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Rezervoir Doggs Snags our Top Honor


Rezervoir Doggs

We don't give out our highest rating, the XCritic Pick, very often. To get this high mark a release has to be heads and shoulders above everything else, worth your very hard earned money.

This week Exquisite snagged our top rating for their release Rezervoir Doggs.

Senior XCritic Reviewer Sean DPS says:

"This was a great parody, they stayed very true to the original and found a great way to incorporate the sex into the movie, without really taking too many liberties. They used the same dialogue and did great finding some similar locations to shoot in too. All of the girls did a decent job of playing their male counterparts, with a shout out to Andy, Kimberly and Chanel for their great performances. And to top that all off, you get a second disc, which has about 4 hours of footage from the filming of the movie, which is way beyond the normal."

Read our complete review of Rezervoir Doggs.

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