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Director of The Year 2010


Lee Roy Meyrs

One of the toughest and most contentious picks to make is for that of best director because much like performers, critics tend to favor specific directors and their works. Some directors are great with gonzo while others are best known for their online work or short vignettes but typically, the very best directors are able to coherently present a feature in such a way that the sex and story work together; this being the toughest act to pull off in the industry. With so many parodies populating the bigger budget porn marquises of the year, it is natural for the selection to come from the ranks of those few directors that could make a solid parody, the nod this year going to Lee Roy Myers.

While folks may argue specific titles by their favorite directors as being superior to those of another, when reviewing an entire body of work, one must look at the highs AND lows to balance things out, this helping to showcase just why some hit or miss directors lose focus all too often. Those hiring out to random companies tend to make porn by committee and spread themselves too thin at times, hence the emphasis on balance, Lee showing just how well he blends the various elements in shows such as The Big Lebowski XXX, Sex & the City, Seinfeld 2, and the Big Bang Theory parodies, trying his hand at kinkier (and campier) titles with The Human Sexipede, but also impressing the troops with romantic titles such as The Engagement Party and Hot For Teachers. With his new company, Nightingale Pictures, Lee hopes to continue trying new things and offer a variety of sexy smut, his star definitely on the rise.

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