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Talking Boobs With Desiree DeLuca


Desiree DeLuca

Interview By Rob Perez

When girls enter the business, they’re usually placed in categories—young girl, BBW, alt, Latin, Black, Asian, etc. Once those girls have made their mark in their respective genres, in comes a new batch of girls ready to make theirs. It seems the time is right to introduce a new crop of big tit babes and MILF performers. One lady who nicely fits into both groups is the gorgeous Desiree De Luca. A native of The Bronx, New York Desiree has worked in the adult industry for some time, only recently graduating to performing in films. But she’s had a great training ground to learn from, having worked as an exotic dancer, nude magazine model and doing webcam work. It's time for a new era of big tit/MILF performers, and Desiree Deluca is one of the new, up-and-coming sexually adventurous cougars who will soon be gracing the covers of big tit/MILF-themed porns in the months to come. Expect to see Desiree and her natural, 34F tits star in many of your masturbatory fantasies as well.

Can you tell me why you decided to do films?

I did a layout with Voluptuous Magazine in 2001. So I was looking about getting back into doing magazines and they approached me wanting to know how I would feel about video. I wasn’t too sure and they sent me a three-day proposal, and I sat and thought about it. I thought, “What the heck? Let me give it a try.” This was actually recently, 2010.

Before that you did cam work and were an exotic dancer. Was it just in New York or did you tour around the country?

I started in New York at Score and then I started traveling with a feature, and we would go to different places—Pennsylvania, Florida, etc.

You started in the business when you were 17. Did anyone who worked with you know you were underage? How did you get away with it?

Back in the day you were able to work when you were 17. They didn’t really crack down until after I turned 18. I just couldn’t drink even though I still drink. They weren’t as strict back in the day, in the late 90’s.

How old are you?

Thirty three.

Just asking because I remember back in the 90’s you still had the peep show booths and adult video stores in Times Square.

Yeah, they were real popular and the money was good.

What was your favorite and least favorite job in the industry?

My least favorite I would say was webcamming. It’s boring and I’m the kind of person that likes action. I can’t sit in front of a computer eight to 12 hours a day just hoping to talk to people or get private [chats]. That was my least favorite. I did enjoy dancing and traveling and meeting new people. It was a lot of fun and it was very good money.

What do you want to accomplish in porn? Do you want to become a star?

Since I’m in the business I want to do it big. I’m not like some of the other people that are in the industry just to make quick cash and then get out. I want to ride to the top like Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick.


Desiree De Luca


You want to be a superstar.


Are you comfortable being labeled a MILF?

That’s fine it doesn’t really bother me.

Where in New York are you from? What are some of your favorite NYC hangout spots?

The Bronx. I like a lot of the comedy shows, Yankee Stadium . . . I’m totally out of the club scene. Maybe the Chelsea area. That’s a nice area.

You mentioned Chelsea, a popular gay and lesbian neighborhood, and I have to ask; are you into women?

No. [Laughs]

Would you perform with women?

It’s funny that you should say that. I just did a scene with a female. It was hard, very hard for me but I pulled it off. I had to give myself a pep talk because I get weirded out when there are other females next to me, especially touching me.

Did that happen a lot when you were stripping. Did other girls come on to you?

Yeah, they tried. I got out of dancing because I got into a lot of fights. [Laughs]


The way guys and girls approached me or talked to me or if they laid they’re hands on me. Back in the day, you couldn’t touch. Women, men, it don’t matter. I tried to go back to dancing just before I jumped into performing. It’s different. The guys are different, they’re allowed to touch and I was like, I just had to remove myself before a bigger issue arises.

What do you look for in a man? What are your turn offs and turn ons?

Turn offs are the way guys talk to a woman. When they use profanity or come across sideways out their mouth. They don’t know how to talk to a lady. I get a lot of messages on Facebook or Twitter with those messages and I’ll say, “Please do not talk to me this way. You need to talk to me like a lady. It doesn’t matter what business I’m in.” That’s my huge turn-off with the men, the way they approach and talk to women. Turn-ons: one looks. Two, if they have a good head on their shoulders and if they can carry on an intellectual conversation. If there’s chemistry and sparks we’ll work on a second date.

