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Whack Magazine: By Misslagsalot And Lexi Love


LEXI LOVE — “I am the smut star for WHACK! Magazine!” www.WhackMagazine.com
February 22nd, 2011 by misslagsalot
Wondering what our super-smart and super-sexy smut spokestar, Lexi Love, has been up to since her move to California in November? Well it’s your lucky day, you sick bastards! We caught up with Lexi on a live Ustream video interview from across the country on Sunday, and we stole the embed codes so you sick bastards can find out what the Hardcore Hottie, aka Face of WHACK! is doing with her amazing vegan ass!

www.WhackMagazine.com Has awesome articles so you should go there and read them. Plus they have exclusive articles on many other Porn Stars beside me ;) .

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