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Studio of The Year 2010 – Vivid Entertainment


Montana Fishburne

2010 was nothing short of a brutal year for the Porn industry which had the toughest year its ever had. A lot of studios weren't left standing at the end of the year and many performers found their work almost completely dry up.  It's in the abismal climate that Vivid Entertainment made dramatic shifts to find the sweet spot in the industry and succeed wildly while others were failing.

Between canceling their contract starlet system (one of the original), bringing in fresh talent and blood for features like Malice in Lala Land and The Condemned and working with Alex Braun on 2010's biggest hit Batman XXX and you've got a studio that blew it out in 2010.  Add to all that a series of extremely well publicized celebrity sex tapes including Montana Fishburne and Brittney Jones and you've got a studio that kicked ass and took names.

We're proud to name Vivid Entertainment our 2010 Studio of The Year

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