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XCritic Visits With John Campbell of AssandFeet.com & Feet of Philly


XCritic Visits With John Campbell of AssandFeet.com & Feet of Philly

Interview: By Bill The Hobbyist


Danica Dilan with John Campbell

Always looking for something different to share with XCritic readers, I had the great opportunity to meet and interview John Campbell on a recent trip to Philadelphia. John is the owner and producer of AssandFeet.com & Feet of Philly that caters specifically to that. Yes, Ass and Feet.

During the time I visited with John and having the opportunity to attend one of his foot parties, not only did I meet a guy who is dedicated to his work, but is very customer focused in all he does. From his sites, shoots and his facility everything is first class and he takes great pride in it all and he should, cause it is top notch.

At a young age John realized his unique fetish for feet and ass and has brought that to share with so many others through his, shoots, web-sites and club. He has shot some big names in the adult industry and with many, it was their very first foot job or anal scene they have every done. John, has also discovered and helped introduce many newcomers too. He continually brings new excitement to his scenes and always has something exciting brewing for more.

Join me in meeting John Campbell, as I spent not only time talking with him, but had a very enjoyable visit and a fantastic time attending one of his events.

John, tell me a little about who John Campbell is and what is Feet of Philly?

Well actually, Feet of Philly encompasses a wide range of what I do and offer, but it all involves around feet and ass, something that I discovered I was really into when I was eighteen years old. I have a great web-site http://www.assandfeet.com/, three clip sites http://www.feetofphilly.com/, http://www.barelylegalfootjobs.com/ and http://www.phillybuttsluts.com/ all that focus on feet and ass fetishes. I also host foot worship parties each month, http://www.feetofphillyparties.com/ which this site detail all about our events and the girls who attend.

Wow, you have a lot going on, your foot parties certainly have caught my attention, but first I would like to visit with you about your sites. I addition to your three clip stores, you mentioned you have a member site called www.assandfeet.com. Tell me a little about this site and what it offers?

Obviously, this site caters to a few fetishes that I'm really into... feet and ass! I have both local girls and mainstream porn stars into my studio to film some great foot worship, foot job, ass licking and ass fucking scenes. So, if that's the sort of thing that you like to see... then I guarantee that you're going to love what you can watch and enjoy. I take great pride in my work, everything I do is first class and when members join they stay.

Often, on the east coast, people say they shoot mainstream porn stars, but then viewers find that all it really is nothing more than a lot of local girls. Tell me who are some of the mainstream ladies you have shot?

Kacey Jordan Giving A Foot Job During Her Shoot

It’s a pretty good list, but some of the girls I have shot, are pretty big names in the industry. Just to mention a few, I have done shoots with Kacey Jordan, Danica Dilan, Nella Jay and recently Victoria White just to name a few. All of these ladies have been great to work with and have delivered outstanding performances. Some of the ladies, their shoots with me were their very first anal scene including, Kacey Jordan and Nella Jay . And as many know, watching a girls first anal scene, is not only exciting, but very hot.


Nella Jay, During Her Very First Anal Scene

That’s a pretty impressive line up. What about newcomers to the business, do you have many shoots with these young ladies?


Newcomer Trinity St Clair with John Campbell 

Yes, In fact I have shot not only many newcomers in the business, but often too, they have been either their very first foot job or anal scenes too. Some of these girls have included, Brooke Van Buren and Trinity St Clair. Again, just great young ladies and newcomers to work with.

With a strong line up of girls you have shot, who do you have in your radar to be part of this elite group?

Well, I a really working to shoot Ally Kay and her first anal scene. Being best friends with Victoria White, I think it would be just fantastic to shoot her too. On newcomers I have just booked a January shoot with Ashlynn Leigh.  

 Victoria White During Her Ass Worship Shoot

Now that you have mentioned your Foot Worship Parties, tell me a little something about them, I must admit they intrigue me.

I have been doing them for over nine years now and they are very established and have gotten very popular, yet always private and intimate. These are up-scale parties and it's not really a fetishy crowd at all. Everyone is real normal, classy and very friendly. You won't be walking into a hustle type of atmosphere or be hassled. The private club is located in the Center City area, accessible to all trains and buses and hotels.

What type of girls do you have at the parties and how do you go about selecting them?


 Starlet Scout Tyler (AKA Adylen Ames) - Center, With Two If The Young Ladies At The Foot Party

Most of the girls are young, in their early 20's and many more who are 18 & 19. Every model is at least 18 years of age and we hire up till about age 30. That's not to say we wouldn't hire a HOT 35 year old, but she has to be extremely attractive. I do not just select any girl off the street, she must be very attractive and also have a great attitude, either being into foot worship or if she never had it done before, be very excited and curious about having it done. I don't care how hot a girl is, if she has a bad attitude and if it's only about the $$$$, she will not be hired. These girls are interviewed and hand-picked by me to work these parties. I also bring in really hot porn stars, too and many newcomers to the biz. I take time too to rate the girls on how ticklish they are too, since many of the guys who attend always asks this. At these parties, you get to worship their feet! That's right......porn star feet too!! Every foot party model is a girl-next-door, college girl type, as well. To help in seeing this and those gentlemen who a looking to attend, I put out a list prior to each party with the girls, descriptions, size feet and their pictures.

If, I was a first attendee at a party, what would I expect?

It's basically a party, everyone is friendly and mingling, all you have to do is ask a girl to do a foot session. There is absolutely no reason to be shy because all the girls go out of their way to make you feel very welcome, from the staff, to the girls, to the guys, everyone is so friendly and nice. The location is really trendy and fully furnished for your comfort. You can do a session anywhere. There is a main lounge area with other large session rooms, where you'll see multiple sessions going on, there are also tons of private areas. Anything foot related is cool, whether you are into sensual foot licking, toe sucking, foot massage, trampling, foot tickling, foot smelling or foot domination.

