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Refreshing Myself


It’s time for a new blog, as I have a free hour before I have to run off to set and film another scene for my fans. I have to say, I do read all of the other contributors’ blogs here on XCritic, but in almost 2 years of blogging for the site, I have maybe only referenced another writer once or twice.

Reading through the site this morning however, I came across the new blog from Howard Levine, and it really spoke to me. I’ve only been in the industry a few years, so I obviously can’t relate to the “glory days”, let alone to being an icon as he has been, but I do think that all of us in the industry lose the freshness, the excitement, and the creativity that burned within us at one point.

At this point in my career, I’ve done all kinds of things, from nude modeling to girl/girl, being a Digital Playground contract girl, and now being freelance and doing everything from gonzo to parodies. Each new thing brings its own pros and cons, and I find myself constantly seeking to improve, broaden my horizons, and bring new aspects into my performances.

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for the industry, let alone myself, I only know to pursue the goals and aspirations that I have always held. I hope to be able to do directorial work in the near future, and have been focusing a lot of my time on writing scripts and studying both mainstream and adult directors that inspire me. I also keep up with my acting classes and am so honored to continue to be cast in original and creative movies such as “The Graduate” parody from Paul Thomas Productions.

Every day that I wake up, I do re-evaluate and refresh myself, my career, and what makes both myself and my fans happy. There are many days that I have to really reach deep inside myself to find that “thing” to keep myself fresh and focused, and then there are days when it just comes naturally. Either way, I have come to find that as Howard said, I do truly find my own excitement.

I’m proud to be part of a business where there are those that continue to make a success of themselves in the face of all kinds of obstacles, and I hope that we all can continue to hold onto that spark that makes us all who we are.


And now, because I tend to pontificate on all sorts of not very smutty shit, and I do realize that I am still a porn star and people want to see my boobs, some dirty pics for everyone. :) 







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