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Photos And Report From The 20011 Fetish Con In Tampa Florida


Tampa,FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- For the very first time the crew from the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News, OK Just Tony Batman and his pocket camera, finally made it to the Fetish and Bondage weekend that is called Fetish Con, which has been held in Tampa Florida, our off and on home town for years.

We will have to say that we were pleasantly surprised and we had a pretty damn good time on the Saturday that we attended the show. We had so many friends there it was crazy, we met up with Jason from Honey Hole Entertainment, then as we walked the floor of the Fetich Con, we kept meeting up with more people, we did get to me a brand new model named Brooklyn Dayne who was super beautiful, and her sweet attitude made her all the prettier.

There were tons of companies showing their wares, Clips for Sale was there and their spoke-model and our friend Ashley Fires was performing her show as she always does in their big booth. We stopped for some fun pictures with her, but we left the nose in the butt photos to the professional fetish people.

We did however let Brooklyn Dayne apply a nice ball-gag to our open trap, we figured it was the first time she was meeting us so we probably deserved to be shut up for a while. It was easy for her to get the ball part in as our jaw was dropped staring at her all day long.

Some of the people we stopped and talked to included Paul and Tracy Allen from Nightmoves Magazine, they were out front in a huge filming booth for their All Adult Network TV deal, the .XXX people were also there in that booth and we talked to the hot button news magnet, Stuart Lawley for a few moments during our stop there.

We learned how to tie people up from the sexy and talented Julie Simone, who is by the way a super nice person,(don’t tell anyone), We met Miss Mosh who was so beautiful it was almost difficult to look away, Anastasia Pierce, Jay was there with Adult Chamber.Our friends from the 2001LIVE.com and 2001 Odyssey were there too.

We stopped at the Latex Store, which was fun and our ball-gag was compliments of Torvea Toys. There were lots of bondage, tying up girls, men in dresses, and people getting whipped.  But the one thing that stood out to us from the day was the gentlemen that was dressed up like a pony, Yes A Pony, hooves and all, mane and long tail.

This is one of the times we had to sit back and remind ourselves our society philosophy, “To each their own”. And we still believe that!!

All kinking aside, it was a fun day, we learned some things, and we definitely recommend the Fetish Con to anyone, even if its just out of curiosity.

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