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Female Performer of the Year 2010


Kimberly Kane Female Performer of The Year 2010

Everyone has a favorite lady in porn; a gal that trips their trigger in ways they can only guess at, a female that restores their vitality faster than anyone else. That makes this one of the toughest categories to pick each year, not only due to the number of new flavor of the month types, changing tastes, or even seeing established performers in a new light with specific roles, but because of the protectiveness so many seem to have regarding their favorite as being substandard to anyone else.

We had votes for all the usual suspects and some newly established ladies able to melt your popsicle but it boiled down to a single question: “Who elevated every project they were in, doing so in as wide a variety of movies as possible?” The answer was Kimberly Kane, the fetching starlet an XCritic favorite for years now, her gonzo work as solid as you will find, her acting abilities surpassing those of peers receiving much more mainstream acclaim, and her sheer desirability enhancing the great many movies and scenes she participated in. From lighthearted fare such as the wonderfully campy Batman XXX, Alice or The Big Lebowski XXX to darker roles in such notable flicks as The Condemned and Beautiful Stranger, to leading roles such as The Sex Files II, Kimberly commanded respect not only on her acting chops but the raw sexuality she brought to all her roles this year.

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