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Kimberly Kane’s Been Blackmaled


Kimberly Kane's Been Blackmaled

From day one we've been amazingly impressed by Kimberly Kane and the work she's done in the adult industry. Smart, talented, beautiful and incredibly dirty Kimberly Kane typifies what the creme de la creme of adult performers. All those elements come together in Vivid's Kimberly Kane's Been Blackmaled.

Kimberly looks amazingly hot on this cover which also proclaims that it's Kimberly's very first DP & Interracial sex scene ever.  Wow, 2 first from the woman who once exclaimed "if I was a guy, I'd get arrested for the thigs I do on camera"!  More importantly the cover shows that Kane both wrote AND directed this film making a true tripple threat (write, direct, perform).

It's an exceedingly hot cover and clearly a cover we crave

Pre-Order Kimberly Kane's Been Blackmaled at The Empire

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