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Nudes A Poppin 2011 A Screaming O, Clean Pole, Dance Event


Roselawn, IN- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- It was beauty before age this year at the annual Nudes A Poppin Festival weekend. The All nude dance competition has been held at the Ponderosa Sun Club for close to 40 years now and the one thing that you can always count seeing is a bevy of young dancers trying for their first title of their exotic dancing career along with the seasoned veterans that have already been out on the feature dance circuit for a handful of years.

The contests are set up to give every level of dancers or model a chance no matter their experience in the industry. The Miss Nude North America and the Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year are competitions for the feature entertainer and the seasoned model.
The Miss Nude Galaxy is for the younger features and Gentlemen’s Club dancers who are aspiring to get on the feature dance circuit. Then there is the Miss Nude GoGo for the dancers that are in the clubs and would like to represent their club with the title.

In 2011 they added a Miss Nude Internet contest for the girls that gained their fame as internet girls, for the second year in row now the Miss Nude Screaming O was given to the dancer that has the most sensual look on stage no matter which category they competed in throughout the weekend.

This year the hosts were :

Ron Jeremy, (for the 29th year), Ron and I star in a new horror/slasher/comedy movie called “Girls Gone Dead” that we filmed in part in South Florida, the movie is listed in IMDB as in post production and is scheduled for release sometime in November,(Which means January if the normal thing happens..LOL)

Bree Olson, who became famous as a porn star during her contract years with the Adam & Eve Adult Production Company, became a household national name when she became of Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses during that media blitz he went through with the “Winning” and Two and a Half Men” hubbub. Bree also is one of the most sought after Feature Entertainers on the Club circuit in the past year or so.

Phil Varone gained fame and notoriety while he was the drummer for the Rock Bands, Saigon Kick and then Skid Row. Phil Varone then became even more popular when he hosted a Stand up comedic show, around the Hollywood area and then did a stint on the “Celebrity Sex Rehab” reality show. Most recently Phil released a sex tape through Vivid Entertainment that is selling very well already.

Tony Batman,(yours truly), This is the 9th year at the Nudes A Poppin Festival, hosting some of the great segments each year has been an honor, and more fun than can be put into words.
Being the spokesperson and the host of the Screaming O Stage Show around the country, the President/CEO of the popular “A Entertainment News” online magazine, and the PR manager for the LoansForLooks.com cosmetic surgery promotion company, is a ton of work but for us it’s a labor of love.

Freak from the Loop Radio Station in Chicago is a super popular guy in the local area and has been co hosting the stage at Nudes A Poppin for a handful of years now. Once you get on that bill at the show as a co host, you never want to leave; it’s that much fun every year…

The Festival ran both Saturday and Sunday and the different contests and events were held on different days. The “Sexy Pole Dancing Contest”, The “Female Oil Wrestling Championships” and for the first time the “Screaming O Show and Contest” was held on Saturday at Nudes A Poppin. All of the Dance Contests were held on Sunday as they have always been since the beginning of the contest around 40 years ago.

The 2011 Nudes A Poppin Festival at the Ponderosa Sun Club had everything you could ask for over the weekend, fun was had by all.

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Some photo and credits to Martin and Charles Craton

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