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Jenna Haze’s Legs Up Hose Down


Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down

Our review team does not give out our top rating, The XCritic Pick, lightly. A release has to be so good that we don't hesitate for you to spend your hard earned money on it. An XCritic Pick has to be so much better than everything else out there that it's crystal clear a top porn release.

This week Dr Jay gives this award to Jenna Haze and her release Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down

Dr. Jay says of Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down:

Legs Up Hose Down is a seven scene all-sex romp directed by superstar Jenna Haze. As you can imagine, given the movie's name, Legs Up Hose Down has two strong themes...leg and foot worship and stockinged legs. Legs Up Hose Down clocks in at about five and one-third hours. That's about twice the sex in most movies. Believe me, you'll really get a lot of fuck for your buck! But, quantity isn't enough. I'm here to tell you that the quality of this movie is very good in most respects. Primarily, the sex rocks. There are seven A+ scenes!  

Two of the girls in this movie are completely new to me, and I am impressed with both. Long and lithe Zoe Voss is a real fashion model while April O'Neil has a body that defies explanation. I am also impressed with Lily LeBeau. I've seen her with several girls...but this is the first time I've enjoyed her performance with guys. Believe me, she's a girl to watch. Legs Up Hose Down is definitely worth getting your hands on. It's worth having in your permanent library. And, it's one of my rare XCritic Picks.


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