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Taboo’s “Dead Sexy Halloween Party & Fashion Show”


Taboo's "Dead Sexy Halloween Party & Fashion Show"

Story By: Bill The Hobbyist


When, Alison Barber of Taboo in Richmond, Virginia invited me to attend their “Dead Sexy Halloween Party & Fashion Show” and gave me an overview of what it was all about, I couldn’t help resist to see all the girls and the fun activities too.

Taboo, is a leading adult store, not only in the Richmond area, but on the entire east coast. They are active in many events and within the community where they are well received and respected in the every day non adult business community.


Taboo’s achievements and recognition not only include the adult world, but they have achieved recognition in the everyday business community, which many adult business never see. Here is an over view of Taboo’s accomplishments. Recognized for three consecutive years by StoreErotica as an Independent Store of the Year, with 2009 being a national winner. They are listed as one of the top 50 adult retailers in the country by AVA. In addition with AVA they have been a finalist in AVN’s “O” awards for two years running. Recently, Taboo has been nominated for XBiz 2011 “Retailer of the Year". Outside of the porn industry in 2010 they were recognized by the MUSE awards, for creativity in business and in Style Weekly magazine they were voted by the readers as “Best Adult Store”. A pretty impressive list for not only any business, but even more impressive for being in the adult business.

Being very excited in attending Taboo’s “Dead Sexy Halloween Party & Fashion Show. I asked Alison Barber, if she would sit down with me prior to the event and tell me a little more about it. As we talked, the excitement grew even more in attending the event.

Bill The Hobbyist: Alison, how long have you been holding the "Dead Sexy Halloween Party & Fashion Show" and how did you come up with the idea of having one?

Alison Barber, Taboo: Technically, this is only the second Dead Sexy Halloween Party, though our Rock N Roll Fashion Shows started several years ago, at the suggestion of one of our favorite local bands. We held the fashion shows in all seasons and it was a ton of fun, but a few years ago I noticed a real lack of exciting Halloween events and decided to throw a party that really focused on Halloween. Any holiday that encourages dressing scantily is one that I support!

Bill The Hobbyist: What are some of the events planned for the evening?


Alison Barber, Taboo: Three bands are performing: Octane Saints, Four50Four, and Black Girls. The drummer of Four50Four, Joey Arias, is actually who originally approached us about fashion shows. Of course, we have our fashion show, featuring 20 hot Taboo models strutting the runway in 100 sexy Taboo outfits. We have a sexy costume contest, lots of free candy, condoms, and toys, Oh and of course, Halloween games! Guests play the classic bobbing for dildos, the ever-popular anal ring toss, and my favorite, "get your balls in her mouth." I'll let you see that one for yourself. ;)


Drummer of Four50Four, Joey Arias with Alison Barber.

Bill The Hobbyist: Being in the adult business, was it hard to find a place that you could host your event at?

Alison Barber, Taboo: It wasn't, actually. The Canal Club was my first choice! It's a great venue with plenty of space for our guests and games and an easy-going, fun loving management team. Earlier this year the club had some issues with the ABC board during a burlesque event, and we've been warned that the girls can't disrobe on stage. That's a bummer, but I'm getting past it by ensuring that the girls get as skimpy as possible BEFORE they hit the runway!

Bill The Hobbyist: Tell me a bit about the fashion show segment. How is it all put together, what do the girls wear and how are the girls who are in the fashion show selected?


Taboo Fashion Show Model, Kimberly Kosmo

Alison Barber, Taboo: The fashion show is so much fun. Many of the models are girls I've worked with before, but some are new. They're all adorable, and I can't wait to see them work the runway! I select models of all styles and shapes and match them with lingerie that best suits their bodies and personalities. They come to Taboo for individual fittings earlier in the month which gives them the opportunity to make sure they love their outfits and to select appropriate shoes and accessories for each one. Each girl models several pieces of lingerie and one Halloween costume, which we save for last!

Bill The Hobbyist: Alison, thanks for you time and I guess it’s now off to the event and party.



Laura, having fun with "Anal Ring Toss".

Alexis, was diving deep in "Boobing For Dildos" and came up a winner.

Taboo Girls, Emily, Ashley and Michelle having a little fun in between working the game booths.

Not only were the "Taboo Girls" haveing fun, so were the attendees.

Casey and Jessica, Proudly showing off their prizes after "Bobbing For Dildos"

Alison, asked me if I would volunteer as the person in having rings tossed at me, for the “Anal Ring Toss”. When I declined she had to go with a blow up doll instead.

Taboo Fashion Show Models, Kimberly Kosmo and Faith

Taboo Model, ending the Fashion Show with tossing out treats to the people.

Those treats passed out wasn't only candy, but condoms too. Hats off to Taboo in promoting safe sex.

My Final Thoughts

The Taboo, “Dead Sexy Halloween Party & Fashion Show”, was an awesome night and one I will remember for a long time. If you live in the Richmond, VA area or are traveling through next time this year. This is one event, I “Highly Recommend” and if in the area at anytime during the year, Taboo is a great store to visit and shop at. Thank you, Alison and all the “Taboo Girls”, for inviting XCritic and myself to attend. It was a fucking blast and can’t wait till next year.

Story By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist

Email: billthehobbyist@gmail.com

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