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Male Performer of The Year 2010


Manuel Ferrara 2010 Best Male Performer

Year after year, scores of men enter the porn industry to work as meat puppets, buoyed by the ever-increasing number of performance enhancing drugs and the need for new faces. Year after year, most of them disappear because generally, they fail to measure up to a small number of established professionals that can handle the stresses of engaging in sexual trysts all the time, can pop on command, and know how to last for hours at a time while looking good. When it comes to the sexual aspects of the job, few would argue with the selection of Manuel Ferrara as the perfect choice for the Male Performer of the Year.

He won the award last year based in large part on how the ladies reacted to him, even our various industry bloggers drooling over the popular fellow. It wasn’t just the fact that he was in almost any title worth mentioning or that his own line of titles prove his directing skills are constantly improving either, it was all those things and more than made him the super stud worthy of the title. For most of his peers, the sex in porn is all about getting off and making a show of it, for Manuel, it is about getting his partners off, sometimes repeatedly, and allowing them to feel comfortable pushing their own limits given how turned on he makes them.

One might argue that there are a few better actors in porn, or guys with bigger dicks, or even guys that seem driven like machines when going at it on camera but the balance of skills offered up by Manuel make him the best choice, his love of all ladies in trysts ranging from romantic to hardcore hammering to vignettes requiring finesse all showing him to be a cut above the pack. Don Houston, one of our leading critics, put it like this: “Manuel gets more out of the ladies than just a paycheck, he gets personal chemistry and they all want to work with him. He adores women and they adore him back, the guy on more ‘yes lists’ than anyone else. His best work is in his own RAW series but Manuel is still at the peak of the porn Pantheon and there is no evidence of him being deposed anytime soon.”