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My Second Life


I saw a commercial for a documentary on people who are addicted to “Second Life.” This is the second time the program, “Second Life” came up this month, and I have secretly been really curious about it. Not because I want to live a virtual life, but because it's fascinating people actually do live these "second lives." For those who don't know what I am talking about, “Second Life” is an Internet site where you can make your own avatar and walk around different places and meet people. You can even buy and sell things with real money. I even heard of a lady in Japan who became a millionaire from buying and selling property on this program. Overall, you can do many things similar to what you do in real life.


So I thought I would try it. I logged on and chose my avatar. You can choose from all kinds of things, so I chose to be a unicorn. Yup, I said unicorn. I thought it would be lame to be a human, since I already am one. What would my second life be like as a unicorn? Well, I'll tell you. My name was Floracorn, and when I joined I walked around aimlessly, not sure where to go, though eventually heading to the beach, the ghetto and even flying in outer space. No wonder people get hooked on this. When else can you become a unicorn and go to the moon? I eventually made it to a more social area where I experienced something very strange; I actually got a little nervous in the room knowing every person in there had a real person behind them. I was shy! I roamed around wondering if anyone would talk to me. I even got really insecure because I was a unicorn and every else was human. Maybe they didn't like unicorns? Did I belong somewhere else? I was too shy to talk to anyone, and I thought that maybe no one was talking to me because I was naked. I decided I needed to put some clothes on for fear the police would hit me with an indecent exposure charge. While shopping for clothes I tried on this skirt, but I looked like a half naked Quaker.


chanel preston's avatar in a dress


I then threw on some ripped, punk pants and a corset top, and I also got a couple tattoos on my arms. How do I look?


chanel preston's avatar in pants


Sorry for the black skirt in the way. That's Keiry Bakes and she wouldn't get out of my way. She's dating Shaquan Avon. So, now that I was dressed, I walked around the room to check everyone out. Some people were flailing their arms, and I got jealous because I didn't know how to do that. Maybe everyone thought I was nervous from being so stiff. Suddenly I looked next me and there was a dog drinking a beer! Where the hell do I get a beer? And if a dog can drink one, then I can drink one too. Then someone was sitting on top of the water fountain. How the hell do I get up there? I stood around, embarrassed no one was talking to me. I felt out of place. More out of place then the duck standing in the corner. I then realized that the sound was off on my computer and when I turned it on I could hear the people speak! How cool is that?! But then I heard a little kid who sounded like he was about 6 years old. I got creeped out, snapped back to reality and left.


I can definitely see how people get hooked on this. I felt it for a brief moment before the child spoke, though ultimately I think I'd get bored. I was able to make any avatar I wanted. Besides being a unicorn or a purple robot, I really would have wanted to look like me because I love how I look and I love who I am too. I never want to be anyone else. I am in control of my life, and I'm aware of the power. I am my own avatar. I create how I want to look by exercising and getting all my girly facials and massages, and I meet who I want to meet, and I do whatever I want. I already lead a life many people are trying to live in their “second life.” Everything I would want to do in a second life, I can do in my real life, and that's what makes me happy to be me. Here's a pic of me being me.


chanel preston in a blonde wig


Oops, that's me in a blonde wig with blue eyes. Ok, here is me being me.


chanel preston just being herself


Overall, to each their own, so if this is totally your thing, that's great. But for me, I don't think any virtual life can compare to how awesome of a life I live today… even if I was a beer drinking dog.


-XO Chanel




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