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Skin Diamond Interview


Skin Diamond

Every once in a while a performer grabs our attention so strongly that we can't help but watch and follow their work. These performers have the undefinable star quality that elevates them and their work above the rest of the pack. Skin Diamond isn't brand new, she has a number of titles under her belt including work with Kink and Burning Angel (see My Favorite Emo Sluts). But recently Skin retooled her look, got focused and started making a real stab at being a forced to be reconed with.

After snagging the cover for Up That Black Ass 8 (her scene in it is absolutely mindblowing), she caught the eye of the XCritic editorial staff and quickly made our list of starlets we think have what it takes to make it big. We've got a pretty amazing track record picking these gals and we feel that Skin Diamond could be one of the first black mega porn stars. 

Eager to learn more about her, we interviewed Skin Diamond to find out what she's up to, what she loves to do in bed and what to expect next from this amazing performer.

When and how did you get your start in the adult industry?

I did my first scenes for Burning Angel back in 2009 when I was still living in Scotland and had pink hair! I never really planned on getting into the industry at that point, I just did it for the experience and to have some fun along the way. At that particular moment in time I was focusing mainly on my fetish modeling! So as you can see, dappling in the erotic arts wasn't new for me what-so-ever ^_~

What was your first scene?  Who was it with and How did it go?

My first g/g scenes were with Joanna Angel.. and my first b/g scenes were with James Deen! We even did an anal scene. When I want to experience something, I have a tendency to jump right in hehe

What exactly is your nationality?

I was born in Ventura CA, and moved to Scotland when I was 4 years old, where I lived my entire life. When it comes down to heritage however, I'm kinda all over the place. Ethiopean, danish, yugoslavian, czech & german.

Skin Diamond

You've changed your look from very dramatic pink hair to your natural color, did you find that it changed the kind of projects you were able to do?

I have to admit that I probably wouldn't be working as much if I still had my pink hair, but really my career had nothing to do with why I had changed it. Dying your hair constantly for 6 years takes it toll and my hair was desperate for a break haha! I do miss it though, but I'll probably not change it to any crazy colors again until I make a career change in the future.

At the AVN's you were hanging with the Burning Angle crew, do you still consider them your posse?  Are you still doing work with them?

Yeah! I even have a Burning Angel tattoo! If it weren't for Joanna I wouldn't be doing any of this at all... she gave me the opportunities and we became good friends along the way. So you have her to thank!

Do you consider yourself an ALT performer?

I definitely consider myself an alt girl in general but I like to think that I translate well to mainstream projects too! 

So far what scene are you the most proud of and why?

That's a tough one! I think my Kink shoots are the ones I'm most proud of because suffering through that amount of intense bondage and taking it is always going to feel great. It makes me realize how tough I am!

Skin Diamond Anal


Who do you enjoy working with and who are you really eager to work with?

Burning Angel & Kink are my all time favorites to work with.. Some companies I'd love to work for are Wicked pictures, Brazzers & Bang Bros!

Whats your favorite things sexually to do on screen?

I like it rough >=)

Are there things you do in your personal sex life you don't do on screen?  If so what?

Things that you can't really see on screen... like (safe) needle play. But that's a once in a while treat.

Up That Black Ass 8

You recently got your own cover for Elegant Angel's Up That Black Ass 8, did you see this as a major landmark in your carrer?  

As my first cover all to myself, of course!

What are some of your goals in the industry?  Where do you see yourself in the next year or two?

I want to be on top! But mainly I just want to have fun and be the best that I can be no matter what. But no. 1... HAVE FUN!!! 

We at XCritic feel that you have what it takes to become one of the industries top performers but there have been very few non-blonde, non-white, non-big breasted performers to get to these top spots.  Do you think you can break through this "blonde ceiling" ?  

I'm going to try!! It's time to break some moulds... 

If the opportunity presented it self, what's your take on becoming a contract starlet?

Even though that would be a pretty amazing opportunity, I'm more than happy with being a Spiegler girl! Mark really is the best!

With so many porn parodies getting made, which movie/show would you love to see get made and which role would you most like to play in it?

STORM FROM X-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! lol

What projects are in the pipeline for you now (things shot but not yet released or things you'll be shooting soon)?

I've shot for Penthouse 3 times now, and I'm currently shooting a new Vivid feature that was written for my fiance (Asphyxia Noir) and I especially! It's called "The Three Way" so look out for that! It's my girl and I first starring roles together!! I'm also going to be working with Kink a lot in the next few weeks, and shooting a new Burning Angel movie about ninjas!!! YEAH!!!!

I working on my own blog site for my fans, but in the mean time you can find me on www.twitter.com/skin_diamond & www.facebook.com/pages/Skin/59577058021  

- Chris Thorne

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