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Bobbi’s World – XCritic Pick


Bobbi's World

The XCritic Pick is our highest rating we give to an adult release. To earn this rating, and we do mean earn this rating, a movie has to be so head and shoulders above everything else we can't help but tell you to BUY IT!

This week Bobbi Star scores one of these massively tough XCritic Picks for her release Bobbi's World.

XCritic Reviewer Rob Perez says of Bobbi's World:

"Lesbian POV porn, while not new, is rare and even rarer to find anything worth watching. Bobbi has provided the blueprint needed for future girl/girl point of view fucking. Bobbi shows what a perverted girl she is, probably not even realizing that this is exactly what guys really want in their girl/girl porn—not too hard, not too soft, not degrading, glammed up or passionate—lots of  kissing, titty sucking, pussy eating, and ass probing. Her performances with the guys were also stellar, with Bobbi letting them pound away at her ass while leaving her pussy virtually ignored. That’s a true anal queen right there. Bobbi’s World is a brilliant piece of pornographic smut that it deserves no less than an XCritic Pick!" 

Read our complete review for Bobbi's World.

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