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Joanna Angel Ass Fucked – XCritic Pick


Joanna Angel Ass Fucked

Joanna Angel gets a lot of attention for building her Alt-Porn Empire, she's also extremely well regarded as a porn director, but she's pretty underrated as a performer.  In Joanna Angel: Ass-Fucked, Joanna shows she deserves as much attention for what she does on screen as what she does off screen.

Joanna Angel: Ass-Fucked is so strong it snagged our highest rating - The XCritic Pick.

XCritic Reviewer Rob Perez says of it:

"Joanna certainly needs to be seen as one of porn’s best performers. Any girl that can take on the most well hung porn studs in the business anally deserves to be credited as one of the best. And Joanna looks sexy as hell when she’s riding a cock, and genuinely loving every second that cock is squeezing its way into her tight ass. Personally, this film will find a place on my DVD shelf; it’s just too good to never stroke to it again. Her fans, and yes I am one of them, will definitely love this excellent compilation. This is Joanna at her best but we know there are many more great anal moments starring Joanna. I’m getting aroused just thinking of the sequel. It will be difficult to top the original, as it deserves no less than an XCritic Pick."

Read our complete review for Joanna Angel: Ass-Fucked.

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