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What We learned At The Deja Vu Car Show And Audio Sound Off


Read the story, see the pictures..Just like Ragu its in there!

Tampa,FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- This past Saturday the Deja Vu Gentlemens Club held the second annual “Hot Summer Nights Car Show & Sound Off Competition” in Tampa Florida as part of the Deja Vu Summer of Fun.

The competition part of the event was run by the people from E & E Audio who are also from Tampa. The complexities of this type of “Sound off” contest had much more depth than the novice, like myself, could ever imagine.

The equipment to score the contest was made up of computers, electronic decibel level meters, and some software that only the experts have. We had no idea the amount of preparation and strategy went into these competitions, yes we said strategy.

Here is what we seen during the qualifying rounds. Each automobile registered and then was placed into a class or division, small cars, big trucks, pro, advanced and too many more to remember unless that’s your passion or your job.

It’s not what I thought it was, I mean you don’t just fill your car with speakers and amps and blast.. There are design advantages, blast strategies for how long to go loud, when to really kick it in during the 30 second sound off during the head -to-head round, we were surprised at the the fact that you had to know how to make your move at the right time and a bunch of other little tricks that the pros knew about… Really, it all has to have a game plan to win..

I of course was concentrating more on the Deja Vu Summer Girls that were walking around during the show in short shorts and bathing suits, I would not think that you would expect anything less from someone in my position.

During the day, and some of the night the car show was packed with tricked out cars, big audio noise, and hot Deja Vu Summer girls.  The BBQ was going all afternoon and there was even a fish fry stand for those who got hungry.

After the show was over and the winners were announced, everyone packed up their boom in the trunks and left for a few hours, we are sure everyone needed to cool down before they came back for the “Late Night” After Party at the Tampa Deja Vu to heat back up again.

We had a great time at the Car show, learned a lot about big boom car audio and got to hang out with some sexy summer girls, what more could you ask for on a hot summer Saturday afternoon…..

Here are a few photos we took with our little Bat-Cam shooter,we hope you like them.

NOTE: Click on the Photo for a larger and down-loadable version

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