How big are your tits? When did they start growing?

Thrid or fourth grade. I was an early developer. Most of my friends didn’t get theirs until middle school, high school. So I kind of felt odd because I was getting attention and I really didn’t understand it. I don’t know, I just felt weird. So I would wear a lot of baggy clothes to hide them.

Have you always received a lot of attention because of your tits?

Yeah even though I hide them.

So you don’t wear revealing clothes?

Sometimes I’ll wear, so they don’t pop out, maybe a tank top or a dress. But even if I’m in a sweatshirt I still get attention. Even though I try to hide them they won’t disappear.

Desiree DeLuca


Are they a burden then?

Yeah because it’s a lot of weight to carry on your back and it can cause lower back problems.

What are some other negatives in having big tits?

Like if we do a scene, they’re real sensitive, so if a guy does a lot of twisting, biting, after a while they get irritated and they start getting very, very sensitive that they can’t be touched.

In your personal life, what’s the biggest mistake guys do when they’re handling your tits?

Not giving them enough attention I guess. Not enough attention just lick, lick, suck, suck, then move on. [Laughs]

What do you like having done to your tits?

The licking, the sucking. Just gently, not like you’re attacking it.

What’s a positive thing about having big tits?

I guess the attention but not really because I don’t see that as a positive. Again, it goes back to the way guys approach you or they’ll whistle at you. I don’t think there are any positives in having a big chest. It’s hard to find a bra, you can’t wear cute little outfits or cute little shirts. You always have to try the top on to see how it fits. If you want to wear a strapless or tube dress you have to find a strapless bra and it’s a big pain.

So do you get clothes custom-made?

I have a guy who makes some of my thongs and my bras. But I actually found a store that carries my size now too.

You’re the first girl I’ve talked to who’s said having big tits is a burden. I wonder if those other girls were just lying to me.

[Laughs] I don’t know about the other girls but I know for me it’s a pain sometimes. If you go to the beach and you take your top off . . . I was just in Vegas and I was in one of the pools. I’m used to guys but in Vegas there were a group of girls that got out of the pool and at first they made faces like I’m deformed. Like I had three boobs instead of two. And then they got out of the pool and walked by, I don’t know why. To verify? I don’t know why they walked by for. [Laughs] They were pointing and whispering. I kind of felt like I was the elephant man. So I’m used to guys but that was the first time I had that experience with girls. It’s just hard to find anything to fit on top.

When you tell guys you do porn is it a turn on or turn off to guys?

I don’t really discuss my work life unless it’s someone that I’m going to be in a relationship with. If I was meeting somebody and I was going on a casual date I don’t discuss it. It’s only on a need to know basis.

What are your favorite sexual position?

Doggie and cowgirl.

Do you do anal?

I do but I don’t like it.

Do you do it on film?

Yes I do. That’s the only time I do it. For Score Video only

You have a degree in Criminal Justice? Why did you decide to study that?

I grew up in a military family with cops. It was just kind of natural. With 9/11 happening the pay went down. They were hiring but they were hiring at a lower pay rate than normal. If I was going to do anything with the degree it was going to be field work. I can’t do desk work. That’s just boring to me. Like a cop or an FBI agent. Kicking down doors, that’s exciting.

What’s the one thing you want industry people to know about you when they read this interview?

Everybody should not judge East or West coast. You get a lot of that in the industry. We’re all her to do the same job.

So what you’re saying is, don’t underestimate you because you’re from the East coast. Don’t be biased against the East coast.

They underestimate East coast performers before we even get to set. I’ve heard this from multiple agents out on the West coast. If they know an East coast girl is coming they’re already prepared for attitude. I don’t get riled up unless something happens that makes me mad.

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