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Jewell Marceau interview


Jewell Marceau

It takes a special lady who specializes in bondage and fetish porn to be able to crossover into mainstream porn and connect with those fans. Jewell Marceau has proven to everyone that she has particular qualities to be that person. First of all, she adores her fans and keeps them in mind when she plans her performances and scenes. Moreover, Jewell loves to perform for them and makes custom video projects. The main quality that sets her apart from any bondage and fetish performer comes from within. It's her sensuality.

Since the word bondage has an immediate rough image, Jewell's sensual approach to her craft soothes away any inhibitions that the viewers may have forged into their minds. Quite frankly, she can make bondage sexy and romantic. It's for this reason why along with her attractive good looks, Jewell Marceau is the Sex Goddess of Bondage Porn.  

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