friend at wedding


It was a good time, and I almost cried during the ceremony. Normally, I'm not all weepy and romantic, and I don't know what happened. Maybe a little part of me wants to be in a wedding dress.


 chanel as a bride


One day. Until then I'll stick to lingerie.

-XO Chanel

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