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XCritic Talks With Heidi Hanson


XCritic Talks With Heidi Hanson

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

When I think of Heidi Hanson, several words come to mind. Lovely, Exciting, Sincere, Dedicated, Intelligent and Fun. Heidi is certainly all of this and more. Even though Heidi has been in the adult industry for five years, it has only been the last two, that she has grazed the screen in adult movies.

Being thirty years old, she looks excitingly younger in her face and body. Although she falls into what the industry calls the MILF category, at times with her young appearance and beauty has her looking the same age as younger females she is cast with. Her younger appearance, gives her that needed edge in todays competitive industry as she is able to successfully gain Non-MILF shoots that many other MILFS are not able too. With no alterations to her breast and keeping herself all natural, also adds to what she can offer that many others cannot.

Sexually, Heidi is exciting to watch. From her early releases like “ATK Natural and Hairy 20“ to her most recent release “Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 10“, she has delivered powerful Solo, Girl/Girl, Boy/Girl and Boy/Boy/Girl scenes.

Besides taking classes and going to shoots. Each and every day, Heidi always finds time to spend with her fans on Twitter or cam. Talking with Heidi personally, I could see how she loves every fan and is appreciative for their support.

Heidi is this wonderful lady in every aspect you can image. Join me in my visit with a lady we all love, Heidi Hanson.

How long have you been in the business and how did getting started in it happen for you?

Five years, but only modeling for three. I started as a production assistant to best friend Drew and modeled after that.

You have had some powerful scenes that have come out. What are some of your favorites and who have you really enjoyed working with?

Really? Cool! My favorites are Naughty America (only one scene for them) and all of my ATK stuff.

You are exhilarating to watch on screen and have tremendous flexibility and energy when you fuck. One scene that really stands out to me is in “Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 10“. It was fantastic. Are you as sexual in your private life as you are on screen?

Aww thanks! Yes, I am pretty much the same person on or off screen. That's one of the things my fans love, I am the same no matter who what when or where.

If you could build your own scene and cast your partner(s). What would it be about and who would you have in it with you?

Hmmm.. a cowboy type thing, and probably would pick my fans or friends to fill the cast.

Heidi, you keep you pussy all natural, which I think is great. In the industry, that is more the minority than the majority. What led you to this decision and why? Have you always been this way?

I have had bush since I matured, and to me its a rite of passage. I have then, always been this way to varying degrees of trimmed or full. Since I am a woman, I feel bush or at least some sort of pubic hair is essential to not look like a teen which is gross to me.

Do you watch your own scenes and read your reviews? Why or why not? If you do, what do you personally feel you gain by doing so?

NO!! I would feel like a total dork and probably never shoot again ;o)

And your favorite position is? And Why?

Doggy, its the most natural, and has the best access for deep penetration..mmmm

OK, here is a two part question. What was the worst thing that happened to you on set or BTS? What is the funniest thing that happened or you saw on set or BTS?

Worst? Working with a certain company and the director was an ass. Funniest? Getting hit in the head by my own high heel shoe during a scene for Cougars In Heat.

Heidi, you look so much younger than you are. You have held your youth and beauty extremely well. However, in todays standard, you do fall into the MILF category. Where do you try to put your focus when booking scenes? What type of scenes to you book more of, MILF or non MILF?

Non MILF. Although I pull it off most of the time, the co star has to look really young. And.. thanks for the compliment!

Since you have been in the industry for a few years. What advice to you have for all newcomers as the enter the business?

Don't do anything you don't wanna do, and try to keep yourself clean, don't compromise, and make sure you don't fall prey to overspending and having to do porn to support yourself, it never works. My blog http://heidihansonxxx.wordpress.com/ has something I put together on five advisements to pornstars

What is an average day like in the life of Heidi Hanson?

Wake up, chores, emails, twitter... Live cam on HeidiHansonxxx.com, more emails, online college, errands, sleep. Start over again. If I am shooting, throw that in there too!

OK, now time to spill the beans. What was Heidi Hanson like as a teenager growing up?

Super shy but still very sexual.. just a lot more secretive about it! Also a total nerd, straight A student!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans or others in the industry as we wrap up?

Really just doing a lot of bondage for Fetishnation.com and others, some new IR scenes this spring, and mostly camming with my fans on HeidiHansonxxx.com You can follow me on Twitter @xxxHeidiHanson

Heidi, you are a real sweetheart and I thank you for the honor and time to be able to interview you today. I look forward to many great scenes and hope we can visit again.

Thanks Bill! XO Heidi

Interview By: Bill The Hobbbyist 

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