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Stewy the Ant


I know! I'm terrible. I promised in my last blog I would write about what kinds of cocks I liked—I do like them oh so much—but I had to write this. Maybe this short lull of positive blogs is some kind of indicator of what's happening in my life right now, but whatever. Go fuck yourself. Literally. Go masturbate after you read this because you might need to. I did. I masturbated after writing it and I felt sooo much better. So here it goes. "Ah-hem" (Chanel clears her throat).


I'm going to tell you a story.


There once was an ant named Stewy… Stewy the Ant. Everyday Stewy built things. He lifted heavy rocks and debris, then followed behind all the other little ants who did the same thing. All of a sudden something amazing happened—they had a hill. "Wow, this hill is amazing," thought Stewy. Then wind, children, animals or whatever other interferences destroyed the hill, and all the ants started over again. Once done, Stewy said, "Wow this hill is even more amazing then the first one." This pattern repeated itself over and over during Stewy’s life.


Cartoon of an ant.


One day, after admiring the hill, Stewy wondered how did this all really happened. “Why am I even doing this? It doesn't make any sense,” he thought.


Stewy was obviously an incredibly intuitive ant and felt there had to be a reason why he was there doing the same shit everyday. "What is my purpose in this life?" questioned Stewy.


Because Stewy didn't know, he began to think of all kinds of reasons he was there. Some of these ideas seemed mystical and magical, and he fantasized he was put on the hill to do something purposeful and special. Unbeknownst to Stewy, a basic understanding of math would help him better understand his world. Math is a system that explains every physical part of the world (and possibly more, but I this isn't the point of my story, and I don't want to cause more uproar than I already have). If only Stewy knew math he would be able to understand why he was doing what he was doing everyday, plus more! However, he would also understand his life on the hill wasn't so special, but rather functional.


Unfortunately, Stewy struggled and struggled and struggled, and no matter how hard he tried, his little brain was not capable of fathoming the system of math. Poor Stewy did not realize this and therefore lived the rest of his life miserable, depressed and confused. He was never able to enjoy the nice piece of ant ass he followed everyday at work.




Now, I hope everyone knows ants can't really think, and my story was a metaphor (and no, it was not a metaphor for my love of cocks). As humans, we are literally unable to fathom a system that would explain the world. An ant will never be able to understand how the world works and neither will humans. The only difference between the ant and ourselves is we are capable of understanding the fact we don't understand the world. That is what is so damn frustrating.




Because I feel bad about not delivering on the cock blog (soon my pretties), I've attached a photo of me in bed with Katsuni and Sophia Santi.  I'll have to tell you all more about that sometime too.  ;)


Chanel Preston, Sophia Santi and Katsuni in bed.

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