What do the girls wear to the parties and how are they dressed?

I select various themes to keep it fun and sexy. Girls will always wear some kind of skimpy clothing, they never wear jeans or pants so their legs are never covered up. Some of the popular themes we do a lot are: School Girl, Secretary, Gym Clothes, Sports Jersey Night, Boy Shorts, Beach party / Bikini Theme and Lingerie. I also, to cater to non-foot clients make one night a special theme that is a lap-dance party, where the girls offer lap dances in addition to foot worship.

What are your attendees like? 

We are very fortunate to have an up-scale and classy, yet not a snobby crowd. The guys are all really cool and have good jobs and real lives. It's not a fetishy crowd or scene and the guys all go about their own business and do foot sessions and mingle all night. For the guy with a true foot fetish, you'll wish these parties existed many years ago, it's like a dream come true. Every guy must be at least 18 and there are plenty of guys in their late 30’s & 40’s to 50’s and 60’s.

OK, a guy is licking a girl's feet and I want to do a session with that girl. How can the girl's feet possibly be clean?

Great question, Bill. All throughout the facility you will see spray bottles of witch hazel and towels. Every girl in a session, no matter what type of session it is, gets her feet cleaned afterwards. Most guys offer to do it for them. It's a nice gesture, and hey, it's some extra time at a model's feet. Witch hazel is a harmless, tasteless, and odorless cleaning agent. It doesn't sting like rubbing alcohol, nor does it have any antiseptic taste. It's a natural substance and it's the cleaning agent of choice for foot parties.

John, It really looks like you have things pretty well covered, I think I may just have to try one of these parties out for myself.

Bill, I would love to have you attend, to get a real feel of how our parties are and enjoy a little foot worshiping of these great young ladies yourself.

Well, I am certainly going to put that on my list of priorities to do and will be at one soon. I really appreciate your time today and letting us all get to meet you and what AssandFeet.com and Feet of Philly is all about. You have a great place here and you area great guy offering lots to all of those who have Foot and Ass fetishes like you.

A few weeks later, when back in Philly, I took John up on his offer to come visit and attend one of the parties. OK, I like feet too, so why not.

John was 100% right in all he told me about the club and parties. Up-scale is right, this is no sleezy place, but more of a small layout of a night club. Even though, I was there to try and observe, I couldn’t resist and had to have a few sessions myself, that I will talk about in a few.

John Campbell In One Of The Social Areas Of The Club

I watched in utter amazement, as I saw all these young, up-scale and classy girls and the many fine gentlemen during the night. Watching them mingle in a great party atmosphere, with no pressure, great socializing and of course, trying to decide which girl they wanted to have a foot session with.

What I really liked, is that the entire setting was so relaxed and the way it is set up, really allows you to meet, visit and get to know the lady in deciding who you would like to have a session with. The girls are very open and allow you to decide when and if you wish to do a foot session with them.

It’s a BYOB club, but they provide all the bottle water and mixers one would need and they are very easy to access. On top of that, OMG, the food was fantastic and set out all nite to eat when or how often you wish. The party is fully catered with some of the best eats you can find in the Philly area and there is plenty of it to go around.

The night I attended the party it was what they call their monthly VIP party and the theme was black. These ladies were decked out in a very classy but sexy way, all in black outfits that just blended in so well. The VIP parties, is where they have set up plenty of extra private rooms than they have at their other parties, so that you can have plenty of opportunity to have a private session with the lady or ladies of your liking.

If you sitting alone, many of the girls will come up to you, introduce themselves and ask your permission to join you (you don’t get that in a lot of places, most throw themselves on you, but not here). It is just general conversation from there as you are helped to relax and just enjoy the beauty of the lady and her conversation. I talked with many and these girls are no spacey broads, they are classy, intelligent and have a great sense of humor.

One young lady who caught my eye with her beauty, smile and personality was a young lady by the name of Dakota. After we had a good amount of time talking and getting to know each other, I had to go for a foot session. It was relax, enjoyable and everything one would expect.


 Katie (AKA Dakota) Who Bill The Hobbyist Had His Very First Foot Session With

John, also mentioned that he has Porn Stars and New Starlets attend many of his parties. Well he was right and it couldn’t have been better. One of my favorite New Starlets Scout Tyler (AKA Adylen Ames) was there that nite and having had a previous interviewing her for XCritic, I was not going to miss out on giving her sweet feet and in depth interview too. So off to a private foot session we went. It was exciting to have this session with an Adult Actress, but what made it even greater was how sweet, down to earth and natural it was being with her. It was certainly a pleasure to enjoy her feet and OK, her legs too. Scout is just a lovable young lady and a great performer too.


Bill The Hobbyist Getting ready For His Foot Session With Porn Starlet Scout Tyler (AKA Adylen Ames) 

The night was great and all that John said when we talked was true. As I left the party, it was still going on and I understand no-one is ever rushed to leave and it will run all nite to the wee hours of the morning to make everyone happy.

I want to personally thank John Campbell for not only a great interview, but for allowing me to see first hand, what it is all about. I hope in the future, there will be an opportunity to review his sites for you, cause from what I have seen they look great.


John Campbell - Feet Of Philly Foot Partys In His Club

Last, I want to especially thank Dakota and Scout Tyler for allowing me to enjoy their feet.

Porn Starlet Scout Tyler (AKA Adylen Ames) With Bill The Hobbyist

Interview: By Bill The Hobbyist

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